Birthday Party Planning

My little boy isn't so little anymore. In just a few weeks he will be turning 10. It doesn't seem possible does it? He is almost as tall as I am. He is super smart, at any given time you can find him writing a book, doodling city scapes, or building epic Lego creations. Recently, he has been making lists of who to invite to his birthday party, and trying to decide what theme he wants it to be. Planning a party is a lot of fun!

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This year, to give my son a chance to be hands on in the planning, we are turning to Basic Invite to create the invitations of his dreams. This has been so much fun for the kid because they are one of the few websites that offer unlimited color combinations. Creating one of a kind birthday party invitations is easy and fun. Even my almost ten year old can do it.

We have been impressed with the quality of the paper the invites are printed on and the vast assortment of color options for envelopes. To make the invitations really special, while saving your time, you can take advantage of the free addressing service that Basic Invite offers. My son thinks this is a really cool feature, and I would have to agree. It makes the invitations seem even classier!

If I were not planning a party for ten year old boys, but maybe my parents, I would use this company for 70th birthday invitations. Teens will also love creating party invitations with this site. There are so many ways to make an invitation to a party, a graduation or even a wedding special with this easy to use site.

Now that we have the invitations covered, we are deciding what kind of party favors we need. We are having a retro arcade party this year and need some really great goodies to share with friends that are totally rad and 80's inspired. If you have any ideas, I hope you will leave me a comment to inspire our goodies bags!


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