Pictures of Our Summer

My son is a future Olympic swimmer! He has been floating on his back at 2 years old! Needless to say, his pool is a hit. Who would have thought a 30"x12' pool would be so much fun for our little family!?

The poor dog wants to get in the pool too! He has been cracking us up, while we are in the pool he circles it, and all you can see is his tail. It seems like we are being circled by a big, beautiful red shark! LOL

If you get near the edge, the dog (Fru) stops to give you a smooch. 

I can't resist sharing this one, from our trip to the Little Buckeye Museum. 

And one of us cuddling up on the Carousel. 

                                                            Gotta love that face!

Getting his face kissed off by Daddy at the park.


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    1. Thank You! He is also a charming little guy ;)

  2. How adorable and oh how inviting that pool looks! I moved from an apartment to a house and I miss the pool, as we do not have a neighborhood pool. Any contraption with enough water to soak my body will do! What an adorable, happy family you have!! Hugs - Mel

  3. Oh, Melissa, the pool is now our thing! My son and I can't stay out of it, he is so fun to splash around with! We are hoping to be really tan by the end of the summer!


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