Age Gracefully and Celebrate Menopause- the Transition to a New Life

 For Western women, mentioning the word "menopause" is associated with fear and dread. Women in this culture are brought up to believe in relishing youth. Menopause, on the other hand, sadly is a part of the ageing process, and menopausal women are labelled 'old' and 'grumpy'. 

But are these stereotypes realistic? Of course, not!

Many women tend to suffer from physical pain, anxiety, and hot flashes as a part of menopause. They're also expected to cope with social and cultural labels. Nevertheless, it's miserable that these immoral beliefs aren't even close to who they are or what they've been experiencing. 

The truth, however, is that menopause is a natural and bodily cycle, which marks an end to the childbearing and mensuration era. It's a start to the new chapter in a woman's life, which owes celebration and enjoyment. 

What is it About Celebrating Menopause?

Did you know that Mayan and Greek cultures look forward to menopause? This fact has undoubtedly come as a surprise to you! 

Women in these regions indeed look forward to this time. And, why not? It relieves them of the responsibilities of giving birth. The women in this culture believe in menopause as a new phase in their life. 

Yes, it's a phase in which they can re-focus on their dreams and aspirations. It's so exciting for them that they wait for a more fulfilling and satisfying sex-life post-menopause. 

Changing Cultural Attitudes- Is that even possible?

Menopause comes with a world of benefits- both mental as well as physical. So, why is it vital to suppress a completely normal womanly condition? Well, here's what requires a transition- a change of thought. But, how would you do that? 

Well, given below can be some starting steps. Let's get going with knowing what these are:

  • Bring About Minor Lifestyle Changes:

There's a taboo about menopause primarily because of the symptoms that come with it. Women tend to experience pain, mood swings, hot flashes, anxiety, among other conditions. And that's when they feel the urge to give up.

However, that's not what it should be? It is always worth bringing about small changes to your living. For instance, you can eat one slice of whole-grain bread and a white toast for breakfast instead of two pieces of white toast. 

Or, you can eat an orange instead of drinking orange juice. Considering natural supplements for menopause also can go a long way in alleviating pain and bringing about a sigh of relief and comfort. Also, add fibre to your diet and explore hands-on a Mediterranean diet. 

Try indulging in more workouts and open your mind by reading more and manage your finances to prepare yourself for the older age. 

All these lifestyle changes help you in thinking with an open bent of mind. By doing so, you'll be able to relish life and open windows of opportunities for promising health and wealth. 

  • Talk Openly about Menopause:

Menopause is part and parcel of every woman's life. By valuing each other's voices and learning from shared experiences, women have the capability of educating and empowering one another. 

The Bottom Line- Cheers to Menopause- the New Beginnings- 

Menopause adds to the challenges of a woman's life. Yes, it's the hormonal fluctuations that significantly cause havoc on your life. 

It is a new life stage, and every woman has a unique experience. For some women, the process can be increasingly physical, while others encounter increased emotions. So, it is always worth doing your homework for undergoing symptom-free menopause. 

After all, it's all about making a difference in this new yet exciting phase of your life. 


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