Pot of Gold Sensory Bin

Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner and I have the perfect sensory bin to share with you for the occasion. This Pot of Gold Bin is easy to set up, is loads of fun to play with, and will get kids excited for the holiday!

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin. This easy activity is perfect for kids who want to find the gold at the end of the rainbow!

Sensory bins are so much fun for kids. They combine fine motor work, the engagement of the senses, and imagination into one awesome invitation to play. This Pot of Gold St. Patrick's Day Bin was so easy to set up, and I got everything I needed at the dollar store. This sensory bin is easy to set up, and the kids will want to play with it many times. 


  1. A plastic storage bin with a lid.
  2. St. Patrick's Day Foam Scatter
  3. 4 Leaf Clover Confetti
  4. Buttons in assorted colors
  5. Small black cauldrons from the party favor section of Dollar Tree

  1. Dump the confetti, foam scatter and buttons into the storage bin.
  2. Add a few of the cauldrons to the bin.
  3. Offer your child tweezers, spoons, or any other tool you like for scooping.
  4. Allow your child to fill the buckets with a rainbow of colors (beads) and the gold foam coins.

I encouraged my daughter to tell me what colors she would find in a rainbow and place one bead from each color in the bucket.

We also used this as a counting exercise; how many gold coins could she find? How many big clovers? And so on.

Harper also had fun just digging in the scatter and confetti. She brought a few little action figures into the mix and had a fun small world session later. 

I like to make these bins in shoe box sized plastic containers so we can snap a lid on it and revisit the activity later. The kids always want to play with the bin again!

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Easy Cement Ring Holders

These easy concrete ring holders have a delicate fern implant, and a pretty gold finish for a luxe look, on a budget. Make a few for your jewelry and a few to share, because everyone is going to LOVE these pretty and functional ring holders.

I love to make things with cement. From garden stones, to garden mushrooms to functional patio coasters and lots of things in between. I wanted to find a way to bring my love of cement into the house, but was stumped on a functional way to do so. I was stumped for ideas and kind of dismissed it altogether. Then one day, the kids were eating snow cones and it was like a light bulb went off in my head. 

This is such an easy project. All you need is a few paper cones, concrete and some plant life to complete it. The paint is optional, but I think it gives a nice touch to the finished product. You can make a dozen of these for about $10, so they are perfect for gifting, and add a nice touch to the home. You could use these are ring or bracelet holders, paper weights, or a decorative accent.

I picked these plants from my yard. I have no idea what they are. They have always come up in the flower bed on one side of my house. They might be a weed, or maybe a fern of some sort? I don't know, but I think they are pretty and were a good fit for the project. Use whatever type of plant you have on hand for your ring holder.

Paper Snow Cone Cones
Cooking SPray
Sturdy Cups to hold the paper cones during dry time

Mix the cement according to the instructions. You will not need to use a lot of cement for the this project. Start with 5 cups of cement or so.

Place the paper cones into a cup for support. 
Lightly spray the inside of the paper cups with cooking spray.
Gently lay the plants you wish to imprint in your ring holders on the side of the paper cup.
Carefully fill the paper cup with cement making sure you don't displace the plants from the sides.
Allow to dry for 24-48 hours in a warm dry place.
When the cement is completely dry peel the paper cone away. 
Brush the fern from the cement with your hands, or a toothbrush.
Paint the ring holder in your desired shade, using a good quality spray paint.

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Moissanite Replacing Blood Diamonds

For you, there’s no better time to propose to your significant other than now. But you are having a tough time shopping for the ideal engagement ring. Your family and friends don’t seem to be of help in this situation. This guide helps you to navigate the world of jewels with ease. When searching for the perfect ring, you have to consider several factors, ranging from affordability to ethics. With these elements in mind, you can narrow your search and end up with the right jewel for the occasion.

Undoubtedly, most people see diamonds as the gemstone of the season. However, they are not everyone’s go-to jewels. For one, they are expensive. A 1.5-carat GIA-certified diamond may set you back over $10,000. Some of these gems exceed the $40,000 benchmark. In actuality, the Imperial State Crown cost a whopping $3.5 billion. Contrastingly, moissanite gemstones offer the same value for a fraction of a diamond’s price.

Why Should You Consider Moissanites?

Individuals who consider ethics in production may not find all diamonds endearing, due to their grisly records, especially traditionally mined diamonds. Moissanites are lab-grown. Hence, there is less need to worry about their backgrounds. The technological process implemented in manufacturing these jewels also makes them affordable. You can purchase a 1.5-carat saving you thousands of dollars

helping you with your wedding ring financingA classic moissanite gemstone of the same category goes for less than $500.

Moissanite’s brilliance refractive index (RI) ranges from 2.65 to 2.69, which beats the diamond hands down (2.42). Its fire dispersion sits at 0.104, 0.060 more than a diamond. On the Mohs hardness scale, the moissanite gemstone doesn’t pale in comparison to its counterpart, with a rating of 9.5, 0.5 shy of the toughest mineral on earth. So, why spend $35,000 on a diamond engagement ring when you could spend less than $1,500 on a moissanite counterpart. You don’t have to break the bank or empty your life savings to give your would-be spouse the perfect treat.

