Christmas in July Gift Ideas

Last week, when I made a rare visit to the retail world, I found myself buying school supplies, Halloween decorations, and a few Christmas gifts, along with our groceries and supplies. My family thought that was a little crazy, but what hasn't been just a little crazy this year? With that in mind, I have latched onto Christmas in July. It is my newest obsession!I can't wait to share a few of these fun gift ideas that I think you might want to buy now, to take the stress out of the winter holidays. 

Affiliate links and samples were provided for consideration.

If you want to give a good clean gift for the holidays, check out these super effective cleaning products from Good Green Cleaner. These are so good! You fill with water, attach the cleaner pod, give it a shake, and add a nozzle. Adding the water at home, makes these easy to store, helps reduce plastic usage with the refill pods and they really smell good. Order online for about $13 a package.

Pink MahogHany Fragrances makes a really fantastic hand sanitizer for the males in your life who don't want to smell like a flower or fruit.  This hand sanitizer is called The Wood, and it has hints of vanilla, cedar and more for a fragrant way to keep clean  on the go.

Give the gift of smooth, beautiful skin with minimal additives this year. I love Stone & Tumble Smoothing Serum. This is packed with ingredients that promote healing of the skin, like sweet almond and sunflower seed oil. Order it online for all skin types at $42 a bottle.

Girls with long hair will love showering like a girl with short hair thanks to Pony Dry. This little wrap keeps the ponytail dry for an easy shower but lets you wash your roots for cleaner hair with less dry time. Order online for about $30.

If you are expecting a new addition to your family or circle this year around the holidays, get these Sleep sacks now. Swaddle Sack and Zip Me Sack by Swaddle Designs make wonderful ways to keep baby comfy and safe when it is time to sleep. Order these online, where prices start around $22.

Give the gift of great dental hygiene with Burst oral care. This electric tooth brush has been proven to remove ten times more plaque than manual brushing. Order for under $70, and take advantage of the brush replacement subscription while you are there.

If you need a gift for an athlete, someone who loves the beach, or anyone who might need a hiding spot that they can take with them, the Bindle Bottle makes a great and super useful gift. You can unscrew the bottom of the bottle to reveal a hiding place for cash, debit cards, or even your keys. Order online for about $39 for a 20 ounce slim bottle.

While most of our lives have gone digital, there is something classy about a manual watch. This year, polish a special ladies look with a understated watch from Eila Cherie. These are fantastic because they are great quality at a modest price. For about $48 you can get the Melinda in several colors to match her style. Order online.

Anyone who has a tablet or smartphone wants to keep it safe from the unexpected, but that doesn't always happen. With the temps getting higher, more people seek out the water, and that leads to the risk of getting a pricey phone wet. Absorb-Its are these handy little pouches that can dry out your phone or tablet should the worst happen. Get these starting at about $13 online to rescue your valuables if they ever get soaked.

If you need to find a useful gift for an active person, let me recommend the Nomader bottle. I dig these because you fill it with water, then you can collapse the bottle for easy carrying when empty.  They are leak-proof and stylish. Order them online for about $25.

Give the gift of a well protected and clean cell phone with Gadget Guard. The Black Ice Screen Protectors are incredibly durable and keep your phone scratch free. The Techtonic Cleaner they offer is a must have in this climate of cleanliness. Order screen protectors, cases and cleaners online. Prices start at about $25.

Give the gift of good dental health with some vitamin enriched toothpaste. Vitamin Paste has a formula for both kids and adults and makes a great addition to your daily routine. Order online for about $5 a tube and add up to 50% more vitamins to your day.

Which of these items do you feel like would make a great gift for someone in your life?


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