Winter Personal Care Favorite Finds

 Are you looking for ways to switch things up a bit in your personal care routine? I have been trying out some different products for my hair and skin, and gathered some of my favorites here to share with you.

Samples were provided for consideration and photos.

Birch Babe has a variety of great products for your hair, skin and face ranging from whipped body butters to some incredicle shampoo and body bars, which are my new favorite thing. Check out the shop and find a few new favorites starting at about $12.

This would have been awesome for the holidays, but with the shipping fiasco which defined the 2020 holiday season, there is no time like the present to give your hair 12 days of high performance goodies from No. 4 Hair Care. This is a great way to try a variety of their products for under $50.

These packages from Health Energy Amazing Life are awesome. They have lavender sleep patches, ear candles, oils and more to help you relax and unwind after a long winter day. Order the package for about $20 for a sensual healing treat.

Starling Super Dew Multitasking Oil is never greasy and won't clog pores. This is a must try for your beauty routine for about $20 a bottle. I love this anti aging oil for the dry winter months.

This Viola hair mist perfume is a lovely addition to a beauty routine because it leaves your hair smelling wonderful for hours after application. I loved the warm notes this mist brings to my hair and how long lasting the aroma is. Order for $56 a bottle.

Axe is an awesome way to make sure the guys in your life are looking out for their hair and skin this winter too. Grab some texturizing cream,body spray or a Total Fresh Gift Set from Walmart. You will appreciate how affordable their line of products is while being effective.

Deodorant is something that everyone needs, but some of the options aren't super healthy.This is where Smarty Pits comes in with aluminum free deodorant for all, in wonderful scents like Coconut Mango and Almond Biscotti. Prices start at about $13 and this is a really effective option for smelling fresh all day long.

No Fade Fresh has some really fun hair color options. Get at home color depositing results in a variety of awesome colors! This is a great way to maintain a constant color without weekly salon visits. Fresh No Fade is perfect for keeping gret hair even during a pandemic! You can find this at Target for about $15 a bottle.

Ziri Red Clay in Paste helps remove dirt and grime while reducing unsightly acne and black heads. This is a secret weapon for beauty that doubles as a few minutes of at home spa care. Order for $35 and treat your skin to a detox.



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