Prickly Play Doh Cactus

Are you looking for a fun project for older kids that something you probably already have at home? This prickly play doh cactus craft is awesome for tweens and teens and maybe even Mom or Dad too. Anyone who loves cacti will appreciate this easy and fun way to add a little cactus flair to your space.

I have always been a big fan of play doh. When I was a kid myself, I begged for it all the time. When I was a tween, I did every school project possible with play doh. As a twenty something, I made my much cooler friends roll their eyes at my play doh collection. Now I am a mom, and guess what? I STILL LOVE PLAY DOH! 

This project came about during an afternoon of missing the kids while they were at school. I started playing with green doh and here we are, making a cool, prickly play doh cactus.

Disclaimer. This is NOT a kid project. Do not do this with your toddlers, preschoolers, infants, or kindergartners. They will get hurt. 

A small terracotta pot
Green play doh
A few rocks

Fill half of your pot with rocks. 

 Shape your green play doh into a long lump.

Attach a few lumps to the sides, like the arms of a cactus.

Now, take about ten toothpicks and break them in half.

Start sticking the toothpicks into the play doh, like the little spikes of a cactus, insert them broken side into the doh.

As you can see, I thought a little purple flower was a nice touch. Feel free to vary this as you like.

Display on your desk, or on a shelf out of reach of little hands. Over time this will dry out. You can toss it, or keep it as is when that happens. It is a matter of preference.

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Planning a Road Trip With Your Newborn? Here's What to Carry For Sure!

New parents may have a heap of responsibilities on their shoulders, but that does not mean they can't enjoy their lives. Being blessed with a newborn often restricts the lives of new parents. But that's when you do not step ahead with a plan. 

Out of all the restrictions, one is not to travel for a few months or maybe years. Do you still live with that stereotype? Well, that's not an ideal way of enjoying your parenthood. Rather than restricting your lifestyle and adventurous plans, consider preparing for such moments and continue living the way you want. 

Travel with newborns - 

Don't see it as a challenge, instead plan for it accordingly. All you need is to equip yourself with everything your newborn needs, and you are all set to experience a perfect family road trip. Let's sail through some of the necessary things you need to keep -

#1 - Diapers - Go for quality absorbent and affordable ones as you will require them in a huge amount. Here, a rule of thumb is to keep a diaper for every hour. But at the same time, you can't judge your baby's cycle; thus, keep a few extras too. Ensure you safeguard your baby's skin with some eco-friendly material made of diapers. 

#2 - Cotton blankets - No matter if it's snowfall or the scorching sun is tanning your skin, your baby will require being draped in a muslin swaddle blanket always, especially during the nights. Keep a stock of blanket bags as you will need them for multiple purposes. For example - blankets can be used as a burp cloth, changing pad, shopping cart cover, sun cover, nursing cover, for bedding purposes, and much more. 

#3 - Car seat - It's obvious your baby can't sit on the normal car seats as you do. Thus you should look for a baby car seat. You can get a quality infant car seat online at reasonable prices. Ensure to check the online reviews of such products before purchasing the same. An ideal car seat is the one that has works as a car seat cum stroller and comes with a fully integrated travel system for your and your baby's convenience. Besides checking a few other product features like removable and washable textiles, made with baby-safe material or not, it has an adjustable handlebar, rear-facing, manufacturing warranty, and much more. 

#4 - Rash cream - Babies are likely to catch a skin infection or irritation due to a sudden change in the climate. This requires keeping a rash or quality skin cream to protect the little life from disease and skin-related issues. Here, ensure to consult a practitioner before applying a product to the baby's fragile skin. Different products are likely to have other impacts on the baby's skin. 

The final line -

Unarguably, traveling with a newborn is a daunting task. You need to be ready with everything your baby will require throughout the tour. From comforting the new life to giving timely feeds, there are many hurdles. But guess what, a little bit of preparation and planning can help you sail through it. 

Pretzel Mummy Snack

This 3 ingredient treat is a total scream for Halloween. This is great for party snacks or just as an easy way to give pretzels a little costume of their own for the occasion.

After a year and a half of homeschooling my kids, they are back to in person learning. Let me first off say, hats off to all the homeschool families and distance learning families. That is no easy feat! I don't think I realized how time consuming school was for us until they went back to normal.

I usually find that I have just enough time to make something special for their afternoon snack after cleaning the house, tending to the pets, and enjoying my own coffee and podcast time. This was one of the treats I made for the kids that they LOVED. Best of all, it is so easy that anyone can make these, in just a couple of minutes.

Melted white candy wafers
Candy eyes

Melt the candy and dip the pretzels in. Fish them out with a fork or spoon.

Drop the pretzels onto some parchment or wax paper.


Drop on some candy eyes.

Alternately, if you prefer, you can just drizzle on some melted white chocolate right onto the pretzels.

Either way is totally delicious and easy!

Then drop on the candy eyes.

Then let them dry for about a half hour.

Serve immediately after they have hardened.

Store in an airtight container if you have leftovers.


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5 Tips to Sleep Well During the Summer to Fall Transition

5 Tips to Sleep Well During the Summer to Fall Transition

September is here, and soon the world will be transitioning from a pool bag to a school backpack. With the nights growing colder, there is no better time to snuggle up on the couch with a warm blanket to admire the foliage outdoors.

However, the summer to fall transition can be a sleep-altering season thanks to rapid weather changes. One day it can be hot, and the next day you won’t be able to go out without a jacket. These changes can throw off your sleep pattern. However there are several ways to deal with these changes and get the best sleep possible.

1. Regulate Your Surroundings

Typically, people find it hard to sleep in warm rooms, so summer tends to be a difficult season to obtain a good night of sleep. However, everyone has a different skin temperature that is ideal for sleep. So, your task during the transition period is to find your perfect sleep temperature.

