Minnie: Bow Be Mine with Harper

Earlier today my 5 year old walked up to me and struck a thoughtful pose. With a finger to her lip, and a sparkle in her eye, she said how can we make a headband with ears and a bow?

I received a copy of this dvd to inspire this post.

I knew what she was getting at, in her Minnie Mouse print dress, with her Minnie Mouse printed high top sneakers, she was on the track of needing some ears to complete her punk princess look.

While I had no ideas for giving her ears, I did have a way to give her a Bowtique fix. I popped in the newest dvd in our collection; MINNIE: BOW BE MINE and let her indulge in some tv time with her favorite characters.

Minnie: Bow Be Mine has 2 fun music videos in addition to 11 episodes.  Each episode is action packed with fun for little ones and their moms. Yeah, I admit it, I got wrapped up in a few episodes with Harper. Grandpa vs Grandpa was our collective favorite. If you pay attention you may recognize a familiar voice; Jay Leno is the voice of Billy Beagle. How fun is that?

Find this adventurous dvd in stores now; it is perfect for a rainy spring day or anytime your little one is craving the famous ears.

While we are talking about Minnie and the gang, who is your favorite character? My son loves Pete and all of his antics. Harper is all about Minnie and Daisy. Pluto is my favorite.

Why not make a craft together while you watch Minnie: Bow Be Mine? These easy Mickey Ornaments can double as a necklace if you make the string longer.


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