Color Trends for Bedrooms

Whether you are looking for the paint color or just want to pick a color to make your bedroom seem a little bit bigger, professional paint companies and designers have been well consulted and they have put forward a few colors in trend this year to certainly make your home stand out.

Swirling Smoke
This is considered a great color, light colored with the tint of gray that feels very relaxing as well as calm. Swirling Smoke is definitely recommended by a colorist, Lee Crowder in Darling Homes, situated in Dallas. The renowned colorist also has quoted that she feels a challenge not using this color all the time for different customers just because she herself likes it too much.

Hale Navy
Hale Navy is a very fresh clean shade of blue. It is one of the popular bedroom colors that tops the list to make the room feel brighter. It is quite surely a combination of both brightness and freshness; and together, they certainly do attain a spot on Benjamin Moore’s bestselling shades of blue. The color works in any lighting situation, is a mix of both warm and cool tones and always looks stunning whether used on walls or even furniture.

Colonial Aqua
This color is one of the shades of green, tilting more towards the sea-green side. The color can make a dull room with little light look well bright. Along with that, the color brings a sweet and soft touch to the resting master or visitors in the guest bedroom.
Colonial Aqua must be considered in a spa-like bathroom or an elegantly constructed kitchen. It can also be paired with off-white to result in a harmonious look.

Orange Blossom
Though different shades are a personal and subjective choice, using orange color is always a bolding and an uplifting move. The color radiates warmth as it generates happiness be it tender, romantic or energetic.
The Orange Blossom is an elegant shade that allows the room appear lighter and brighter and sends off a relaxed energy throughout the room. The color can also be seen as soft peach and may look extremely elegant in a dining area. Contrast this color with shades of the blue or green and you get yourself a beautiful room to welcome your guests.

This color is most similar to an off-white one. The color particularly looks good on a room with plenty of windows outlined by a white color. Alabaster is the perfect creamy white, not too dull like yellow but not  white at all either. This may be well suited in a dining room, increasing the elegance of the room and dining in with your guests with confidence.

Though 2018 has been the year where most colors found their way to the top, these 5 have topped the list. Whether you paint all four walls of a room or just a single side, these colors will surely get the best out of the room.


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