Teeth Grinding Or Clenching: How Can Parents Help Their Children?


Every person, regardless of their age, grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw. The reason could be stress, anxiety, or anger. However, some people also adopt this habit unknowingly while sleeping. 

Medically this condition is known as Bruxism. Although, it does not cause any particular harm to dental health if it happens occasionally. Otherwise, it can possibly lead to oral health complications. 

In addition to this, if it occurs during sleep, it can lead to missing or crooked teeth or an abnormal bite. Furthermore, it can cause sleep apnea. 

That’s why you must prevent your kid from grinding or clenching their teeth. Here’s how! 

What Causes Bruxism In Kids? 

Unlike adults, there could be numerous other reasons kids grind their teeth. 

  • Their teeth aren’t aligned properly. 

  • Immense caused by earache or teething. 

  • Medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, or any medication.

  • Stress and pent-up anger. 

How Can You Diagnose This Condition? 

Generally, children who grind their teeth don’t notice this habit. Many times, parents, siblings, or friends identify the condition by paying attention to the following signs: 

  • Complaining about a sore jaw or face, especially after waking up. 

  • Pain while chewing. 

  • Grinding noise. 

  • Frequent headaches. 

So, if you notice any of these signs, you must hurry and visit the nearby dentist. One of the ways to search for a dentist in your area is by using Google or any other search engine. It will suggest you- dentist near me along with the contact details. The dentist will help check the dental health of your kids. And, if there is any damage, they will offer the necessary treatment to prevent the deterioration. 

Note: Even if you do not observe any of the signs, it is essential to visit the dentist regularly to ensure the good oral health of your children. 

What Is The Treatment Of Bruxism? 

If the condition is causing jaw pain or damaging the teeth, dentists might recommend using a special night guard. These are similar to mouthpieces used by athletes to protect their teeth. It might take some time to get used to the night guard, but it will surely help a lot. 

Not to mention, it will also align their teeth, overbite or underbite. Thus it helps in reducing jaw, ear as well as neck pain.  

In addition to this, it is also suggested to avoid food and drinks containing caffeine. If your kid also has the habit of chewing on pencils or pens, you must warn them. 

How Can Parents Help? 

Apart from what the dentist suggests, you need to ensure that your child is stress-free and happy. In simple terms, help your kids relax before bedtime. Ask what’s been bothering or upsetting your kid and try to resolve it. Likewise, try to ease any possible fear of your child. 

If these measures don't seem to be working, you must consult your doctor. They can help find out the root cause of stress or anxiety. Thus, you can create a plan to overcome the issues. 

Final Words, 

If not paid attention to time, a mere grinding can cause severe dental and other issues.

So, you must visit this respected dentist in denison regularly and learn about the child's lifestyle


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