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Planning a Road Trip With Your Newborn? Here's What to Carry For Sure!

New parents may have a heap of responsibilities on their shoulders, but that does not mean they can't enjoy their lives. Being blessed with a newborn often restricts the lives of new parents. But that's when you do not step ahead with a plan. 

Out of all the restrictions, one is not to travel for a few months or maybe years. Do you still live with that stereotype? Well, that's not an ideal way of enjoying your parenthood. Rather than restricting your lifestyle and adventurous plans, consider preparing for such moments and continue living the way you want. 

Travel with newborns - 

Don't see it as a challenge, instead plan for it accordingly. All you need is to equip yourself with everything your newborn needs, and you are all set to experience a perfect family road trip. Let's sail through some of the necessary things you need to keep -

#1 - Diapers - Go for quality absorbent and affordable ones as you will require them in a huge amount. Here, a rule of thumb is to keep a diaper for every hour. But at the same time, you can't judge your baby's cycle; thus, keep a few extras too. Ensure you safeguard your baby's skin with some eco-friendly material made of diapers. 

#2 - Cotton blankets - No matter if it's snowfall or the scorching sun is tanning your skin, your baby will require being draped in a muslin swaddle blanket always, especially during the nights. Keep a stock of blanket bags as you will need them for multiple purposes. For example - blankets can be used as a burp cloth, changing pad, shopping cart cover, sun cover, nursing cover, for bedding purposes, and much more. 

#3 - Car seat - It's obvious your baby can't sit on the normal car seats as you do. Thus you should look for a baby car seat. You can get a quality infant car seat online at reasonable prices. Ensure to check the online reviews of such products before purchasing the same. An ideal car seat is the one that has works as a car seat cum stroller and comes with a fully integrated travel system for your and your baby's convenience. Besides checking a few other product features like removable and washable textiles, made with baby-safe material or not, it has an adjustable handlebar, rear-facing, manufacturing warranty, and much more. 

#4 - Rash cream - Babies are likely to catch a skin infection or irritation due to a sudden change in the climate. This requires keeping a rash or quality skin cream to protect the little life from disease and skin-related issues. Here, ensure to consult a practitioner before applying a product to the baby's fragile skin. Different products are likely to have other impacts on the baby's skin. 

The final line -

Unarguably, traveling with a newborn is a daunting task. You need to be ready with everything your baby will require throughout the tour. From comforting the new life to giving timely feeds, there are many hurdles. But guess what, a little bit of preparation and planning can help you sail through it. 

Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

Shopping for baby can be a challenge. What do babies really need besides diapers and their parents? Well, let me take the guess work out of what to buy for a sweet baby this holiday season. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for babies and toddlers this Christmas.

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Baby Magic has been a must have for mothers and babies for decades. Keep the tradition going for the most delicate skin this holiday season. Available in several delightful scents and always gentle for baby. Find it online or at retailers nationwide.

Rash happens, so this winter why not give baby the gift of comfort and protection with Boudreaux's Butt Paste? This is an effective tool to have at anyone's disposal to keep baby really comfy. Find it online or in stores nationwide.

MAM teething rings are loved by both parents and babies for good reason. They are effective. Every baby teethes and these are helpful. These teethers are afordable too making them an all around good choice for baby this holiday season. Add one to a stocking, or grab a few for an excellent gift that will be used! Get them from amazon or nationwide retailers for under $10.

Give baby the gift of comfortable transport with the Moby Sling Ring. Offering both hip and front carry options this woven cotton wrap carrier is going to make going here, there, or just being worn at home will be super comfy for little ones as they grow. I love that this one is under $50 and can be used up to 33 pounds. Get it online or in select stores.

Diaper changes are a fact of life for any parent of a baby, and they will be for quite sometime now. Add a stylish Petunia Pickle bottom Diaper Clutch Changer to make a quick change anywhere more comfortable for baby. This folds up nicely to fit in a diaper bag, or just be carried like a clutch bag. Retailing at about $30, this is a must have for mom and baby.

Let toddlers leap into learning with this awesome interactive building kit by Leapfrog. The Leap Builders kit has building blocks, learning blocks, friendly faces and can make 170+ sounds and phrases to help build connections via play for little learners. Find this and an assortment of other Leapfrog toys that encourage a love of learning at retailers nationwide or from amazon.

Introduce curious little ones to computers with the help of everyone's go to green dog, Scout. My Peek A Boo Lap Pup by Leapfrog is a fun way to work on shapes, colors, numbers and rhymes for infants and toddlers. Get it for about $15 and gift early learning through play this holiday season. Find it online, at nationwide retailers or from Amazon.

The Swaddle Sack by Swaddle Designs is a great gift for baby and parents. It will help baby sleep and feel secure, and it is comfortable and cute too. Find several styles online starting around $28.

Tactile teething rings by Moluk make for a fun experience for little ones. They can chew on them, touch them, toss them and so much more all while building tactile skills and finding some relief from teething pains. Find them from Play Monster toys for about $15.

