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Gifts for Foodies

Are you stumped on what to get a foodie on your list for Christmas this year? I have found some really tasty options that I know will be received with lip smacking delight! 

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Foodies naturally love to sip on tasty beverages while they munch on all of the goodies. This Christmas give a gift that is stylish, eco friendly and travels easily with a Verdelix collapsible stainless steel drinking straw. These are awesome for on the go sips and will drastically reduce your plastic straw consumption. 

Give a coffee lover in your life a new way to indulge. These tasty  Eat Your Coffee bars are like a cup of good coffee to go, that never gets cold! Find them in an assortment of flavors, priced about $15 for 6 online.

Give the gift of flavor with an assortment of tasty K Pops sauces. Foodies will love the range that these sauces can bring to sandwiches and assorted dishes in the kitchen. I loved the Honey Glaze sauce which complimented stir fry wonderfully. Find it online for about $9 a bottle.

Alpine Start makes having a great cup of coffee possible, no matter where your favorite foodie might be this holiday season. With flavors like original, dirty chai lattee and coconut cream latte, there is a flavor for every foodie waiting to be discovered. Find it online for about $9 a box.

Subarz make for  tasty treat worthy of sharing this holiday season. These are bar cookies at their finest with flavors like Lemon Thyme and Chocolate Chip. They are like a cookie and a biscotti combined for a one of a kind, totally craveable goodie. Get them online for about $6 a box.

I like wine, but I can't always drink a bottle when I want to open one. That is why I love ICan Wine. Available in Rose and Chardonnay, this is a surprisingly good wine for something from a can. Add a few cans to a gift basket for a great gift anyone will appreciate. It is perfectly sized portions for adding a glass to dinner.

Protein Puffs by Shrewd Food  make a great way to snack without adding lots of carbs to the diet. Available in flavor from savor cheddar or nacho cheese or pepperoni pizza, to sweet cookies and cream, any foodie will dig these protein packed puffs for guilt free snacking.

I love the gift of healthier treats during the holidays when it is so easy to overindulge at your every whim. Burl Barley Granola offers some good for you granola that taste amazing. Gift a few bags of this made with barley goodness now to make turning over a new leaf easier at the first of the year or to add a crunchy bit of cheer to any holiday moment. Find it at select health food stores or online.

This holiday season add a handy gadget to the home bar with Drink Perfection. This contraption works with wine, tea, coffee, alcohol and more to make drinks the ideal temperature for consumption. Simply add ice and your favorite drink. Let the Drink Perfection work its magic and you can enjoy the flavors of your drink at the intended temperature. Get it online for under $50

Looking for a one of a kind gift this year for a pickle fanatic? Pickle Sips gives the flavors you crave save the indignity of sipping out of the pickle jar. This is interesting and a fun gift for a foodie or a unique addition to the home bar. Retailing at $6 a bottle and available in Sweet Heat and Dill varieties, this is sure to be an unforgettable gift for a foodie. Find it on Amazon or the Cin Chili online shop.

Winter is the best time to curl up with a cup of tea. Why not give your favorite foodie a subscription to excellent brewing opportunities with Free Your Tea. This subscription box starts at about $20 a month and gives a user influenced experience complete with adorable little empty tea bags for steeping. Order online 

Add a sweet and savory touch to a variety of dishes with Persian Gulf Baharat Spice Blend. This is so versatile it can go from a stew, to a chicken dish to a stone fruit based cobbler. Get this generous size bottle for serious foodies who love spices from Rumi for only $10.

Ice Cream Lovers rejoice at this gift idea. Get perfectly portioned cups of amazing ice cream delivered to their door in a delicious advent style countdown to the holidays with eCreamery. Get personalized options of gourmet ice cream starting at about $90. 

My favorite gifts are always the ones I can eat. Passion Pickles by Cin Chili are a great snack, or hostess gift this holiday season. Available in 2 varieties; Ghost Pepper and Habanero, these offer the ideal blend of crisp, sweet and heat. Add them to a relish tray, or just snack on them right out of the jar. Find them online for $6.

Foodies love to snack, so offer them something new to satisfy the palette this holiday season. Moziacs are popped chips that are made with so much more than potato. Each bite has bits of veggies in it for a wholesome snack that satisies. I love how these look like stained glass windows. Order online from Moziacs or Amazon.

