How to Help Your Child Succeed In School


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If you're a parent one of the most important things that you are probably thinking about is how to help your child do well in school. You know that academic success can be one of the most important ways your child can achieve their dreams and goals as well as financial

 independence in this life. 

It's only natural that you want them to do well. However, with so much to do throughout the day you may be wondering how you can fit your child into your schedule, so that you can assist them with doing well. Here are some tips for helping your kids even if you are busy. 

Establish Routines

One of the most important things you're going to need to do in a situation like this is establish routines. Have a consistent schedule for doing things such as homework. 

Dedicating a specific time and a quiet place for study will help your child to be ready for your help every single day. When you're helping your child with Pre-K subjects this is important, because your child has a shorter attention span at this age.

Stay Organized 

The best way to make sure you're staying organized so that you can help your child when you're super busy is to keep a family calendar with all the important dates. Add project deadlines, and school events. 

This helps you and your child focus on their upcoming responsibilities and helps you to know when they are coming up so that you can push them towards completion. You need to make sure that your child's study area is organized with their school supplies as well as their backpack too. This will reduce stress and improve efficiency.

Communicate Regularly 

It's important that you make sure that you are communicating regularly with your child's teacher through emails and go to parent teacher meetings. 

Take a few minutes each day to talk to your child about your school day, talk about what they learned and about any challenges that they are facing, this is how to truly help them.

Encourage Reading

It's important that you encourage your child to read whenever you can. More than just doing lip service to the situation, it's a good idea for you to actually pick reading up as a hobby as well. Developing this habit is critical for both you and your child.

Reading or listening to books can enhance vocabulary, comprehension as well as critical thinking skills. You want to exercise your child's brain as much as possible to get the best results. 

You should also try to read together with your child and ask them questions as you go along about the stories. Make sure that your questions stimulate their thinking so they are scratching their heads and thinking deeply before coming up with an answer. This is a bonding activity and it also helps you with their education as well.

These are the basics that you can use to get your child performing at the top of their class.

Launching Your Dream Restaurant: A Step-by-Step Guide for Food Entrepreneurs

So, you’re thinking about opening a new restaurant? That’s fantastic! It’s a wild ride, full of excitement and challenges, but oh so rewarding. Let’s dive into how you can turn your foodie dreams into a bustling eatery that everyone’s raving about. Don’t worry; it’s not as daunting as it sounds, and I’m here to guide you through each step, ensuring you cover all your bases for a successful launch.

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First Things First: Market Research and Concept Definition

Before you start picking out curtains or dreaming up menu items, get a handle on the lay of the land. What’s missing in your local food scene? Who are you cooking for? This step is all about understanding your audience and spotting opportunities where your restaurant can really shine. Once you’ve got that down, you can shape a concept that speaks directly to your future patrons, whether that’s a cozy vegan cafĂ© or a swanky steakhouse. This foundational knowledge ensures you’re not just another fish in the sea but a beacon for your target crowd.

Picking the Perfect Spot

The right location can make or break your restaurant. You need a place that not only draws the right crowd but also fits your vibe. Look for high foot traffic, easy access, and a neighborhood that complements your brand. A great spot can smooth over many bumps on the road to restaurant success. Remember, the ideal location isn’t just about geography; it’s about matching your concept to the community that surrounds it.

Designing a Space That Feels Like Home

Your restaurant’s design should make your guests feel welcome the moment they step in. From comfy seating and mood lighting to the perfect playlist, every detail adds to the experience. Plus, a thoughtful layout can do wonders for your staff’s efficiency, which means better service and happier customers. Think of your space as an extension of your menu—it should tell a story that complements the flavors you serve.

The Art of Menu Crafting

Ah, the menu—your restaurant’s signature! It needs to be a crowd-pleaser and showcase your unique flair. Keep it exciting but manageable with dishes that are as delightful to look at as they are to eat. Remember, your menu is your best tool for turning first-timers into regulars. Also, dietary trends and preferences should be considered to cater to a broader audience, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and return visits.

Setting Up the Kitchen

Here’s where the magic happens. A smoothly running kitchen needs top-notch organization, and assigning kitchen positions carefully is key. Make sure you have the right mix of talent and temperaments to keep your kitchen humming. Invest in good equipment, too—it’s worth every penny. Equip your team with the tools they need to excel without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Building Your Dream Team

The staff you choose can really make your place. You need a crew that’s as passionate about your restaurant as you are. From the servers to the chefs, they’re the ones who bring your vision to life every day. Treat them right, train them well, and watch them shine. Foster a culture of respect and innovation where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute their best.

