6 Summer Decor Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

 Summer is around the corner and what a relief! With the state of the world right now, your family needs every bright moment it can get to have fun and enjoy more time together. And that’s exactly what the sunny and relaxing summer season brings with it. Of course this summer your family might not jet off to a far off land for a vacation, but who says you can’t have fun in your home?

While summer is the idyllic time to relax and have fun, it can quickly become monotonous if you’re not creative enough. You can only play so many lawn games or visit the beach as a family. What about those sweltering hot or rainy days when you can’t venture outside?

The last thing you want is for your kids to go back to their gizmos and lounge on the couches all day long.

With some creativity, you can get everyone busy with the following summer décor craft ideas. Here are fun activities that suit the whole family and the best part is that you give your house a touch of warm summer décor style while also bonding. So, here you go.

Outdoor Wall Art

Love painting? Well, maybe you don’t have a potential Picasso in your house but who said you can’t have some with colors? Kids love working with paint and you can bring some summer fun to your outdoor walls with colorful art. Homeowners have always welcomed summer with a proud display of art and this is a fun DIY idea for your home.

Get a large DIY wall board and brainstorm what to paint. This is a simple yet exciting idea to bring everyone outside. Let everyone have a go at the brush and create a welcoming message to display on your lawn. When you have a cookout or a get-together, this becomes the highlight of your outdoor space.

Glass Jar Flower Vase Garland

The applications for glass jars in your home are endless. Summer is synonymous with splashes of color and you can bring your house to life with your favorite summertime flowers. Collect glass jars in the house or even buy some and line them up.

Tie the jars together in a garland, put some water in each jar with your favorite flower cutting. Hang these indoors on your windows, dresser, or anywhere else to bring some life to your living space. 

Decorative Leaf Garland for Your Book Stand

If you love books, the bookstand is hallowed ground where you always find yourself when looking for peace. And what better way to appreciate this space than with a simple but decorative leaf garland. You can work on the leaf garland and create any design that your family suggests.

Remember, any décor craft ideas are only fun if everyone chips in. At the end of the DIY project, you’ll bring some rainforest vibe into your living room. This will easily turn into the focal point of your home’s décor.

DIY Summer Wreath

What better way to prepare your home for an exciting summer than with a colorful porch wreath? This is a classic summer craft idea, and it gives your home a touch of beauty and elegance. The best part about a summer wreath is the fact that it requires all hands on deck.

Source the right flowers to bring color to your home décor. This is where your family comes in handy. You also need some simple items from the dollar store to add some fun to the wreath and to personalize it. Whether you want a wire wreath, branch wreath, or any other type, you have all the time to prepare.

Milk Carton Birdhouse/Bird Feeders

If you have a nice garden, chances are you have beautiful guests from nature throughout the summer. Birds also love their summertime out. Why not create some fun activity from this? Birdhouses and bird feeders not only add some beauty to your garden but also attract more birds to your compounds.

You can create some fun activity out of DIY birdhouse or bird feeders using recycled milk cartons. Bring everyone outside for some fun. Design how to build the birdhouses and feeders. Your kids will love the idea and you’ll add some color to your lawn. This DIY project might not be permanent but it sure is fun.

Decorate With Your Kids’ Art

You have to agree that summer brings out the artist in everyone. The kids especially have a go at creating amazing stuff every time they go out. Whether you’re at the beach or in the park, kids are always making stuff.

From seashell crab magnets, ice cream cone key chains, shell people to crayon drawings, you can collect all these pieces and use them to bring your living space to life. Think of a board on the wall where each piece goes. It soon becomes a competition where the best piece of art competes for space on that all-important board. This is one of the fantastic decorative ideas for your home.

The opportunities for summer décor craft projects are limitless. You’ll have so much fun and bring the family together while at it. Whatever idea you have in mind, you can always make it work if you bring all hands on deck. To move from crafts to interior design, visit Home of Cozy for furniture reviews and get started! Go on and add some simple family fun to your summer.


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