The Path (Of Destruction)

Motherhood is an adventure to say the least.

The instinct of quiet= not good! was illustrated to me this week when my son discovered he is in fact tall enough to reach cookies on the counter, and he can dash right into his play room without Mama knowing what he is doing... if he is quiet.The smears of chocolate on his face, hands and shirt gave him away. When his Dad asked why he wasn't eating his dinner, my son and I shared a knowing look...

The idea that noise means your kids are not getting into trouble was a dispelled myth not long ago. My husband asked me why are there photos of an absolute mess on the computer? That reminded me of this day:

 I took a few extra moments in the bathroom to try a new eye shadow. If I were to guess I would say I spent 6 minutes in the bathroom, with the door cracked, mind you. The normal sounds of play greeted my ears. Keep in mind, my kid is a rambunctious 2 year old.

When I returned from my eye shadow experience, the sight that greeted me first made me shake my head at the sight of the little play room.

Slightly messy, but not too bad! I can in fact leave my son to play for 5 minutes or even a little longer!!
Or Can I?
 I gasped in horror as the tornado's destruction became apparent.
He literally just started dragging everything he could get his hands on out and on to the floor. It was crazy! Flashcards, my bra, trucks, old pillows from the closet, dinos... you name it. On my floors it could be found.

And it just kept going, the mess, the toys, the random household items. 

In 6 minutes 

This boy, who has the cutest little angel face, turned into the tornado and made a path of destruction that stretched from one end of the house to the other.

So, yeah... noise doesn't always equal normal play.

We spent the remainder of the day salvaging the house. Toys were put back into their places, random household stuff was tucked away for another rampage.

While I was cleaning, I moved the furniture around. The love seat was moved to the other side of the room as were other random things.

My husband came home and asked the question to make a stay at home Mom scream in anguish. "So, what did you do today?"

 I said "I lounged by the pool."

He said "Oh, really? It is winter?"

I said "Oh, you know how it is. I had the time, and that always relaxes me."


  1. I think your son and my daughter should get together. They could probably destroy an entire house together!!!

  2. I love the pic of your son. Don't you just love the What did you do all day remark? Why I otta... :)

  3. It always amazes me how fast they can destroy a room with a mess. I spend hours a day cleaning the house and within minutes it looks like a tornado went through the house. I really hate that when they ask you so what did you do all day. My husband just asks how was your day.

  4. My kids are the same way. We pick up twice a day. Once before lunch and once before bed. That way I can stay some what on top of it.

  5. hahahaha! My husband always accuses me of doing nothing all day. Jerk! After taking care of my nieces and nephew for a weekend I know exactly how that 0-disaster feels. Another reason I'm not having kids, I can't keep up!

  6. haha oh my goodness, I don't have children, but this so reminds me of my days watching them in my home. You just never know lol


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