Family Favorite Private Tours in Prague

The kids are growing up so fast. While a part of me feels nostalgic and sad for the baby days; another part of me is excited for the possibilities. Long hikes, primitive camping and travel top our bucket list with big kids.

Prague has been our most wanted experience. The area is rich in history and has something for everyone. With so much to see, do and experience, making the most of our time in Prague makes sense and cents. Taking tours with a knowledgeable guide is the best way to make sure you see all of the hot spots and areas of interest.

I found this really cool website that lets you plan your trip with guided tours. I wanted to share some of our top picks for Prague tours. I couldn't believe how affordable some of these options are! With such variety of options for varying interests and so many experiences under $20 a person, our dream trip is going to be amazing!

90 Minutes Kickstart Tour
This tour covers all of the bases of the city, and it is only like $9 per person for a private tour that hits the best spots in the city. Personalize it and select a guide; it is affordable and perfect for a group of adults.

Family Introduction: Prague's Kickstarter Tour
Another affordable 90 minute option that highlights the best of the city for families. I love that at around $9 per adult, kids are free. This is a great way to discover locations for further exploration later with the family.

Picture Perfect Tour of Prague
If you want stunning photos, you should look into this 90 minute tour. Again kids are free with adults; prices are about $28 and will be so worth it when your friends are looking at your pics with envy!

Ghost Tour in Old Town
This one hour tour costs about $14. You can dive into the local history and hauntings with a one on one guide, see the astronomical clock and take in the sights of old town. This sounds like such a fun tour for anyone looking to be spooked by local lore.

Prague's Fairytale Castle and Neighborhood Tour
This tour costs about $15 and is perfect for anyone with a love of castles. It will give you a chance to explore a fairytale your daughters will never forget! I love that with a private guided tour you can skip the long lines and make the most of your time, with a knowledgeable local to take you every step of the way. Hooray for not getting lost!

These are only a few of the incredibly fun one on one ways to discover this historic and beautiful city with a private guided Prague tour. There are tours for beer enthusiasts, instagrammers, foodies and more. As we plan to travel with kids under the age of 10, the shorter tours are most appealing to my family. At the affordable rates per person we are likely to take a tour a day to maximize our time in the city.

 If you have taken a private tour I would love to hear about it in a comment to inspire our travels.


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