Why Curves May Be the Hottest Interior Design Trend of 2023

 We’re looking at some of the best ideas for where you can add some curves and add some character to your home. Read on.

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Why curves? Well, the brilliance of curves is that they can be sleek and round. Like a literal curveball in your home, it gives any room it's in a little surprise. And much like the term “bubbly” in a person, curves imply character. They’re an easy way to show that you go with the flow and like to break the rules. Plus, there is something warm and cozy about curves. In the time of an energy crisis, every little helps to make a room feel warmer than it is. So, really, the question should be, why not curves? And we have no answer to that.

And there are lots of ways to implement curves into your home design. We’re looking at some of the best ideas for where you can add some curves and add some character to your home.


Tables are perhaps the best way to add curves to your home. Stylish and toddler-proof! What’s not to love?

That’s right: modern coffee and dining table sets are all coming with curved corners for some fun; modern designs that add a bit of flavor to your home. The simplest of these merely round off the corners of standard tables, but where’s the fun in that? A lot of groovy coffee tables are emerging that come in squiggles, clouds, and of course, the timeless oval. They all give a little something more to the very standard and common straight-sided tables.


There is a trend taking off right now for arches in the home. They are appearing over pantries; they are appearing over doorways; they are re-appearing in wardrobes; and plenty of other options popping up all over the home. For some arched wardrobe options, take a look at this collection of Price Busters bedroom sets.

And the best part is that they are easy to add to your own home. If you’re someone who is handy with a saw, it takes just a little bit of plastering to get an arch over your doorway. If swathes of influencers can do it, you can too!

Color blocking

Speaking of doing it yourself, another trend that is easy to implement when it comes to curves is simple color blocking. People of all styles are adding curves with just a lick of paint. Some of them are small enough to make use of a tester pot of paint. Color blocking is, as the name implies, decorative blocks of paint around the home. Sometimes they add an accent to the wall, a funky design to the wall, a frame around a mirror or piece of art, and many other color blocking ideas.


And of course, sofas and chairs are getting into this trend of curves. The cloud sofa started it, but the bubble sofa has truly perfected it. As you can guess from the name, the bubble sofa looks more like a bubble bath than a couch, with perfectly formed spheres making up the cushions for a fluffy couch that you can just sink into.


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