30 Days to Move: Day 10

So, this is not working out as I had planned. Do you know why? Writing a month long series while moving is really not the brightest of ideas....

On Day 10... the guilt of the day before hit me (think hot mess cookie fest). I got busy, cleaning, packing and getting stuff done! Granted, as I packed a box, I had eager help to unpack my boxes. It was a process.

With a great deal of the toys, blankets, clothes, odds and ends from the kitchen and knick knack things tucked into boxes I felt better. This was going to happen, one way or another.

On Day 10, I had moved, mothered and worked several hours for my job. The long week I had was showing on my face.

Reluctantly I pushed my trusty mower out the door and got a good sweat rolling as I made attempts to mow the jungle that was a lawn just 10 days before. Of course, Carla came by and said she was so worried about me... I looked exhausted. I laughed and told her putting in 13 hours on a Sunday and then mowing will do that to a woman. She looked guilty and hurried away.

Overall, Day 10 was good. I mowed half the yard, packed a bunch of stuff and was half way fun to be around for the kids!


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