Nailing the Business Side of Things

Running a restaurant isn’t just about cooking; it’s about smart business decisions. From keeping tabs on your stock to crunching numbers, setting up solid business practices is crucial. Embrace technology—it can simplify your life in ways you never imagined. Also, don’t underestimate the power of good financial planning; it helps you weather the unexpected and seize opportunities as they arise.

Harnessing the Power of Customer Feedback

Feedback is gold. It tells you what’s working and what’s not straight from the people you’re trying to impress. Encourage honest reviews and really listen to what your customers are saying. It’s your secret weapon for fine-tuning your restaurant to perfection. Actively responding to feedback, whether positive or negative, shows your commitment to customer satisfaction and can turn critics into loyal patrons.

Marketing: Get the Word Out

A killer marketing strategy is non-negotiable. Combine online savvy with some good old-fashioned community engagement. Keep your social media popping, your website fresh, and your restaurant buzzing with events. Let the world know why they can’t miss out on your culinary creations. Storytelling through your campaigns can create emotional connections that draw people into your restaurant’s atmosphere before they’ve even tasted a bite.

The Road of Continuous Evolution

Remember, opening the doors is just the beginning. The food world moves fast, and staying relevant means keeping up with trends and continuously improving. There’s always room to grow, new dishes to try, and new ways to wow your guests. Stay curious and open to change, and your restaurant will thrive not just today but for years to come.

Opening your own restaurant is definitely a challenge, but it’s one of the most exciting adventures you could embark on. With the right strategy, a dash of creativity, and a lot of hard work, you’ll be the talk of the town before you know it. Ready to get started?

DIY Mermaid Stress Balls

If you need a fun activity for tweens and teens this summer, you will want to make these DIY mermaid stress balls! This craft is so much fun, and it is easy too.  You can make these with super simple supplies that you may have on hand. If not, grab them at your local dollar store.


If your kids are anything like mine, they have an insatiable love of fidgets. Harper had a ton of fun making and squishing this pretty stress ball. Even teenage Rolf was caught playing around with one. Can you guys believe that cute little blond haired boy is 14 now? Harper is 10, and we have been filling our days with little projects, as her brother has his own social life and agenda this summer.  From ipad stands to 3d Ladybugs, we have been getting super crafty. This stress ball craft might be our favorite yet.

Water beads *we used blue, green and purple beads.
Faux pearls and glitter if desired.

Soak water beads until they are activated. To make this easy peasy, use a water bottle to activate for easy transfer.
If you want to add any beads, confetti or glitter, add it to the bottle now.
Stretch your balloon over the water bottle.
Empty the water beads directly into the balloon.
Remove and tie the balloon off.
Happy squishing!

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Unique and Tasty Jello Shots

 Life needs a little jiggle sometimes, wouldn't you agree? And what better way to add a playful bounce to your step (or your party!) than with a vibrant, delicious jello shot? These sweet treats are the perfect blend of fun and refreshment, guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Whether you're a seasoned party host or a jello shot newbie, this post is your one-stop shop for inspiration. We've got recipes to tantalize every taste bud, from classic favorites to boozy twists that will knock your socks off (metaphorically, of course!).

Be sure to click through the links to find the recipes you want to try.

Strawberry Cream Jello Shots by Fun Money Mom

These boozy little jello shots are just the thing for a summer party.

Easy Vegan Jello Shots by Cooking on Caffeine

This recipe makes for vegan jello shots so everyone can join in on the fun!

Pina Colada Jello Shots by Fun Money Mom

Give your tastebuds a tropical trip with these pretty pina colada jello shots.

Green Apple Jello Shots by Easy Party Cocktails

These jello shots have so much green apple flavor! These are awesome for a fall bonfire party.

Lemonade Jello Shots by Kimspired DIY

Give summer vibes with these incredibly flavorful lemonade shots!

Butterbeer Jello Shots by Simplistically Living

Adult fans of Harry Potter are going to want to cast a spell on you to get this recipe for butterbeer jello shots.

Peach Jello Shots by Organized Island

Pack a whole lot of peachy flavors into one tiny little cup with this recipe!

Champagne Jello Shots by Sugar+Soul

These champagne jello shots are just the thing for a celebration or New Years Eve.

Caramel Apple Jello Shots by Persnickety Plates

Having a fall gathering? Then you need to make a double batch of these caramel apple shots!

