September Foodie Favorites

Are you looking for some new ways to add flavor to your life? I have rounded up some awesome goodies that you can find on the web that you are going to want to check out. From bags to keep things fresh and smelly proof to crumb cakes that are fork licking good. 

Samples have been provided for inclusion and affiliate links may be included.

Smellyproof bags are a must have for foodies. These are perfect for storing anything from fish to veggies and more. They are reusable so a pack can last for quite a while! Order online starting at $6.

Food Cubby keeps the peace at dinner by putting space between food for fussy eaters. Order from Amazon for the kids for $15.

Anyone who likes to bake is going to want to get some Domino Sugar. They have a variety of sweet products like Light Brown, Dark Brown and Golden Sugar. I love sprinkling golden sugar on pie crusts for a pretty glittery effect. Find it online and in stores, and check out the Domino site for loads of great recipes.

My kids love  to munch on nuts for an afternoon snack, so they were really into these tasty trays of BLUM almonds. You sprinkle on the seasoning and oil that is included and pop the container in the microwave for a few moments and you have a toasty, tasty treat you can feel good about serving to your family because they are delicious and healthy. Order a variety of flavors online for $24 a 3 pack.

Blnd spices are perfect for spicing things up. These globally inspired spices are unique and delicious! Add them to a variety of dishes for a new flavor experience. I really like the Fire n Lime spice on everything!
Order online and get a 2 pack of spices for about $10. 

Shrewd foods makes some healthy and tasty protein puff treats to add flavor to snack time without the guilt. Find a variety of flavors online for about $25 a 12 pack. These have 14 grams of protein per serving! 

Foodies are going to flip for these amazing Charles Chocolate bars. Get an artisan chocolate subscription to satisfy your sweet tooth. The flavors offered are decadent and innovative. Plus, they are beautifully packaged and crafted! Prices start at about $25 for a delivery of out of this world indulgence.

As the name suggests, these jars are not just pasta sauce, they are jars of sauce that is so good you will want to pair it with pasta, chicken, and if you wanted to use this as a dip for tortilla chips, no one would judge you! Packed with 10 veggies and no junk, there are 100's of ways to enjoy. Order a 6 pack online for $54 and prepare your taste buds for delicious dishes.

Any true foodie needs a great grilling kit, like this personalized one from Groovy Groomsman Gifts. The set comes in a gorgeous wood case with a spatula, fork and tongs that are perfect for grilling up a good time. This makes a great gift too! Oder online for a foodie in your life.

I love getting surprises in the mail, but getting a subscription box of treats? Now that makes my day! Laura's Kitchen Table is delivering treats worth writing home about for about $45 a month. This is a fun service for a hard to buy for friend, or anyone who loves trying tasty treats!

It is always a good time for Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake. This is a really great cake that you can order online and have shipped to your door. As the temperatures are still pretty warm here, I am all for not needing to fire up my oven and having my cake and eating it too! Oder the classic crumb cake, or a variety of other flavors for about $28.

What could go better with beers on an end of summer night than Hall's Beer Cheese? This stuff is awesome to dip, spread, or smear on almost anything. We love the Hot n Snappy Spicy Beer Cheese dip the most. You will be glad to know you can find this tasty as can be beer cheese at Sam's Club in Ohio, or you can order it online for about $6 a tub.

To wash down all these delicious goodies, you need to take note of the Tavour craft beer delivery service. Now, before trying this selection, I was not into craft beer. I would say "Eh," with indifference. But, after looking at these fun cans and super unique offerings, I had to crack open a Lemon Meringue Pie Beer, then an Attention Please. I am converted to a craft beer lover now. I can't wait to see what else this service has to offer! This is going to be a must have for the holidays or the home bar every month!

I hope this list of foodie favorites inspires you to try a few new foodie finds this month!


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