Healthier Easter Treats

Spring has sprung, Easter bells are ringing, and the urge to indulge in treats is undeniably strong! But this year, ditch the sugar crash and say hello to healthy Easter delights that satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your well-being.

Forget the guilt of hollow bunnies and pastel-colored overload. This collection of healthy Easter treats is all about celebrating with vibrant flavors, guilt-free indulgence, and a touch of creativity.

Whether you're hosting a festive brunch, crafting adorable snacks for the little ones, or simply craving a nibble with your morning coffee, we've got you covered. Dive into our collection of recipes and discover a whole new world of Easter treats that are kind to your body and soul. Let's hop on the path to healthier (and infinitely tastier) Easter celebrations!

So grab your apron, gather your fresh ingredients, and get ready to whip up some treats that are as good for you as they are for your taste buds. Happy and healthy Easter baking! 

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Gluten Free Carrot Cake Sugar Cookies by Strength and Sunshine

This sugar cookie recipe is allergy friendly and made with healthier ingredients to make a perfect Easter snack to share.

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates by Jam Jar Kitchen

Give your guests a well rounded easter snack that has the perfect ratio of meat to stuffed dates. These are elegant but so easy.

Gluten Free Cheese Straws by Kit’s Kitchen

This gluten free cheese straw recipe makes for the ultimate spring snack. These are so good that you might want to double the batch so everyone can grab another!

Banana Carrot Muffins by Garlic Salt and Lime

This muffin recipe is perfect for a healthy Easter snack. Not even the infamous bunny will be able to resist grabbing one of these!

Funfetti Protein Bites by Best Served Vegan

This recipe is sweet, tasty and packed with protein! If you love funfetti cake, then this recipe is going to be a favorite easy snack idea.

Bunny Rolls by Amanda’s Cookin’

Skip the sweet candies and cakes and opt for a simple yet so cute bread with these bunny style rolls. I imagine you aren’t going to be able to resist these!

Eggless Carrot Cake by Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream

This carrot cake has no eggs in it, and is so tasty. You can consider this cake to be health food considering it has carrots, nuts and applesauce in it.

Grapefruit Bars by A Paige of Positivity

These bars are bright, fruity and so tasty. Adding grapefruit to baked goods is such a tasty idea for an Easter snack to share.

Easter Fruit Tray by Recipes from a Pantry

Offer fresh fruits on Easter Sunday for a healthier spread that doesn’t lack sweetness! This fruit tray will appeal to everyone!

Easter Snack Mix by Cincyshopper

This snack mix has candy in it sure, but the cereal has so many vitamins and minerals, and fiber, that this makes for a healthier offering!

Carrot Cake Bunny Tails by xoxo Bella

These bunny tails are perfectly portioned for a light snack. With nuts, carrots and coconut to help fill you up, you can enjoy this easter snack without the guilt.

Homemade Banana Pudding by Maplewood Road

This simple snack is perfect for after Easter dinner. It is fruity, creamy and the entire family will love digging into this goodie!

Hummingbird Muffins by A Grateful Meal

These hummingbird muffins make for such a tasty snack option. Pop these in a lunchbox, or grab one after work for a sweet pick me up that tastes like a spring dream.

Cottage Cheese Cheesecake by Hurry the Food Up

This cheesecake is unique and so much healthier! I know you are going to love the way this turns out for a spring snack.


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