Back to School Guide

This year, back to school looks different from years past for many families. Regardless of if your kids will be back in the classroom, or if the classroom is now at home, there are a few things that are bound to be useful to you, that you just don't know you need yet! I have rounded up a few of my favorite items to help get your family ready to head back to school.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a healthy one with Pocono. Find great options that are organic, easy to make and so healthy! We loved the Cream of Buckwheat the most! Order single boxes from Amazon, or if you want to stock up they have 3 and 6 packs too.

Move over fruit snacks, Chum Fruit Bites are going to be your new favorite snack. Made with 100% fruit, and nothing artificial, these are perfect for packing in a lunch or offering as a snack break during virtual classes. Order online for about $13 a 12 pack. The Chum Fruit Bites packaging entices little kids to want a healthy treat!

Give little ones a chance to incorporate play into their lessons with TileBlox. This is a perfect addition to your homeschool classroom for STEM, or it makes a nice back to school gift for creative little builders. Get these from Magformers starting at $15. They have a great assortment of sets to choose from!

Protein Cookies are perfect for guilt free snacking. Add them to a lunch box, or let the kids grab a bag when they need a pick me up during their studies. This is one cookie you can feel good about offering as they are packed with protein! Order them, and some yummy protein puffs when they need a salty snack. Order from Shrewd Foods for about $15 a 6 pack.

Send the kids back to school in style with Lone Cone. They make some adorable backpacks that are perfectly sized for an elementary age student. You are going to love the funky prints or classic styled backpacks without so much flair. Order online for about $25. 

Give kids a hands on science lesson with this impressive and affordable kit from Thames and Kosmos. The Colorful Crystals Lab is perfect for bringing science to your homeschool, or this makes a fun way to wish kids a fun year of learning as a back to school gift. Order online for about $30.

School lunches are nothing without a tasty drink. Pack a Juicy Juice box in your kids lunch to fuel them with goodness for the rest of their day. They are also perfect for homeschool field trips. Buy from most major retailers for about $4 a pack.

Crayola is making great masks for kids and adults. We love these because they come in 5 packs and include a bag for washing. Wear a different mask everyday and keep things sanitized with these. To learn more about where and how to get these awesome mask packs visit Crayola online.

Water fountains are out, so send a big and beautiful bottle to school to keep your student hydrated. We love the 32 oz Stein Bottle by Healthy Human. They offer smaller sizes too, in so many pretty prints. Check out the selection to pick the perfect reusable water bottle for your little learners.

Fight Covid on the go with these New Essential Personal Care kits. They include gloves, alcohol pads, masks, hand soap sheets and sanitizer to keep you clean on the go. 

You are probably going to be doing more laundry than ever now that school is in session. TruEarth has eco laundry strips to help you manage that task with less waste. These are effective and easy to use, no measuring required! Order online starting at about $8.

Lone Cone makes perfectly sized lunch boxes to match those stylish backpacks mentioned above! I love that they have an interior mesh pocket for storing hand wipes, napkins and utensils. Order online from Amazon after checking out the Lone Cone website to browse the selection. Prices start at $15.

If you are homeschooling, or virtual schooling a great resource to add to your library is the Farmer's Almanac Kids edition. This little book is jam packed with facts and fun for kids. For under $9 on amazon you can grab a copy of this book to keep your kids turning the pages and learning about astronomy, birth month flowers, weather, farming and more.

I hope these suggestions help to start your school year off on the right foot! If you have a favorite back to school find for the year, I hope you tell me about it in a comment!

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