Ideal Denim to Rock Any day and Anywhere

 To find the right pair of jeans for your everyday activities, you have to be patient. This clothing is a staple outfit for your wardrobe collection. In actuality, you may even consider purchasing a second pair due to the style and comfort it provides. With two pairs of denim, you may not consider visiting the clothing store in a long time. To spice up your clothing collection, you can get various washes.

In selecting your ideal clothing, comfort should come first. Interestingly, there are no rules in the world of fashion, especially with denim. You have to wear what makes you feel good. But bear in mind that not all jeans look great on everyone. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the different styles of denim for different body shapes.

Denim and Body Shapes

Your physique should determine the type of denim you purchase. Straight-leg, cropped, or skinny jeans 

are ideal for individuals with small stature. If you want to highlight your legs, high-waist denim would be the right call. This style also accentuates your curves and reveal more about your feminine feature. Overly stretchy jeans may not give you the structural balance you seek. Hence, go for their heavier counterparts. These outfits have limited stretch to hold your body firmly.

Skinny jeans are great for most ladies as a result of the comfort and elasticity they provide. So, you can get a spandex-like physique while rocking your denim. Jeans with indigo or dark hues will make you look hot.

Age Counts

If you intend to purchase a pair of jeans, bear in mind that your outfit must reflect your age. Most older adults make the mistake of wearing styles meant for younger folks. As a result, they look older than their actual age. In some cases, trends play a role in this outcome. But you don’t need trendy clothes to maintain a relevant look – all you need is the right jeans. Remember, what is in vogue today, may be out of style in the nearest future. Don’t be scared to rock an outfit that complements your age.

Additionally, you have to consider your vintage appearance than style – the classic jeans. These outfits are evergreen – even in several years to come. You cannot go wrong with them any day and anytime, whether for your work activity or social event.

Experiment to Find Ideal Jeans

It is not uncommon to find most people being scared of trying out something new. Understandably, you enjoy rocking the usual. But how about trying a different style, the likes of mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and dungarees? Others out there include tapered and high-waist jeans. You can make the right fashion statement with these outfits. Unveil your feminine charm without revealing your skin; this leaves you shrouded in mystery.

As much as you would love to experiment, do not purchase your jeans on a whim. Of course, there are no rules; but following a guideline will reduce the time, cost, and effort of buying a pair of jeans. Investing in this clothing will not only spice up your wardrobe but also give you limitless fashion opportunities.

Romantic things to do in Sacramento

 California's capital lies in the Sacramento Valley with downtown Sacramento, located by the State's largest river, the Sacramento River. Besides cool Riverwalk, the city offers numerous parks for romantic walks, diverse cultural offers, plenty of attractions, and top-rated restaurants for a couple’s night out. Sacramento is known as "America's most diverse city" and is also called the most hipster city.

You will need visa usa esta approval for foreign visitors who want to explore Sacramento, the broad valley, or the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. The permit to enter the US is for travelers from countries in the Visa Waiver program. Candidates must fill out a detailed online form, and the administration requires around 72 hours to process the application. Once you get ESTA approval, there is a two-year period for visiting the US.

Date ideas Sacramento

Sacramento River caused numerous floods in the past, and it is one reason city orientation is almost entirely on one side. The city's waterfront is a vibrant place with more than 120 restaurants, bars, and shops along the Old Sacramento Waterfront historic district. The Old Town will bring you back to the beginning of Sacramento. Well- preserved buildings from the gold rush era, cobbled stones, and driving in horse-drawn carriages will enhance your romance. If you're a culture buff, go to the Sacramento History Museum and State Railroad Museum, where you can even catch a train ride from the last stop of the Pony Express route and first station for the transcontinental railroad.

While at the river, book a Sacramento Dinner Cruise. You can enjoy a sunset, try various great meals, and showcase your dance moves. For those who are reluctant to sail out, you can get dinner and show on the Delta King.

Another excellent dining experience is the Mystique Dining Show in a classic manor setting with full service, several course meals followed by a magic show. If you are looking for something less pretentious, you can head to Devine Gelateria to debunk or confirm the best gelato claims in the world in comments.

Best parks in Sacramento

For couples that explore a destination on foot, Sacramento has excellent parks, which is not a surprise if we know the city's nickname- the City of Trees. McKinley Park is a popular place in East Sacramento with a beautiful rose garden, several trails, and ponds.

Capitol Park along with the International World Peace Gardens. You can explore the Capitol Building, a significant historic landmark and one of the oldest best-preserved government buildings in the US. The Park is essentially a botanical garden, and close by is the American River.

Southside Park has a lake with a fishing location and a big playground. Cameron Park is in Christa McAuliffe Park. North Natomas regional Park hosts a farmers' market, bike trails, and other amenities. 

Waterfalls in Sacramento

California has stunning natural beauty and remarkably diverse landscapes, and the Sacramento surroundings are no different. The closest waterfall near Sacramento Is in Hidden Falls Regional Park. The area has more than 30 miles of trails and an excellent viewpoint to observe waterfalls.

