S'mores Charcuterie Board

A S'mores Charcuterie board is the perfect way to take your summer entertaining to the next level. Make one to wow your kids, or impress your friends with your incredibly creative tastes!

chartreuse board filled with s'mores makings

If you invite me to a party and it has a chartreuse board, I am instantly impressed. There is something about having an assortment of goodies to pick from at snack time that makes it feel special. Calling it a Charcuterie board instead of a platter of any sorts? Watch me swoon.

Well, we might not be doing a whole lot of entertaining these days, but I wanted to wow my kids over the 4th of July holiday. S'mores seem to be the key to their hearts this summer. So this s'mores Charcuterie board was the perfect way to make the day seem so much fancier.

I used an assortment of our favorites to create this board. That is the beauty of it. You can use what you like the most and make the offerings super special.

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In this Charcuterie board you see graham crackers, regular marshmallows, smash mallows, Oreo cookies and an assortment of chocolates and truffles. The key is to start in the center, working your way out and filling in all of the spots on a large dish. Offer this to your family or friends with an assortment of roasting sticks and a small campfire. You have an instant most memorable and delicious s'mores bar!

chartreuse board


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