Cotton Candy Jello Shots by Princess Pinky Girl

These cotton candy jello shots are just so much boozy fun that you pretty much have to share them with your pals!

Strawberry Cheesecake Jello Shots by Cheesecake It Is

If you love cheesecake, then save this recipe for a boozy treat that feels so indulgent.

Creamsicle Jello Shots by Centsless Meals

These jello shots taste just like a summer staple with a kick! You will love these!

Rainbow Jello Shots by Balancing Motherhood

Layers of color make for a rainbow jello shot that is just the thing to brighten up  a rainy evening!

Layered Jello Shots by Surf and Sunshine

Layer these jello shots for a fun and pretty effect! These are going to be a hit at your next party.

Keto Jello Shots by Mom Foodie

This recipe makes for keto jello shots that are a guilt free way to let loose!

  • Always use high-quality ingredients for the best flavor.
  • Clearly label your jello shots, especially if you're serving them to guests who may not be familiar with their contents.
  • Enjoy responsibly! Pace yourself and know your limits.

So grab your blender, dust off your shot glasses, and get ready to jiggle your way to jello shot fun! With these recipes as inspiration, you're sure to create sweet memories that will last a lifetime (or at least until the last shot is gone!).

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The Best Holiday Films to Watch in the Heat for An Amazing Christmas In July Party


Christmas in July is similar to the Christmas holiday festival held in December but is celebrated in the middle of the year; come with decorations, sending 2024 Christmas cards, gifts, and holiday movies. With the current heat of summer, a Christmas in July party can help one cool off and enjoy the festivities at the same time. Below is a list of the best holiday movies to watch during Christmas in July celebration and why they are ideal.


The Elf is one of the best Christmas movies that you can watch during the Christmas in July celebrations. The movie features Will Ferrell as Buddy the main character who was raised by elves in the North Pole, This movie is funny and heartwarming movie where the star searches for his true self and spreads the holiday spirit in New York. 

Why It's Perfect

The movie “Elf” is one of the funniest and joyful movies that you can enjoy as a family during this festive holiday celebrated on July 25th. Due to its happy and playful tone, the show can be watched during the summer while keeping the viewer in a light-hearted and cheerful mood.

Home Alone (1990)

This movie features an eight-year-old boy (Kevin McCallister). The boy finds himself home alone after his parents leaves to enjoy the holiday. He has to outwit two dimwit thieves and defend his house with the help of various traps. This is a good movie that you can enjoy with your kids during the Christmas in July festivity. 

Why It's Perfect

 There is a lot of fun in the mischief and adventure brought about in the movie “Home Alone”. If you want to escape the summer heat, the best option is to organize a family dinner and eventually watch this movie together. 

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a comedy film released in 1989. Griswold’s plan to have a big family Christmas as expected was bound to be a big disaster. The main actors are Chevy Chase and this is a comedy that explores how dysfunctional the family can be especially during gatherings.

Why It's Perfect

This classic provokes lot of laughter and feeling of nostalgia. It is just a reminder that every family gathering is a potential mess, no matter the time of the year.

The Holiday" (2006)

Besides sending business holiday cards to your colleagues at work, watching this movie can bring a sense of fulfilment during the Christmas in July celebrations. Two women from two different countries, United States of America and the United Kingdom, exchange residences for the Christmas holidays with the intention of leaving behind their respective problems in their relationships. Yes, they both learn to see life in a different way and of course, they each experience love in a way they never thought possible.

Why It's Perfect

In “The Holiday,” there is some romance, and snow, and the beauty of winter, which is perfect for giving the audience the feeling of Christmas in July. However, the movie is rated and is most probably not fit for younger kids. 

"Love Actually" (2003)

This movie is a comedy about selection of eight completely different couples and their experience of their intimate lives linked only by some connecting moments and placed in the month before Christmas in London, England.

Why It's Perfect

 ” Love Actually” can be cited as a multi-plot romantic comedy that is filled with messages and different appeals to the general audience. Being a comedy romantic drama, it will suit a mixed audience at your summer party very well.

Christmas in July Film

Christmas in July is a 1940 film directed by Preston Sturges following an ambitious clerk who was tricked into believing he has won $25,000 in a contest held by a coffee factory. The star began using his believed winnings to fulfil some of his dreams.

Why it’s perfect

Christmas in July movie blends perfectly with the July festival held  on 25th July of each year to celebrate Christmas. The movie fits the whole family gathering during these festivals which means you can watch with children and adults alike.