The Dutch Creek Falls are around one-hour drive from Sacramento. There is a four-mile route to the waterfall at the place where Dutch Creek and Johnston Falls meet.

Sly Park recreation area has Parc Creek human-made waterfall and plenty of other lake activities like swimming, picnics, and trails. Bassi Falls in El Dorado County falls 109 feet over the granite cliff. Lower  

Eagle Falls is in Emerald State Park with the most stunning views in the spring. Other incredible waterfalls near Sacramento include Cascade Falls overlooking Lake Tahoe, Rattlesnake Falls, and Upper Glen Alpine Falls.

Fun things to do in Sacramento at night

Why not start a night with a little laughter. Sacramento Comedy Spot is the largest comedy school in the region, with shows six-nights a week.

You can go back on the water on Alive After Five Cruise with cocktails, DJ, and dance floor with plenty of time for taking great pictures.

Explore something different at Badlands LGBT club with a huge dance floor, the best DJs, and various themed nights.

Go to the Melting Pot, a romantic place where you can dip strawberries in chocolate or enjoy other romantic sweets from the inventive menu. Pizza Rock is a place to go if you want a slice of a large variety of traditional and unique pizzas, with rich beer and wine offerings.

Fine wine, homemade cocktails, and diverse cuisine with Italian and French influences make dining at The Waterboy an excellent choice for couples.

Before buying airline tickets, check ESTA status. It is advised to get travel authorization first and make a reservation later. With ESTA approval, you can explore the US for up to 90 days.

Bottom line

Sacramento is a perfect blend of modern American cities, historic neighborhoods, many Park, waterfront, and numerous attractions in and around the city. Rich restaurant and nightlife scene will satisfy even the most demanding couples.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone

Stockings are such a fun part of the holidays! They are perfect for getting the gift giving started, and there are so many things you can include in them for a fun gifting experience. I rounded up a few ideas to share with you to help you add a little variety to your stocking stuffing.

Samples were provided.

Ivy & Ash Nail Wraps make for a great stocking stuffer for teenage girls. These stylish wraps take the mess out of nail painting and are super affordable! Order a variety of awesome colors and prints starting at $6.

Since wearing masks is the new normal, why not add a new dimension with Maskroma sprays. All ages can appreciate this thoughtful, useful and pleasant gift. Order for about $10 and keep funky breath smells at bay.

Lip balms are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list. The holiday themed varieties from Eco Lips are about $2 a tube and will keep lips soft and smooth all winter long. 

1 Tree Mission bracelets make for a great stocking stuffer because they are stylish, can work for all ages and  for each bracelet sold, they plant a tree. They have several styles available for about $20. Order online for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Peet Bros Olive Oil Soap makes for a nice stocking stuffer that is gentle on skin and effective.Order a 3 pack for $14 and stuff a few stockings with it. Keep a bar for yourself, you will love it!

Clean Age Deodorant is a great stocking stuffer for teens. This is an effective product and helps develop healthy habits for life. Order an assortment of scents online for about $12.

Welch's Fruit Snacks are awesome for stuffing into a stocking. Made with real fruit and in adorable holiday shapes, kids of all ages will like this addition to the stocking!  Get a 5 pack for about $1 at nationwide retailers like Target.

 These holiday poppers from Hog Wild are so much fun! Kids will love popping the balls all over! Get these for the stockings for about $10 from Amazon.

Block Island Organics night cream is great for stuffing stockings! The revitalizing night cream is awesome for keeping skin healthy this winter, and all year long. Order this awesome, organic cream for about $30. 

Cuteitos have been on my must gift list for the last few years, for good reason! They are so adorable! This year, Basic Fun is rolling up a good time with Pizzaitos, these little friends are rolled up in a pizza wrapper for a deliciously fun surprise! Find at Target, Walmart or Amazon for about $10. Collect all 12 if you can!

If your kids love blind bag surprises, then get a  few Ravel Tales toys for the stockings! These are so fun, unravel the yarn to reveal not one, or two surprises, but 12! Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Get them for about $12 from Amazon, Kohl's and other nationwide retailers.

Sign Me Up makes some really fun and funky necklaces that were practically made for stuffing into a holiday stocking! Get an assortment of options for about $25 each. You will find a few that are perfect for whomever you are gifting!

Spokester makes for a fun addition to a stocking! Clip them onto a bicycle and make the bike sound like a motorcycle! These are really fun for kids and are affordable at under $10!

A pair of specially designed socks is perfect for the holidays! Custom sock club makes getting the most one of a kind socks ever possible starting at $13 a pair. 

I hope these ideas help you stuff all of the stockings with a great assortment of goodies!
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Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

 If you need a great gift for a baby or toddler this year, you are in luck! I have rounded up some excellent ideas this year for useful gifts that encourage safety, education and best of all, play! This list has a great variety included, with options for all budgets. Check out these fun gift ideas below and be sure to click thru to my partners to shop and check out all of the great items they offer. Samples have been provided for photography and inclusion.

Invidyo makes the smartest baby monitor on the market. With facial recognition and daily summary videos, this monitor doubles as a home security system. Give the gift of peace of mind for babies and parents this year for about $150.

