These Are The 3 Best Beaches In Florida

If good weather is top of your list of priorities when you’re planning your next trip, Florida is one of the
best places to go. After all, it is called the sunshine state. This beautiful state is probably best known
for the theme parks in Orlando but people also head there for the great beaches. You could always fly
out to somewhere like the Caribbean to find a beautiful beach but there’s no need to spend that much
when you’ve got plenty of amazing beaches in Florida. If you’re planning a trip out there soon, these
are some of the best beaches to visit.


Miami is one of the most iconic beach destinations on the planet and tourists flood the place all year
round. It’s a favourite destination for party-goers who want to visit the many clubs and bars in the area.
But if you’re not looking for a party experience, you shouldn’t write off Miami just yet because it’s got so
much more to offer. There are some great yacht Miami rental companies who will hire you a boat so
you can take to the waters and relax in the sun. It’s the best way to experience this beautiful coastline.
There is also a great food scene in Miami with plenty of seafood restaurants serving delicious local
seafood as well as great food stalls offering cheap eats. If you want to avoid the party areas, steer
clear of South Beach and head for some of the smaller beaches.

Grayton Beach

If Miami Beach is a bit too loud for you and you want a peaceful beach getaway, Grayton Beach is ideal.
It doesn’t attract anywhere near as many tourists and it’s mainly filled with locals. If you’re looking for
an all natural beach that hasn’t been spoiled by tourism, this mile long strip of shoreline is the best place
to go. You’ll have plenty of beach space to yourself and if you’re a nature lover, there are lots of great
hiking trails that are good for bird watching. The food options aren’t anywhere near as extensive as
they are in Miami but you can still grab a burger and some seafood, just be aware that it’s cash only.

St. Andrews Beach

Grayton Beach is fine for a quiet, relaxing getaway, but there isn’t much to do there for kids. If you’re
taking a family trip, you’d be better suited to St. Andrews beach. There is a small tidal basin where
the waters are calm, which is ideal for swimming with the kids. There are also 50 artificial reefs where
you can go diving and there are plenty of places to rent paddleboards and kayaks to take out on the
water. It’s not as quiet and peaceful as some of the other beaches but it has plenty of things to keep
everybody entertained. Do keep in mind that it’s a popular spring break destination so it’s best to avoid
it between March and April.

These are just 3 of the amazing beaches that Florida has to offer, but if you look around, you’ll be able
to find somewhere that suits your needs.


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