If you want to give a simple gift with global flair, let me tell you about Loacker Quadratini Cookies. These are decadent little cubes of wafer cookie that are perfect for a foodie who loves coffee and sweets. Not into coffee? No worries, you can enjoy numerous other flavors like lemon coconut of vanilla. Order them online and spread a little Italian decadence with your holiday cheer.

Going to an event and want to spread a little cheer without straining your budget? Grab a dozen of these perfect for fall and winter flavors from Pure Ice. I love the Crisp Apple as a booze free option to toast this year. Find it at major retailers like Walmart, Kroger or Target.

Appetizers are always worth celebrating. This 8 pack of simply adorable plates from the Corelle Celebrations line features simple messages in cute script like "enjoy", "love", "share" and "gather". These make a perfect addition to the holiday table. Gift them to your favorite foodie for $30. Find them online.

Let your favorite foodie go green with these compostable utensils. No more guilt over throwing out single use plastics with a few of these from Twenty Fifty Fork. Get 4 boxes of 12 for under $50 online from Twenty Fifty Fork.

Shopping for an adventurous eater? These mini kicker cricket snacks are the way to go. in favors like cotton candy and Italian Lasagna, who could resist trying one? Get a few tubes from EntoLife online for about $6 each.

 Add a brain teaser to the house with these one of a kind puzzle coasters. These are perfect for adding something different to the coffee table or the home bar.

These aren't just glasses, they are maps too. Get these unique glasses as well as a number of other items like water bottles from Well Told and tell a unique story with each sip. Get a map of your town, or a special place that you have visited together.  Glasses come in an assortment of styles starting at $16.

Gummy Burgers make for a fun gift for foodies of all ages. These massive gummy burgers are made with an assortment of other gummy candies. Get these from Wicked Uncle Gifts for under $7 to add a sweet fruity smile to someone you loves face this holiday season.

Foodies like to be precise with their favorite recipes. This battery free kitchen scale helps them to find the perfect amount of seasonings, spices, veggies and more without dealing with dead batteries.  Find this model from Elessi for under $26. Get it from amazon for a green approach to precision in the kitchen.

Whipping up a batch of chili has never been easier with this chili cook off winning spice blend. Add this to your ingredients and take the wow factor up a notch with this mix from Cin Chili. Get it online for under $6.

Shopping for a coffee fanatic? Give them the gift of on the go indulgence for those mornings that they don't have time to hit the drive thru. Get all three flavors of McCafe Frappe's for about $3 a bottle at retailers nationwide.

Encourage celebration this holiday season with a fragrant, fruity and floral extra dry rose by Mionetto. This is a beautiful rose that has the ideal blend of fragrance and flavor. Find it at retailers for about $15 a bottle.

If you need a gift for a mushroom lover, this Mushroom Jerky is the way to go. It is distinctly unique and has a ton of flavor.  Find numerous varieties at the Pan's Mushroom site for $9 a bag.

Give a gift worthy of toasting this holiday season with another fab for any foodie offering from Mionetto. The DOC Processo is bubbly, brilliant and pairs beautifully with so many dishes. Find it retailers for about $15 a bottle. You will be delighted by the wonderful quality of this brand.

Anya's Real Fruit Licorice are a really tasty and healthy snack to gift a foodie this year. These are chewy yet soft, packed with real fruit and a hit with kids young and old. Get it online at the Anya's site in 20 packs for $36

The Chocolate Chip of the Month Club is the ideal gift for any chocolate chip cookie fan. Send a box of comfort with a delectable twist right to their door. Prices start at $12 a month and feature great flavors and the cookies are HUGE! Order from the Chocolate Chip of the Month Club website.

Offer a little assortment to someone you love that loves chili flakes on their food or in their recipes. This trip from The Chili Lab has 3 different chili flake blends that are sure to tickle the tastebuds. Find this trip for under $25 at the Chili Lab site.

Got a condiment craver to find a great gift for? Why not gift the new greatest condiment ever, Must Ketch? This blends the two flavors we love on sadwiches, burgers, dogs and more. Get it from Amazon in great bold flavors that everyone will want to try,

Give the foodie in your life a special flavor for all their foods with this beautiful hand harvested french sea salt. Available in 4 flavors, this is truly a unique gift! Get all 4 online for $48 from Louis Sel.

If you need a gift for a Italian food fan, then this all occasion collection from Cookies Con Amore is the way to go. Featuring delectable treats like a jelly filled cookie and biscotti, this gift box has something for everyone. Get it for under $20 for a flavorful gift with global flair.

