How To Do More With Your Time

 The new year is well on its way and we have the hardest month behind us. Some people find that they are much more productive once they get January out of the way. So, one of the things that people often add their list of things to tackle, is being more organized and making the most of their time. It can be more challenging than you think to fit all you want into a day and feel productive. 

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Even though we all have the same 24 hours, some people seem to be more effective at handling their time and getting things done. Even the busiest and unorganized person may use these strategies to make better use of their time. 

Create Lists

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you don't know what you have to do during the day. Budgeting money begins with spending; budgeting time begins with tasks. Note it. Once done, mark it off. The hardest aspect of developing a list is determining what to do first. Prioritize your list's items based on importance and urgency. Then there's that major chore you've been dreading. Achieving it will boost your confidence. But there's no one right way. (Some people like to start the day with minor tasks to establish a habit.)

Keep doing what works for you.

Sleep Enough

It may seem contradictory to sleep less and so gain more time. But it is. Studies suggest that those who get enough sleep are much more productive and focused. Instead of blaming your lack of caffeine, you should look into your sleep deprivation.


We all know the many advantages of a healthy diet. Our bodies run on food. If you're tired, think about what you're running on. Are you eating right? Are those items cooked properly?

Some individuals skip breakfast to get to work, while others cut lunch short to get more done. This is wrong. If you eat a good meal every day and limit your snacks to healthy selections, you will have the energy to go through even the most demanding day.


Your body may be telling you it is tired of being still. Our bodies were not made to sit all day. We need to move, even if only briefly. A walk provides both activity and quiet time for your brain. Your mind is a wonderful thing. Then return to your desk, fresh and ready to tackle anything

Be Aware Of Your Distractions 

Say no to your time's enemies. We all have meetings or administrative duties we'd rather avoid. No, not those monsters. Trying to control all of that can quickly turn bitter. No, I mean micro-distractions like continuously checking your phone or reacting to non-essential emails. In these cases, you may want to disable your phone's notifications. Maybe it isn't technology. Maybe the noise distracts you. In that instance, headphones and music may help.

No Multitasking

Many people claim multitasking prowess. Nope. Sorry. Humans are, in fact, quite bad at it, according to research. Multitasking reduces productivity and may even cause brain damage.  To boost productivity, focus on one activity at a time.

Develop Present-Day Rituals

Everyone knows that. Which is both a good and bad thing. Bad habits can infiltrate just as easily as good. Thanks to the correct stimuli, we can essentially rewrite ourselves. Perhaps you have an aromatherapy candle or spray that you can use around your desk before you start work, or you put on your women's watch (or men's watch every morning. So these before you  “zone in” for long work. Do this many times and your brain will learn to focus.

Find Your Passion

It's good to avoid distractions. But it's best to say yes to your passions. Work, work, work will wear you out. You need to make time for what recharges you.

To truly profit from these activities, you must consciously indulge and enjoy them. Mindlessly binge-watching Netflix won't cut it until you make an effort to get some popcorn, dim the lights, and find your favourite location. These minor alterations might establish the mood for fully immersing in one show. So I prefer reading to watching TV since it gives me more energy. Instead of zoning out, I relax. (Two things, in fact.)

Look Ahead

Every day ends with your plans for tomorrow. Few activities are more irritating than returning to a shambles and having no idea what to do. Instead, use Post-Its or notepads. Leave the remainder for yourself when you return.

These tips should help you to make the most of your time and feel productive. Do you know any other tips that should be included? Please share them in the comments below. 


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