Are Moissanites Fake Diamonds?

You may have come across several opinions about moissanite gemstones being fake diamonds or replicas. With the properties discussed above, it is glaring that such notions are far-fetched. Moissanites are unique jewels in their rights. They have properties that differ from that of diamonds. In terms of optical appearance, a moissanite gemstone has double-refraction properties that produce more sparkle than a diamond with single-refraction properties.

How about ethics? You may ask. Often, traditionally mined diamonds have questionable ethical manufacturing processes, compared to moissanite gemstones. Lab-grown diamonds are an alternative to the classic option. However, they are not cheap. Moissanites are budget-friendly. You could own a jewel in this category under $500. If you find one less than $300, chances are that you are dealing with a fake or knock-off.

Selecting an Ideal Moissanite Gem

Like diamonds, moissanite gemstones come in a vast variety of colours, cuts, clarities, and carat weights. Moissanite tints range from Forever One Brilliant® to K GIA colour grading scale. Cuts include Princess, Oval, Marquise, Round, and many more. Find a balance between your preference and your budget to get the ideal moissanite gemstone.


 How are you feeling today, and what style do you think expresses your innermost feelings? Fashion is among the fundamental needs of people when it comes to expressing the inner needs and desires, portraying the boldness and confidence statements of a person. Fashion brands have excelled in the business industry like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and


Being fashionable is very different from having a good sense and state of style. Style requires keen details and a deep desire to bring together pieces, which creates a unique product. Designers hired in highly exclusive events, for example, weddings and inauguration parties, to help their clients pick on the appropriate selections. The style includes the type of vehicle drives, the accommodation bookings, and how an individual interacts with the rest of the community members: the educated and wealthy showcase an intellectual sense of style and expensive. Different occasions call for different looks; for example, athletes wear very comfortable sports shoes and light clothing to help when on the track and when playing in the field. When traveling, depending on the budget amount, it determines what type of accommodation or hotel one will rent. The highly ranked hotels give the best of services, and all customers attended to with professionalism.


Designers have excelled in the fashion industry by creating unique and trending styles. Perfume designers have the expertise of understanding the human body hence creating fragrances that suit different bodies and temperature conditions. Perfumes are classified into different categories, including body mists, body wash, colognes, and body oils, leaving beautiful, unique scents on one's body to prevent odors. The shoes are manufactured for different fit occasions, and comfort is derived from the various types of shoes, including flats, boots, heels, wedges, and sports shoes. Advertisements for any products are on their actual websites, print media, emails, television adverts, and radio. Marketing increases the clientele base hence increasing the number of profits from any sale. Fashion houses hold fashion shows where they showcase their various new products using models paid to wear and walk on down the runways.


Different geographical areas have different temperatures and unique terrains that require certain clothes. The shoes preferred are open shoes; clothing is preferably light because of the high temperatures and strong body perfumes to prevent body odors from sweating. The cold mountainous terrains usually require boots, heavy clothing, and scarves because the temperatures are very low. Designers create various types of clothing that favor different weather conditions and are showcased before the season starts. People select the kind of clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, and fragrances that will be ideal for the various activities they wish to perform. Fashion shows a person's inner beliefs, personality, and emotions, and all designers have the power to create lasting memories. Men and women have different fashion trends which suit their taste and preferences and vice versa and all come at different prices.

In conclusion, fashion creates a unified and harmonized world as individuals easily express themselves. Different accessories, footwear, and clothes are acceptable in different occasions or spaces determined by religion, work, and travel. Designers own fashion houses, and they create unique pieces to suit various events. They market their products on multiple platforms, including; websites, blogs, fashion magazines, and television shows. Models are used to showcase the designer's creations and help the fashion house get new clients and market them. Different weather conditions require specific dress codes; for example, hot regions require people to wear light clothes and open shoes. Perfumes are made to enhance body scents and prevent body odors as people run their daily activities. Fashion statements express a person's inner thoughts, moods, and dress appropriately to the occasion attended.

Fine Motor Pattern Activity

Fine motor and pattern making come together with this easy to set u activity for preschoolers and kindergartners. This activity is engaging and educational, and it is so much fun too!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love both fine motor and sensory play for kids.  I love to create easy hands on play ideas too. This one is perfect for kids, and it is so cheap to create too, which is more important than ever. You might have most of the supplies needed on hand, and if not, no sweat, your local dollar store will have everything you need.

As this activity does have small parts, be sure to carefully observe your kids while they complete this activity.

Supplies needed:
A pipe cleaner
small clothespins 
pearler beads

Using the small clothespins, create a pattern. 
As you can see I went with green, yellow, purple.
Offer your child the beads and encourage them to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner in the same pattern.

This is an awesome and engaging activity for small hands. They will benefit from the fine motor busy work later in their handwriting efforts, and the pattern making skills are also pretty important as it helps them make predictions about what comes next while putting their logic and reasoning skills to use.

Harper is now in the first grade, but she still enjoys pulling this activity out of our busy bags and making some eye catching deigns.

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