Save Your Way To Family Fun

Family time is precious and irreplaceable – you can’t put a price on it. Or can you? Priceless as the
memories may be, the cost of a family day out rises and rises each year. With travel, entry tickets,
overpriced food and drink and the unavoidable stop at the gift shop on the way out, take a few days
out in a year and you can find the cost slowly mounting. And for those families who are struggling to
meet savings goals or working through debt consolidation programs, every penny counts.
But there are ways to both cut the cost of your outing and find something fun for the family to
do together.

It’s All About Timing

Many theme parks and family attractions like zoos and the theatre practice ‘dynamic pricing’.
This means that the cost of entry will vary across a year and even a week, rising when there’s peak
demand and dropping right down when they need to fill seats. So do a little detective work
and use this to your advantage. Monitor the prices over a set period of time to see how they alter,
and make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter of the attraction, as many will email out discount
codes and special deals. It may mean waiting a little longer to get there, but you can make major

Round Up The Gang

A lot of attractions will also offer a discount for group bookings, so make sure you call up and speak
to them about what can be done. Who could you invite to go with you? Children will love for their
friends or neighbors to come along, and if you pool money, hiring a small minibus may be a more
cost-effective way to travel there as well. So time your trip with another family or two and see how
much you can save.

Claim Your Cashback

Using cashback sites and loyalty cards are a great idea if you know you’re planning to go somewhere.
Lots of them offer access to family attraction or ticketing sites. If you’ve saved up loyalty card points
all year, see what you can swap them in for, and use supermarket cards to purchase discounted
snacks and food for the road trip.

Keep The Snacks DIY

Overpriced food and drink at family attractions are one of the main budget-busters on a day out,
especially if you have several little ones. So save big by packing a cool bag with treats and drinks
before you go. Make the food prep a part of the excitement of the day out. Kids love a picnic, and
if you think outside the box and make some exciting picnic food rather than the standard sandwiches,
they’ll be super excited.

Days out are all about making memories – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do that.
There are also lots of fun things to do at home from going on a bug safari to building a pillow fort,
having kids produce their own movie or play or even doing a campout in the backyard underneath
the stars. The only limit is your imagination.


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