Easy DIY Activities To Do in Lockdown


Easy DIY Activities To

It’s now 2021 and in the UK our national lockdown looks like it’ll be in place for the foreseeable future, so we’re all stuck at home with time on our hands and the need to be productive could drive you mad if you don’t have things to do.

So now is the perfect time to get some DIY done around the house, not only will doing some DIY help you burn through some time, you’ll also make your home look better and create a nicer environment for you to spend your days in.

To help you get started on your DIY crusade, I’ve found a few easy and cheap DIY projects you can take on without needing to leave your home and that can be accomplished by a DIY beginner with limited access to tools. So, strap yourself in, chuck on some old clothes and let’s talk DIY activities.

Make Some Family Art To Hang

First up on our list is an activity you can get your children involved with, so this is great for parents who need some activities for their children in lockdown. All you’ll need is to find some cheap canvases and paints online that can be delivered to your home.

Once you have what you need, gather up your family and paint away, what you paint is up to you, but some good starting points would be a landscape of maybe some flowers or a bowl of fruit. The goal here is to get some personal painting to hang around the home, with your own paintings up you’ll brighten up your home and have some keepsakes to remind you of this time.

Brighten Up A Room With New Blinds

Second on our list is a grown ups only activity, but can still be a fun experience that brightens up your home nonetheless, simply swapping out your old blinds in a room for a new set can make a world of difference in the look of a room and can even be practical, for example: if your children are struggling to sleep a set of blackout blinds can make a world of difference.

Getting and installing blinds has never been an easier task, all you need to do is measure how big your blind will need to be, find a blind you like and order it online. Once you have your blind at home you can easily install it in less than 10 minutes. So really the hardest point of this sit choosing what blinds you’d like, personally I’m, a fan of horizontal blinds, but what you choose should be a personal style choice.

Craft With Your Kids For The Living Room

Next up, we’re back to child friendly projects, a nice bit of arts and crafts to occupy your time and create some nice accessories for your living room. Again, you’ll need to search for supplies online, but it’s relatively cheap and easy to get what you’ll need to make cushions, blankets and throws.

Taking some time to create something as a family will form a personal connection to these accessories and make your living room feel even more cozy and homely. If you’re looking for a starting point, making and embroidering some cushions is a great fun place to start off your craft adventure!


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