Parenting Guide: How to Deal with Notorious Kids Smartly


"Your kids require you most of all to love them for who they are, not to spend your whole time trying to correct them."

  • Bill Ayers 

For once, you may think of agreeing with this thought, but what if you notice your naughty one playing mischievous plays with you? Well, as a parent to a naughty child, your tolerance level will be tested several times a day. When kids behave impossible, kids scream out their lungs just to get their favorite toy in their kitty. At such times, you may feel the urge to lose your temper and scold your child. 

But wait, such incidents can make things worse and impossible for you to handle further. So, what is the ultimate solution then? Well, it seems like you need to look through some interesting options to deal with your kids' mischievous behavior. 

Let's not wait anymore and explore how to manage a naughty child at home. 

#1- Manage the overwhelming emotions - There are times when your naughty child may feel the urge to express those powerful emotions, including - frustration, fear, and sudden sadness. Rather than feeling tired and irritated about this behavior, prefer to calm down and support your baby. This indicates understanding their weird mood swings, which is common to witness during childhood. 

#2 - Find ways to burn off their energy - Kids have an extensive amount of energy that needs to be burned off wisely. Otherwise, it may lead to many issues for you and your family. When their energy is not utilized properly, they may end up indulging themselves in a notorious activity. Rather than this, keep them occupied in hardcore physical activities like - running, cycling, playing outside, and much more. In no time, your child will start feeling exhausted, which will help him/her fall asleep quickly.

#3 - Find alternatives to everything - You need to be smart enough to deal with their trouble-making plays. For instance - if you are fed up buying new cosmetics and lipsticks that are often ruined by your little one, then go for sturdy child-resistant packaging bags that secure everything stored in it. Other examples can be - covering sharp objects in towels like - knives, blades, gardening equipment, etc., which often become a toy for naughty kids. 

#4 - Cook favorite meals - Making your kids eat nourishing meals is one of the daunting tasks almost every mother goes through. Here, the solution is to blend superfoods and nutrient value containing vegetables or fruits in their favorite meals. For instance - prepare multiple fruits-enriched smoothies for breakfast, mix and blend different vegetables in slurry or soups. This is the best way to ensure the intake of all grains and nutrients required for the child's development. 

The bottom line is that - 

Your child's behavior is the ultimate result of your behavior at home. Therefore, make sure you behave ideally to give your child enough good habits to learn and follow. Having restrictions on the child is a good idea to control wrong behavior but ensure it does not turn out to be negative on his/her behavior. 


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