Wouldn't everyone be happy to score some dough on Christmas? With Eastern Standard Provisions Pretzels you can give the gift of some incredible pretzels, pretzel rolls and delectable salts for those goodies, which technically all come from dough, so your favorite foodie will delight in their gift! Order online, and let me know which offering you found irresistible!

The holidays are definitely a time of over indulgence, so why not try to balance things out with Mom's Best Granola? They have some tasty flavor options and granola is always a good snack. Visit the site for info on where to find your favorite flavors in stores for under $5 a bag.

If you want a simple gift for a foodie that you can feel good about, knowing it is going to be snacked away in no time, check out these really good cheese puffs from Barbara's.  They are about $2.50 a bag and are quite addictive! Use the store locator on the Barbara's website to find near you.

A true foodie has a fondness for fresh, so wrapping up a box of Food Vacbags for the holidays is like giving the gift of fresh for months to come.  Get a 100' roll of food storage bags that work with all vacuum sealers for about $24 online from the Food Vacbags website.

Need a gift that keeps on giving? Why not order a 6 month subscription to Bean Box? Your favorite foodie can get 4 sampler bags of excellent coffee for $19 a month. This is the best way to spread holiday cheer all year long for coffee lovers. Order online and explore the blends.

Give a of legal drinking age chick in your life a cocktail that is perfect for popping open to share. Two Chicks makes some really delicious options that get the conversation flowing! Find your favorite flavor and where to buy near you online.

If you need a little something for someone who loves craft salts, the salts from Mason's Market are the way to go. Starting at about $9 a tin, they have some awesome flavors and several grains. These are a welcome to any pantry and the tins are perfect for easy storage. Order online for adding some flavor and variety to dishes and dinners.

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Gifts for Men

Guys need great gifts, but finding a gift he will love and not toss in a closet and forget about is a challenge. Lucky for you, I did the shopping to simplify the holiday season for you. Check out some of my favorite gift ideas for the men in your life. Be sure to check back over the next few weeks as I will update this list daily with new finds.

Samples were provided for photography. Affiliate links may be used.

If you need the ultimate gift for an angler on your shopping list, Get him the Go Fish cam. This is awesome because it gives him a glimpse of what is below the surface without interfering with his casting off. He can also live stream his fishing trips for new found stardom in the fishing world. Get it online for  $240.

Coffee is life, but it is not always convenient to brew a pot. Give him the gift of a great cup of coffee, anytime with Waka Decaf Instant Coffee. This is a really good cup of instant coffee. Get it online for about $12 for 8 cups.

Save a special guys back this winter from all of the shoveling he is bound to do this winter with the Back EZ tool. This takes the strain off of the back during shoveling and can be added to most shovels, rakes and more. Get it online for about $10.

If your special guy has a fondness for luxury watchers, he needs a really great watch winder. Check out this single winder from Barrington. The motor is super quiet and this is a great gift for the guy who has everything. Get it online for about $180.

Give a guy that you wouldn't mind gazing upon poolside some awesome swimwear that leaves little too the imagination with Hunk2 underwear and swimwear. They have some great styles available starting at about $60. Order online.

Give the gift of confidence and odor free feet with deodorizer spray from Solemates. I love that you can also use this in gym bags.  For $20, you can keep his shoes funk free with ease. Order online.

We expect so much from the guys in our lives. Why not give them a chance to show their extra side with Extra Extra Socks. These are sized for bigger feet and bring a lot of personality to any outfit. Grab a few pairs to keep his feet cozy this holiday season. Find them online.

The Exact Golf Tool is the gotta get gift for any golfer in your life. It functions as a ball marker, divot repairer, cigar holder, groove cleaner and club grip holder. This little package packs quite a punch and is a must have for his golf bag. By it online for a golfer on your shopping list.

Give the gift of more storage with the Seagate One Touch SSD. This portable storage option fits in his wallet or backpack to allow him access to his photos, media and more with one touch. I like the fabric feel of this external storage option making transfers less mundane. Find it online at retailers like Amazon for about $85.

If you are shopping for a youtuber, the Nextbase Dash Cam is a must get gift for the holidays. The 522GW is an impressive dash cam option. It has Alexa built in, can easily sync videos and even has cool safety features. If someone bumps your car, it will be activated and will also alert emergency personnel if there is an accident. Retailing at under $260, this is the perfect gift for a techie or a youtuber. Buy online at the NextBase site. 

