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Ladybug Craft

Paper, glue and a few fun craft eyes come together to create a cute ladybug craft your older kids will LOVE to make!

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I made these with Rolf, who is 8. We quickly discovered that a hot glue gun is a necessity for creating these!  

Otherwise, the supplies are quite common, making these perfect for a quick afternoon craft, or a way to make something worth bugging out over on a day that is maybe rainy, or too hot to get out and play! 


  • Cut a circle in the size of your choice from the red paper.  With the leftover paper, cut 4 strips that are about 1" longer than the circle you just made. This will be your body.
  • Fold all of the ends of red strips over, then begin gluing them on the red circle. Glue the "tabs" you just created by folding ends. As you can see, I started with one strip going across the circle, then I continued until the strips had formed a shell.
  • Cut an oval-ish shape from the black paper, glue this under the shell you just made to form the head.
  • Add 2 craft eyes to the head.
  • With a marker, carefully add black dots.
  • Allow to dry, and you have a fun 3D Ladybug!

3d Paper Ladybug

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