Once you figure out your ideal temperature, set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature. You can use a portable fan or open and close the blinds as required to regulate the temperature in your bedroom. Additionally, you might also want to use a humidifier. Cold weather can lead to your skin getting dry and your lips getting chapped. Using a humidifier can help you moisturize your skin and the air, thereby preventing dry skin, asthma, allergies, congestion, and more.  

2. Change Your Decor

Your bedroom d├ęcor can also significantly impact your sleep pattern. To adorn your bedroom in a fall-based theme, begin by switching to linen bedding, a thicker blanket, flannel sheet, fluffy comforter, and lots of comfy pillows. This will add instant coziness and texture to your bedroom.

When it comes to other aspects of your bedroom, consider softening your bedroom with a little bit of lighting. For instance, you can add a bedside lamp with a low-watt bulb. Nevertheless, make sure you choose bulbs with warm tones. You might want to add curtains in a dark color too. The darker the colors, the cozier the feel.

3. Find Both Cooling and Heating Items

You may require an electric blanket for chilly nights. Much like a cooling pillow, an electric blanket can keep you warm during colder nights and give you a quality night’s sleep. You might also want to use space heaters.

Additionally, make sure your mattress is as comfortable and supportive as possible. If your mattress isn’t giving you the proper support you require, get one that suits your specific sleep style. Consider investing in a cooling mattress or lightweight sheets to help regulate the body temperature on warmer nights.

4. Stick to a Schedule

Like animals hibernating, humans also switch into hibernation mode during the summer to fall transition period. With the end of daylight savings time, the amount of light that reaches earth decreases. The lack of exposure to sunlight can alter your body’s natural circadian rhythm (your body’s internal clock). Hence, you must stick to a consistent sleep schedule to get the recommended eight hours a night.

Additionally, ensure you continuously expose yourself to natural light to keep your body clock on track. If natural light is limited at your home, move your desk to a sunny spot where you can bask in sunlight every day. Sunlight exposure induces hormones that help you wake up and feel refreshed.

5. Combat Allergies

Seasonal transitions can result in various forms of allergies. They can disturb you both day and night. You might want to make some simple changes to your sleeping environment to combat nighttime allergies.

Start by trading out any feather pillows and down comforters for bedding made with synthetic materials. Anything made of feathers is a big no for allergies. You can also use zippered covers for your pillow, box spring, and mattress for easy washability to keep dust mites at bay. When it comes to bedding, choose things that can be easily washed and dried on high heat.

Don’t Let the Transition Affect Your Sleep

A good night’s sleep is crucial to wake up and feel like the best version of yourself. When you are well-rested, you will have the energy to get through the day and check off all the to-dos on your list without ever feeling tired. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle to get enough sleep during seasonal changes. By better understanding the seasonal changes and their impact on your sleep, you will easily clock quality sleep hours.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Sustainable Clothing


Did you know that you could look stylish and save the environment at the same time? If you care about the environment, then it is high time that you switch to sustainable clothing. Sustainable clothing is clothing that is made from eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton. The clothing industry is one of the leading significant contributors to environmental & human damage.  However, you can be the change you want to see by making prudent decisions on the type of clothes you buy. The following are reasons why you should switch to sustainable clothing.

Go for High Quality, Save more Cash!

Why go for a low quality while you can choose a high quality that is guaranteed to serve you for the long term? Sustainable brands focus on quality. Sustainable clothing is made from fabrics that can stand the test of time. Sustainable fabrics are strong and can go for years, so you will not have to keep buying clothes. Low-quality clothing is cheap, but they do not last long, which means that you will keep buying clothes, which makes it expensive. Sustainable clothing may be expensive in the short term, but these materials last longer, thus making it worth your money.

Conserve Water

You will be surprised how the fashion industry is highly dependent on Water. Water is used in the production processes, such as dyeing and finishing, for nearly all clothes. Cotton suck in a lot of Water. That is why sustainable brands use organic cotton, which uses less water. A single shirt made from regular cotton requires 2700 liters of water for it to be produced. That is crazy, right?  However, using eco-friendly fabrics can reduce water consumption by 91%, making it the best choice to go for.

Save Animal & Plant Life

The fashion industry has a negative impact on animal life. Imagine that an animal had to give up its life for you to have that cute leather jacket, skirt with fur on it, or those pretty pair of shoes you love. It isn't kind! Sustainable clothing brands look for alternatives such as waste from the sea, yeast, bio-fabricated vegan wool, plant-based composts, among others, to avoid this cruelty.  Most brands that deal with sustainable women's clothing do play a massive role in reducing pollution to the environment through recycling. Switching to these options means you are contributing to the wellbeing of animals, plants and our planet!

Lower the Carbon Footprint

Fast fashion industries mainly use petroleum-based fabrics, including nylon, polyester, and acrylic, which emit so much carbon during production.  On the other hand, sustainable clothing is made from natural materials and recycled fabrics, making them eco-friendly. These organic fabrics are always biodegradable, making them the best because they protect both you and the environment.

Help Workers Earn what they deserve!

Unlike in fast fashion industries where workers get mistreated and work for long hours and only earn less, sustainable clothing brands care for their workers. Most workers in the fast fashion industries live in poverty, as others suffer the risk of sexual assault. Buying that sustainable dress or a pair of trousers can be a means to change these workers' lives. Workers in sustainable industries work in favorable conditions, and their health is put into consideration.

Wrap up

What is greater than knowing that your money is being used for the greater good? When you purchase sustainable clothing, you not only benefit from it but also the whole of humanity does. You can build a better world by buying the right types of clothing. We hope that the points above have given you enough reasons to go green with more sustainable clothing on your wardrobe!