Funtastic Easter Basket Fillers

Easter is this weekend you guys! I always seem to wait until the last minute to tackle the baskets because my husband and I want to eat all of the candy otherwise. HA! This year we decided to focus less on the sweets and more on the treats to make Easter a fun yet simple affair that would be kind to our waistlines.

I have a list of ideas to share with you  that will make fun-tastic fillers for your Easter baskets this year. Samples and considerations of some products were received to inspire my list. We love these options because they provide hands on fun and invitations to explore and create.

1) Galaxy Slimy Gloop
This stuff is so much fun to make and play with! I am always a fan of gifts that encourage both learning and fun. This kit is available at Walmart and Michaels for under $7. It makes a fun option for older kids and teens.

2) Galactic Bath Bombs by Youniverse
Bath bombs are fun to make and create, so this kit is perfect for tweens and teens this Easter. It contains everything you will need to make several great bath bombs. The kit retails for under $13 so it is affordable and packs a lot of fizzy fun into the basket.

 3) STMT Signature Scent
This kit is perfect for girls that want to experiment with fragrance. It contains everything you need to make 4 rollerball bottles of perfume. Retailing at under $18 this is a great gift option for Easter. I made a batch of perfume from this kit with my daughter and it smells really nice, and we LOVED making it together!

4) Rock Art Kits
These are my favorite filler for an Easter basket this year because my kids love finding rocks, decorating them and hiding them! This can be so much more than just a art project kind of filler, it can be a totally fun family experience! Retailing at $5 each, these kits are perfect for kids 6 and older.

5) Aqualiens
Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but these had to go in the Easter baskets as they will bring my kids so much joy when the pool is ready to go this summer. This dive toy is not just a toss and go kind of toy. It is a transforming diving toy that is really quite impressive! Retailing at under $10, these pods that morph into a creature are awesome for Easter!

6) Squidivers
These are perfect diving toys for my little one who is just mastering swimming. These wiggle and jiggle to the bottom and are easy to see and grab for little hands. Retailing at under $8, Squidivers are a fun filler for any Easter basket that will bring a lot of happiness to the kids as the weather gets warmer.

7) Barbie Water Bottle
The Barbie bottle by Horizon group is a great way to encourage health and creativity this Easter. The bottle comes in a fun barbie style with the pens to color the bottle how you like it! Retailing at under $13 you can find this bottle on Amazon.

8) Welch's Fruit Snacks
I love to add these to Easter baskets not only for the fun design but also because they are a tasty snack that is mostly guilt free. Look for the fun 28 packs with Easter designs at your local grocery store.

9) Board Games
Payday by Hasbro is one of our favorite options right now because my 7 year old needs money management lessons terribly! This is a fun way to learn about money and budgeting in a way that kids can understand.

Jenga Pass also makes a fun way to add family fun into an Easter basket! I love that the classic game of Jenga takes a twist and turn in this new fun version! Retailing at under $20 I love this pick for tweens and teens.

10) Play Doh
As a kid, I got pretty excited for play doh. I love to see that same magic in the eyes of my kids when they open a can of play doh! The Play Doh Kitchen Creations Magic Oven Set is a super fun outlet for creation and hands on fun.
I love that this oven has lights to make the experience super realistic for my 4 year old.

The fun continues with the Play Doh Letters and Language Set and the Play Doh Textures and Tools Sets. These are so much fun for little hands! Each set contains the tools you need for fun like mats, stamps and play doh! At under $20 these are perfect for an Easter basket.

11) Nerf Guns
My son loves to invite his friends over to play. Lately they have been clamouring for Nerf Guns. The Nerf Microshot Series is perfect for Easter baskets. Priced at under $7, these guns pack a whole lot of punch in a small package.

12) Star Wars Force Link Starter Sets
With this new wearable tech you can FEEL the force during playtime! Compatable with more than 30 Star Wars toys, the force link starter set unlocks sound effects, phrases and lights. We love that our starter set came with Kylo Ren for a new twist on play! Retailing at under $35 this option will bring the fun of Easter out in full force!

13) Luke and Leia Muggs Figures
These are so cute that they practically beg to be in an Easter Basket! Retailing at under $10, they are a fun way to bring the force to Easter! We love that the faces change easily to give a new twist on playtime!

14) Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magical Movers
My little Disney princess can't get enough of her favorite girls, so these tiny little play sets are perfect for dramatic play sessions that she can really get into! Adding a favorite like Ariel, Snow White or Rapunzel to her Easter basket makes for a sweet holiday for sure. We loved that these are affordable and adorable for the win!

15) Adora 
With spring comes the need to coo about babies. This year why not bring a new little bundle of joy home for your little girl with a realistic looking doll from Adora. These are so cute and cuddly! Retailing at $15 and up, these are the perfect cure for baby fever this spring! You can find clothes, accessories and more to make the Adora doll the perfect filler for an Easter basket.

16) Strawbees
My kids love to build and create, so we knew Strawbees would be a really fun way to encourage hands on creativity. This set contains the parts and straws you need to create some really cool contraptions, creatures and fun things to play with.  Retailing at under $30, this 400 piece set is perfect for filling an Easter basket with fun!

17) Stomp Rockets
This is a fun toy to encourage active play. Kids won't be able to resist stomping their rockets into space! This is fun for kids of a variety of ages and encourages kids to learn about how the rockets launch while actively playing for the hippity hoppity win this Easter.

What are some of your favorite ways to fill a basket that are not candy? Leave me a comment to inspire me at the last minute please!


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