I Am Not Really A Cat Person... Am I?

I am not a cat person per say. I have always favored dogs, but that doesn't mean I don't find cats charming, fun and to be all around lovely creatures.

But then one day I began desiring a cat. So I batted my eye lashes and looked at him with my big blue eyes, my husband, who was at the time my boyfriend, promised me we could get a cat. Oh the power of eyelashes.

I wanted to be specific about my cat to be. I know this is ridiculous. But, I had already given my cat a name, I wanted a black and white or gray and white cat.

Well, I worked with a lady that had black and white kittens. Well, I didn't want one of her kittens even though they met my request in terms of color. Adam said "Why not?" I sighed and said "I don't like that (insert nasty word here) and if I get a cat from her I will always have to be reminded that I don't like her."
Yeah, I was younger and feisty. This was pre motherhood days.

We went to one of our favorite places, the apple orchard. It was winter, but they have the best cider there. They had a sign, Free Kitten. We inquired. The kitten was a little boy, gray with a white spot. I said "I want him!" The lady promised to bring him in the next day if we could return to pick him up.

So, that is how we got him.

He is 4 years old now. In the past few months our relationship has really taken on a new level. My cat and I have a moment together every night after the kid is in bed, the cat curls up in my lap to be adored and stroked. I have come to look forward to this special time with my cat, my lovely Maurice. So maybe... yeah I guess I am a cat person.


  1. I had a wonderful grey and white male cat for 11 years named Rainbow. He was so sweet and loved everyone! I thinks cats are fantastic pets. Enjoy your time with Maurice. I do miss my cat so much and I will get another one day!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I love my kitty. He curls up right by my head or behind my legs at night. He loves his people:) I can't imagine not having a cat. When we move in the spring my husband promised our daughters a kitten. I'm so excited!

  3. I have always been a dog person. My brother rescued a stray pregnant cat who had kittens. He asked me to watch them while he was working out of town. They have been here ever since. They are about 8 months old. I love them. They are in charge of the dogs too.

  4. I love cats. My cat does the same thing after the kids go to bed he jumps up in my chair and sits on my feet

  5. I grew up as a dog person. I actually couldn't stand cats. I used to say the problem with kittens was that they grew up to be cats.

    When I moved back home to live with my parents about four years ago, my daughter wanted a cat. We got a kitten from the pet shop. And Dusty is quite something else. What we never dreamed of was that we would end up with another 14 cats! I discovered the process of taming feral cats, and there is only one cat that we cannot get tame enough to get spayed. She is why we have soooo many cats.

    It is an adventure, and here are the names of our cats (in addition to Dusty):
    Stripey (she's the one who will not be tamed)

    We gave away "Bella."
    We lost--Grey, Calico, and Tiger


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