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Time To Change Those Batteries!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far! Also a reminder if you did not do it yesterday... please change the batteries in  your smoke detectors!

The weekend has been kind to me thus far! Yesterday I went shopping to pick up a few baby shower gifts for next weekend. I also hooked up my dog with a new pillow for his birthday, assorted sprinkles for a friend who has a birthday coming up soon, and some non candy treats for my son for Easter (a big truck, a Sesame Street book in Spanish, Cars Stickers). Last night my little family was happy to hang out at home and watch movies.

Today, I have basically no household chores with the exception of the never ending battle to keep up with our laundry, so I am going to do some baking. I am thinking a double batch of dinner rolls and shortcakes for dessert tonight. I am also going to get a few reviews up today and I have not forgot about the giveaways!

Next weekend I have plans to travel to South Eastern Ohio to attend the baby shower for my great niece. I am most excited about seeing my parents! I have not spent any time with them except for a short and busy afternoon for Christmas several months ago.

It makes me sad that my son does not know my parents. Rolfie is 21 months old, and I hate that he doesn't know his Momawa and Popaw. Rolfie is amazing, and I want my parents to see what an amazing kid I have. They only see him being shy with our infrequent visits... It drives me more crazy that he does know my husbands mother and is just fine with her because somehow it works out that we see her A LOT more often...

So here is my question to all of you parents. How do you balance visits with grandparents? Does one set see the children more than the other?