Axe is always a safe bet for the holiday season. Guys from 12 to 102 can appreciate the range of manly fragrances Axe brings to personal care. Grab a gift set this year, or just head to the drug store and buy a range of Axe body wash, hair products and antiperspirant/ deodorants and make a gift basket of your own for a really great smelling guy this Christmas.

Add the ultimate pint glass to his home bar with these really stunning muffin top pint glasses from Brewing America. These are visually appealing ways to serve a cold brew while the design insures a proper head in every glass. Order these online at Brewing America. Add a farewell message to boss and make it even more special for him.

Guys like to snack, so adding beef jerky to his gift is brilliant. But, any old jerky will not do. Get the Old Trapper Brand. There are several delectable flavors available and this stuff is so tender it is unreal. Big bags are about $14, but you can save on recurring subscriptions. Order online from Old Trapper.

If you are married to a really active guy, you can give him a safe ring that he never needs to take off. Groove rings are made of silicone and are perfect for the guy who likes action. These rings are comfortable, fit well, and look great. Order online from Groove Life. Rings start around $30 and can be customized with your own message.

Winter days were made for binge watching favorite shows. If you gift a guy on your shopping list the complete series of Gotham on BluRay, he will have weeks worth of entertainment at his fingertips. This the perfect time to grab this series and celebrate 80 years of Batman.  Find this set at Walmart, Best Buy or from Amazon for under $80.

Shaving is a regular part of life for guys, but that doesn't mean it has to be a boring part of life. Super fans are going to love bringing their favorite team into the mix with some awesome shaving power. Gilette is making these funtastic NFL handles just in time for Christmas. For $25 you can get his favorite team on a razor and  4 5-bladed ProShield cartridge refills. Gilette is also offering the same deal with Nascar if racing is more his thing. Order from

If you need a useful gift for a frequent traveler, the Airhook is the ultimate. This gadget holds your drink and your device over the head rest for easy entertainment and increased comfort on a plane ride. I love that it gives users a hands free experience for under $30. Order online from the Airhook website or Amazon.

Shopping for the guy who has everything? A space pen makes for a gift that is useful and timeless. These pens can write in any circumstances. Greasy receipt from a burger bag all you have handy? No sweat, you can take the note and keep the pen. These pens write at any angle, under water and even in zero gravity. Buy one online for about $30 from the Fischer Space Pen company.

Add a handsome waiters corkscrew to his home bar. The next time he is ready to open a bottle of wine, he can rely on this premium waiters corkscrew to get the cork out with ease. This is an affordable gift option for a sophisticated man. Get it from Hicoup on Amazon for about $10.

When the weekend rolls around your favorite guy wants to ditch the work wear and chill. This Brooklyn street sign shirt will help him do just that. Check out the selection of thought provoking tees that are perfect for weekend wear for your favorite guy from the Sticks and Stones website. Prices start around $25 for shirts.

Got a guy with a great beard on your to buy for list? Then you need to get him some goodies for his gorgeous beard. My husband loves the Mountaineer Brand of beard care products. They have some really great kits available for under $50 that have everything a guy needs for a well groomed beard. Mountaineer products are all natural and smell really nice. Buy online and get free shipping on orders over $35.

Why not give a gift that is practical and is super kind to the earth? Epic Water has bottles and pitchers that are perfect for gifting. A pitcher will filter the equivalent of 1000 plastic bottles worth of water on one nano filter. Get one for about $55, or get a bottle which can handle about 4 months of filtering for $35. Stop back after Thanksgiving for your chance to win a prize pack of Epic Water Filter products.
Order these earth friendly epic filters online.

Gifting a guy who loves to grill? This BBQ apron puts the recipes and a lot of info on an apron to keep dirty hands off of cook books. Get the full length version for $25, or a half waist apron from Suck Uk.

If you want a gift that will be useful but is budget friendly, the G Clamp Bottle Opener adds a cool feature to his work bench; a place to pop off a top when he is ready to unwind a little. Get this online from Suck UK for $12.

Headphones make a great gift for anyone, of any age or gender. But, this pair is perfect for men because it is durable and can handle their workouts, adventures and down time too. This neckband wireless headset by iJazz is available on amazon for about $35. It is bluetooth compatible and produces a good quality of sound for an affordable price.

Make a Big Bang this holiday season with the complete season of The Big Bang Theory on Bluray. This special limited edition set has 279 episodes with so much binus content that fans might be binging for weeks to see all these discs have to offer. Find it at Walmart, Best Buy or on Amazon for about $180.

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