12 Bug Books for Preschoolers

Spring is the perfect time to dive into the insect world with your preschooler. I found 12 fun book books that your kids are going to love! After reading these titles, your kids are sure to want to get out and explore nature, looking for new buggy friends!

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Bugs Galore
With retro illustrations and plenty of rhymes, this book lets little learners explore lots of bugs and worms in a comical fashion.

This book is a cheerful way to warm preschoolers up to the bugs they will see this summer. Featuring colorful illustrations and easy to read text, bugs won't seem so scary after exploring the pages of this story.

The Bug Book
This book is fun and factual for preschoolers. Explore all kinds of bugs in vivid photographs to learn more about the insects one might see this summer.

Some Bugs
With rhymes and vibrant illustrations, this book embraces the behaviors of backyard bugs and encourages exploration for preschoolers.

The Grouchy Ladybug
Take an adventure with a grouchy little ladybug to meet a variety of critters and explore manners in a fun way.

Ten Little Ladybugs
While this is a simple counting book, it is fun for preschoolers to explore and practice their counting skills with. Little hands love to feel the texture of the ladybugs as they count.

Builder Bugs
In this construction themed bug book, watch the bugs take actions like digging and hammering to make something special, which they will reveal in this pop up book!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
In this book a very hungry caterpillar munches through a variety of goodies to transform into a beautiful butterfly. This book is much loved for its colorful illustrations and fun text.

Big Bug Book
This pop up book is packed with creepy, crawly fun! The book is nothing short of a celebration fit for the bugs return this spring!

Ten Magic Butterflies
With the help of ten magic butterflies preschoolers can learn to count and group things by groups of ten. This is a colorful introduction to math for early learners that comes very highly recommended.

The Very Busy Spider
Eric Carle books are a delight to explore with preschoolers. In this rhyming text a busy spider tries to spin her web while the animals on the farm come by to distract her from the task. This book is fun to read and touch!

The Ants Go Marching
This book takes preschoolers on an adventure in counting and singing with colorful ants! The repetition and counting up to 5 is perfect for an early approach to math that kids can't get enough of.


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