Smart & Budget-Friendly Ideas For A Hen-Do Or Milestone Bday


Why do kid's parties always sound so much more fun than adult's? It's not necessarily a case of losing your inner child in the process of adulthood. More often than not, adult parties lack a certain je-ne sais-quoi. We forget the things that used to be exciting and enjoyable. 

So it's time to bring back some much-needed fun into your events, whether you are planning a hen-do or a milestone birthday party. You could go for something unusual, like an escape room party. Yet, there are 3 things you want to keep in mind:

  • Keep it budget-friendly

  • Keep it safe and not too unhealthy

  • Keep it light-spirited

Here are some ideas to elevate your grown-up celebrations. 

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Don't let the cake go to waste

Do you remember attending kid's birthday parties and heading back home with a slice of cake carefully packed by your friend's mother? Nowadays, most parties lead to a high amount of waste. Understandably, most participants are far too busy catching up and chatting to eat cake. So what happens to the delicious treats prepared or bought specifically for the occasion? They tend to finish in the bin! 

So, let's make party cakes exciting again by preparing some safe takeaway boxes for your guests. You can even order stickers to personalize the box, such as a cute thank you note or a simple message about the party. That way, your guests can safely bring back the slice of cake they couldn't eat. They're guaranteed to get up with a big smile on their faces the next day! 

Plan low-key boozy treats

Upset stomach? Headache? Not being able to remember what happened the night before? We've all been to a wild party in our youth where the flows of alcohol took away both our sanity and memories... The problem is that some people just never know when to stop. So, why not replace the typical bottles of alcohol with homemade boozy popsicles, which are fun and less likely to lead to a hungover the next day? There's something hugely playful and exciting about popsicles, so your guests are probably going to consume less alcohol without sacrificing any of the fun! 

Another exciting way to reduce alcohol consumption is to bring delicious mocktails to the table. Flavorsome drinks do not need any alcohol, and they'll still feel grown-up. 

Get the conversation started with props

How many photos do people take at parties? The number decreases as the average attendance age increases. In other words, the older you get, the less likely you are to capture memorable moments at a party. You may have a handful of selfies but very few mementos of who was there. So, why not create group activities that can help people relax and get to know each other while taking photos? You could prepare a box filled with fun props such as oversized glasses or wigs and let y our guests take humorous pictures. Alternatively, if you want to help them break the ice, why not add some challenges, such as asking guests to recreate a famous scene of their favorite movies using props, for example? 

Can adults have fun at parties again without breaking the bank? Contrary to common belief, you can have a fantastic time filled with excitement at and after a party with simple planning tips. 


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