Connecting Generations: Helping Your Kids To Relate To Your Parents

The world can change an awful lot between three generations. Technology improves, politics change,
and fashion evolves into something new, and this often creates a large divide between the young and
old. When they get talking, though, kids will soon realise that they have a lot more in common with their
elderly relatives than they once thought. To help you to unlock this in your own family, this post will be
exploring some of the work which can go into connecting the generations, along with some tips to make
the whole process easier.

Common Ground

Before you can begin integrating your family members, it’s crucial that you find some common ground
between them. This is much harder with teenagers than it is with younger kids, but this doesn’t mean
that it is impossible, and you should look for something which will bring your family together regardless
of age. You can find some examples of things which most people enjoy below, giving you some starting
points when you’re going down this path.

Music: Whether you can play an instrument or your tone death, most people enjoy music, and will have
a lot to talk about when they are given the right opportunity. Music has changed throughout history, but
there are inextricable links between genres, and these can be used to find common ground. For example,
if your parents like soul and your kids like hip hop, you can point out that was one born from the other.

Sports: Much like music, sports are also a worldwide phenomenon, with just about everyone tuning
into a game at some point in their life. This is something which is very easy to connect people with,
with the mention of team rivalries or upcoming games being enough to spark long conversations which
both parties will enjoy.

Film & Television: Modern media has changed and evolved a lot over the years, but there is still plenty
available which everyone can appreciate. It will be harder than finding connections with music or sports,
but you might be able to figure out a movie or TV show which both sides of the coin will enjoy. Once
you’ve achieved this goal, you will be able to give them something which they can sink their teeth into.

Breaking The Ice

Adults can seem very mysterious when you’re young. They will seem serious most of the time, and this
can make it hard to see them as anything other than a strict rule maker. Of course, though, it only takes
a glimpse into the silly side of a person for this illusion to be shattered. Breaking the ice like this can be a
challenge, especially if your child is shy or your parents struggle to communicate. A good way to get this
going will be to leave your loved ones together on their own, as this will force them to talk.

Alternatively, though, you could also think about some ways to put them into situations which will force
them to lose their inhibitions. For example, going on a day out to a zoo will give everyone the chance to
get excited about something. You will all have something to talk about, and you can work to set a jovial
tone which will quickly get picked up by those around you. Social situations can be controlled when you
use the right methods, and this is worth it when you’re working to improve your family relations.

Making It Easier

One of the biggest challenges people face when they are trying to connect the generations in their family
are communication issues. There are a number of different causes for this sort of problem, but they can
all have a dramatic impact on your loved one’s ability to communicate with one another. You can find
some examples of these issues below, though it will be worth being creative to solve any other problems
you might have this in area.

Hearing: Old age tends to come with a range of different health issues, and one of the first body parts to
go will be the ears. Deafness is extremely common, with loads of people suffering with it, and it can
cause large rifts in otherwise close relationships. Hearing aids can be used to solve this, with loads of
companies out there offering these devices for fair and reasonable prices. This is a small price to pay for
something which can make it possible to talk again.

Settings: One person’s comfort zone can often make other people feel unsettled, with the homes of a lot
of elderly people feeling stuffy to the young. For this reason, it’s best to have meetings on neutral
ground, like cafes and restaurants. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but it’s worth thinking about
when you’re planning your next event.

Talking: Elderly people will often complain about young ones muttering, while young people can struggle
to understand the words someone older might use. You can act as a translator in these instances, filling
the gaps and keeping conversation moving in the right direction, without getting in the way of what is
being said. This may feel a little strange, but can help an awful lot when people are struggling to talk.

Being old can bring a lot of challenges with it, and most people don’t want to face them alone. The young
people in your family can bring light into the lives of the elderly, giving them a proper chance to forget
about the issues they face in normal life. Likewise, young people can also benefit from these sorts of relationships, with their minds being opened to new things when they’ve had the chance to spend time with someone who's seen the world, added Keep Moving Care who is selling mobility scooters.

Hopefully, this post will inspired you to start finding connections between your children and your parents.
It can be hard to go through a process like this, but the strong bonds which will be built as a result will
be well worth it. Of course, time will tell how much you can get your loved ones to talk to one another.


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