Crafts Where the Quality of Your Water Matters

Water is important not only for your health but also in various processes. In its purest form, there are many uses for distilled water. You can improve water quality through systems like Brita reverse osmosis and use it for various applications. For instance, several crafts require you to use high-quality water. This article discusses some of these crafts in detail. 

Making Homemade Perfume

Perfume making is a craft that needs high-quality water. Instead of using a perfume that everyone else is using, you can make a unique one using different ingredients. Listed below are some of the materials you will need for this craft:

  • Distilled water

  • Fragrance oils, essential oils, flavor, and infused oils such as vanilla extracts

  • Glycerin

Other materials you will need include a decorated glass bottle to store the finished product (preferably colored glass), measuring spoons or cup, a glass jar for mixing the fragrance, wrapping paper or aluminum or wrapping paper, especially when using clear glass bottles, a funnel, dropper, pencil, and paper for writing your recipe. 

Advantages of Homemade Perfumes

There are several advantages of homemade perfumes; here are some of them:

  • They do not contain ingredients grown with toxins, pesticides, or chemicals, leading to environmental damage and skin sensitivity. 

  • By using natural and essential oils to make homemade perfume, you create emotional and physical healing properties such as mood-lifting, relaxing, energy-enhancing, and calming. 

  • Compared to perfumes with synthetic properties, homemade perfumes are not tested on animals. The ingredients in mass-manufactured perfumes include musk and phthalates, which can cause harm to animals. 

  • Non-natural fragrances mask the wearer's skin, while homemade ones create a more individual and personal scent. 

Canning Fresh Produce

This is another craft that needs high-quality water. By preserving food, you encourage certain bacteria to crowd out harmful bacteria. Preserving food also means freezing time to prevent it from going bad. Canning is one of the most reliable methods of preserving food. This method relies on distilled water for the best results, and you can buy distilled water online which makes this a lot easier.

The simplest method of canning is water bath canning, where you fill jars with acidic foods such as cucumbers, berries, or tomatoes mixed with vinegar. Cover them in a pan of distilled water until a seal forms under the lid. This process forces air out of the food and then out of the jar, creating a vacuum in the acidic environment. By doing so, the harmful bacteria will not survive. 

Water bath canning can also create several delicious foods such as jellies, jams, pickles, and whole tomatoes. If you have advanced equipment, you can try out pressure canning. Even though this procedure requires specialized equipment and more skills, it can unlock a wide range of flavors and food options. Keep in mind that the success of this process comes down to minor details like the quality of water you are using — always ensure it is distilled! 

Making Cosmetics

Quality water is also needed in making cosmetics. In this craft, water plays a very important role. Given that water can dissolve the highest number of solutes, it can dissolve most ingredients used in making cosmetic products. This makes distilled water an essential ingredient in making cosmetics, from shaving creams to shampoo.

Even in the mass manufacturing of these products, pure water is needed. This is because the presence of unwanted particles like magnesium and sodium can interfere with the precise and delicate production of cosmetic products. Distilled water doesn't contain any impurities, making it perfect for use in the production of cosmetics. Furthermore, since cosmetic products are mostly used on the skin, pure water is the most reliable, as it does not contain any chemical that can cause irritation.

Making Fun-Shaped Ice Cubes

This craft needs water without any impurities. Distilled water can make shiny and clear ice cubes in less time compared to contaminated water. The process of making ice at home is simple. Start by filling your decorative shapes with distilled water. Then, stick it in a freezer and wait for several hours.

Releasing the ice is not complicated either. Take out the ice shapes from the freezer, twisting or spinning slightly to allow the fun shapes to pop out. This will get you perfect fun shapes ready for consumption! It is important to keep in mind that ice in any form should only be made with distilled water. Anything other than that could result in poor-quality ice or impede on the flavor of your preferred beverage.


Several crafts use distilled water. This article has discussed some of them and how distilled water is used. You can try out any of these crafts at home!


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