You can't go wrong with a Green Toys gift, and this Disney Baby stacker is perfect for little ones. Not only is it durable and adorable, but it is also fun for tiny hands to stack and knock over. Find it in Mickey or Minnie styles exclusively on Amazon for $15 and under.

Bath books are awesome for a relaxing introduction to reading for little ones. This bath book set by Babybibi is awesome for an afforable holiday gift. Get the 4 pack from Amazon for about $16.

Offer little ones an introduction to music with this perfectly sized baby piano with DJ Mixer from Kiddo Lab. This fun and portable toy retails for about $25 from Amazon and will delight little musicians for hours!

Keep soft sensitive skin safe with Puttisu Safe Baby Sunscreen. This retails for about $30 and is a must have for any family that will be celebrating the holidays in the sun.

Green Toys is all about fun and learning, and this shape sorter truck makes for the perfect gift for any kid who also loves fun! This durable, sturdy truck will keep kids sorting and playing for years to come. Order from Amazon for about $25.

We all know that babies love to shake, rattle and roll, so this teethers and rattles gift set from Infantino makes for an awesome and useful gift for little ones. They will love biting and playing with this 11 piece set. Order it for about $12.

Send a friend makes for a great gift this year for the sweet kids you can't see in person. Pick a plush pal, create a message and they will do the rest. This makes for great mail to get because it is so huggable! Prices start at about $26.

The Yoee Baby Play Together Toy makes for a really engaging toy that is sure to become much loved by little ones. These are portable, adorable, and available in several animal styles. Order one for a baby on your shopping list for about $25,

A sound machine makes for an awesome baby gift because they really do help anyone, babies included, sleep better! The Alpha by LectroFan can also be used long after the newborn days. Order one for about $25.

I really love the Curious Baby Cards as a gift idea because they will come in handy for parents on the long old days of winter that are to come! These cards offer developmentally focused activities that are just plain fun! Order for $30.

I hope these ideas help you find a great gift for babies and toddlers on your shopping list this holiday season.
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Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet People

Don't forget about the pets this holiday season! Don't get caught without a gift for your furry little best friend this year! Get a gift that is good for your pet and keep them at their best, all season long! I hope these gift suggestions help you to have a fuss free shopping experience. I included a few gift options for pet people too! You know we all have a crazy cat or dog lady in the family!

Samples were provided for original photos.

Probiora Pet makes a must have product for anyone that loves a pet with smelly breath. I love my pets, but let me tell you, my beagle dog has some dank breath! Probiora Pet Oral Care Supplements really help make his breath smell nicer and are easy to give without a fuss. Order online for $18 or save with a subscription.

Portland Pet makes pouches of food and treats that my dogs went wild for. Scout loved the Bacon Brew Biscuits while Enos was all about the Pumpkin biscuits.  This is a really good quality of food for dogs. Order online for happy pooches. Biscuit treats are about $10 a bag.

We can't forget about the cats this year, so why not order a box of Skoon cat litter and give the kitties some really good litter, and the box it came in as a bonus, because we all know that is what they want anyhow. A really good box. Skoon is light but absorbent and really keeps odors at bay. Get it for about $25 a delivery.

My best furry friend Scout is a rescue, and that is some kind of dog magic! I love to encourage other people to rescue, so this is the perfect shirt for holiday gifting. The rescue dog will love to see you display your paw, and you can spread the word about adopting! Get this shirt, or a really cute breed specific, non rescue shirt from Fur and Collar for about $20.

What could be better for a dog loving person at the holidays than a Designated Dog shirt? These comfy shirts feature too cute driving dogs. Each purchase helps dog organizations too! So this makes for an all around feel good gift. Order online where you can get a hat and tshirt bundle for $25.

Native Pet makes supplements that are great for dogs, like this Pumpkin Powder for healthy stool. I know it doesn't sound super holiday-ish, but when the dog feels good, you can feel good too! Order online for about $20 a can.

Native Pet also makes treats, and let me tell you, both of my dogs will drop everything for a Yak Chew. These are long lasting, even for my serious chewers. Get these for about $15 for 3 treats. Your dogs will love them!

Keep your dogs breath fresh and the teeth clean with this handy Natural Dog Treats dental care set for dogs. It has a brush, brush cleaner and some meat flavored toothpaste that my dogs liked! Order it for about $25 a set for healthy teeth and fresh breath.

Top the dogs food with some healthy and tasty bone broth. Brutus bone broth is perfect for senior dogs as it gives hip and joint support. The treats are a big hit with my boys too. Both the broth and the treats start at $8. 

Give a pet person peace of mind about pets on the furniture with the Alpha Pet Flex Couch Cover. This is soft, easy to clean and keeps furniture free of scratches and damage from nails. Get it from amazon for about $60.

Homes with cats will love this DIY Cat Toy kit from Supakit. You can make some adorable catnip infused toys that kitties of all ages will want to play around with. This is a must get kit for the holidays. Order it for about $25.

I hope these suggestions help you find a tail wagging gift for your pets this holiday season.
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