Arm & Hammer Keeps Things Clean Without Harsh Chemicals

In the last 18 months it feels like I have been cleaning, scrubbing, washing and disinfecting more than ever. With so many unknowns and a heightened awareness about viruses wiping things down is an extra step that we can't afford to overlook. BUT, there are so many toxic chemicals in the standard disinfecting wipe. I am leery of things like hair dye and air fresheners because I don't want my kids breathing those chemicals in. Having to touch harsh chemicals seems counterproductive.

This post has been sponsored by Arm & Hammer. All opinions are my own.

Luckily for choosy moms like me, Arm & Hammer has a new line of wipes that are simple, strong and made with natural ingredients like citrus to provide a clean you can trust. 

I love the container these come in because they are huge; you get 80 wipes in one tub. Speaking of the tub! These are ready to use with no searching for the end to pull and get started as the wipes are loaded to be pulled out without a struggle. Also, these handy babies STACK for ease of storage under the sink or in the cleaning supply closet. 

Before trying these I thought all wipes were the same. Arm & Hammer wipes changed my mind on that. They are long lasting, so I can clean effectively without leaving wipes in my wake. They smell pleasant and not like bleach, which I find really appealing! And best of all, they are gentle enough to let the kids use them to keep their stuff clean. These are awesome on iPads, phone screens, door knobs and more. They will certainly be on my list of supplies to gather for when the kids are in a classroom setting.

I would recommend this brand to other parents who are trying to keep their home a sanitary, safe space for their families.


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