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The Day We Made a Straw Flute

I was working late one night when I got this idea... we could make straw flutes tomorrow. I wrote, in blue ink, the words STRAW FLUTE on the back of my hand.  Before I knew it I was waking up with a stiff neck on the sofa. I had maneuvered myself under the sofa cover and caught a few zzz's.

The next morning I noticed blue ink on my white leather sofa. What the heck? I examined it... backwards it read, STRAW FLUTE. A sighed a heavy, irritated sigh. Oh shoot. Well since this project was so important to me that I wrote it on my hand and created a new mess to stress over we might as well make the damn flutes...

So we did.

I have no idea if we did them 'right' but I know we had fun with the flutes for a few hours on a winter day.

I had 8 straws on hand, so we used all 8.

I cut them and put them in order from shortest to tallest.

Then I secured them to one another with clear tape.

My son grabbed it and ran with it, he was having fun making noise, on a very small scale.
Excuse the poor quality of the photo I was literally chasing him to get a pic!

So there you have it folks! We made an easy peasy straw flute and the 4 year old was busy and happy for a few hours that day.