Advice For Upgrading Your WFH Station In 2022

 The past two years have caused major changes in all parts of our lives, from day-to-day issues like mask wearing and social distancing, to larger changes such as not being able to go on holidays or see all your family. 

But, one of the biggest changes to our lives seems to be one which people seem quite happy to continue with and that is working from home. As more and more people have been working from home, many have discovered that they prefer to work from home rather than commute into an office.

For many workers who are working from home, their work from home set ups isn’t ideal. Due to the short notice behind from work from home, lot’s of workers have impromptu work stations set up in their home. 

So as we’re approaching 2022, lots of people see the perfect opportunity to upgrade their work from home set up, whether changing their home office d├ęcor for a nicer work environment or making practical changes to be more comfortable and productive. So, let’s find out some ways you can upgrade your work from home set up for 2022!

Have A Work Only Room If Possible

First things first, with so many impromptu work from home stations set up in living rooms and kitchens, we have to acknowledge that this isn’t ideal. Spending all day working in an area of your home then having to relax in that same room can have negative effects on your productivity and mental health.

So, if it’s possible, you should look at relocating your work from home station into a room dedicated just for work. While not everyone has this luxury, if you have a guest room or other room going unused you should use that exclusively for your working, allowing you to separate your personal time from working time easier and not face distractions at work.

Buy A Proper Desk & Office Chair

Again, as most of us started working from home we didn’t have much time to prepare which has lead many people to use their dining tables, sofas and beds as an impromptu office space. While this is okay for a few days or weeks of working, none of these spaces are designed for work and can lead you to develop issues with your posture and be more susceptible to RSIs.

So getting a proper desk and office chair should be a priority, your spine will thank you! With a proper ergonomic set up, you won’t be having back pain after spending a day at your PC and when you’re more comfortable at work, you are in turn more happy as you aren’t dealing with the physical impacts of a poor work station.

Get A Smart Speaker Assistant

Smart speakers have been all the rage for the past few years now for personal use at home, but did you also know that they make handy personal assistants for office work too? Smart speaker devices like Google Assistant or Amazon Echo Dot can be used as a great way to streamline your work days.

With a smart speaker you can set up your work calendar or schedule, allowing it to notify you of upcoming meetings or calls; control other devices allowing you to use them without leaving your desk; give you work alerts, notify you of emails and even assist in making calls. Of course with a smart speaker you also get all the usual functionality like being able to play music or the news whilst working.


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