Add a touch of Mickey flair to the stroller and keep the diaper bag handy and secure with this adorable Mickey Mouse Stroller Hook from Petunia Pickle Bottom. It retails at $15 and is a fantastic accessory for the family who loves Disney and walks with the stroller.

Keep baby cozy and wrapped in love with this Bible Verse Quilt. It is available in both pink and blue and has been a big hit with grandparents as a gift for several years.  The quilts are well made and are really cute. Get one from amazon  for about $46.

Little Mix Ins is a good way to add nutrition to a stocking for a little one. This adds egg and nut products to babies diet early to help prevent them. Learn more and purchase at Little Mixins website.

Give little ones a way to make tummy time loads of fun with this Tiny Love Black and White Gymini. This activity mat includes a developmental book as well as plenty of toys to engage developing minds and senses. Get it online or from a variety of retailers like Target, Walmart or Bed, Bath and Beyond for under $50

 Keep pacifiers, teething toys, bottles and more squeaky clean with this super handy all in one uv sanitizer and dryer. It is easy to use, is compact and keeps your little ones items sanitary with the touch of a button. Get it online at the CoralUV website, or from Amazon for about $170.

Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes are a perfect way to give your baby a fashion statement that can change as many times as you want. I love these for all of those first year photos. Get them online from Baby Says for under $40. They have a ton of colors and assorted styles available.

Looking for more gifting inspiration?

Baby on a Budget: 10 Tricks to Save Money with a Newborn

Having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive – whilst there are certain costs that are necessary, it’s possible to still give your baby everything it needs on a modest budget. Here are a few tricks for saving money on a newborn baby.

Know the things you need – and the things you don’t need

There are a lot of baby products that are essential, and a lot of baby products that are a waste of time and money. For example, you don’t really need a changing mat and you certainly don’t need a changing station. You can bath your infant without a baby bath, and you can keep bottles clean without a steriliser. And whilst most parents will endeavour with baby shoes since they look cute, your baby isn’t really going to need them until they start walking. Other useless items include wipe warmers, baby cologne, baby hairbrushes and pacifier wipes.

Save your money for the things that matter such as diapers, bottles, wipes, clothes, a cot and car seat. It’s worth noting that there are some bits of baby kit that are useful, but never get bought. A travel cot for example is useful for staying round other people’s homes, whilst a baby sling can be useful for tackling pram-unfriendly terrain or simply doing housework whilst keeping your baby close.

Shop second-hand

Buying second hand is always a lot cheaper than buying brand new. A lot of mothers will be selling prams and cots and other baby items online for cheap. You’re best off buying locally using platforms such as Facebook and Gumtree – this allows you to pick up the item in person and get a good idea of its condition before buying it. Sites like eBay can have great deals, but you’ll have to put your trust in a picture because there’s no way of seeing the product in person first.

Some baby items being sold second-hand may even be unused. This is often the case with baby clothes – new parents often end up getting lots of newborn clothes, but some babies can grow out of this size in the first week (others are born so large that they never get to wear any of these clothes). This can be a great way of saving money on clothes.

Accept hand-me-downs

Parents or older siblings may have hung onto items that could be of use. They may even be willing to give you these items for free. Don’t reject these hand-me-downs if you think they could come in use. Of course, you do need to be careful with really old products – an old car seat may not even be legal under today’s health and safety laws. Don’t forget to also turn to friends who may have had babies as they too many have items that they can give you.

Throw a baby shower
Baby showers are excellent opportunities to receive baby-related gifts. You’re certain to get a few impractical gifts, however there’ll be a few useful gifts such as blankets, bibs and diapers. If your friends are unsure as to what to buy you for your baby shower, don’t be afraid to request certain gifts that you need. Your friends would much rather buy something that you need than splash out on something unnecessary. You could even get people to all give you money or you could get them all to chip in and buy something big that you need such as a pram or a car seat.

Consider convertible products

Some items are convertible allowing them to be used for different ages and helping you to get more use out of them. For instance, there are cot beds with different height settings, some of which can eventually be converted into a small bed – this could allow these cots to grow with your baby rather than having to buy separate sized cots as they get older. You can also buy convertible prams that start off as regular prams and can later be converted into strollers. Try to look for products that come with all the extras so that you’re not having to buy these accessories separately. For example, many prams comes with a waterproof cover to protect your baby in the rain, whilst some even come with a cupholder. You’ll pay more for the well-known brands – if you’re willing to be less brand conscious, you could find yourself a convertible pram or cot that’s just as good quality at a much cheaper price.


Whilst breastfeeding may not be for everybody, there’s no denying that it’s the cheaper option. Those that go down the formula-fed route will soon realise how much it adds up, even if you are opting for the powder over the premade formula – you could be spending up to $20 a week. Of course, there are pieces of extra kit that you may want to buy when breastfeeding such as breast pumps and nursing pillows, but even with these purchases you’re still likely to save money compared to feeding your baby on formula. You’re best off attending breastfeeding classes before your due date to give you a good idea of whether breastfeeding is for you.

Make your own baby food

When your infant eventually moves onto solid food, you could save money by making your own baby food. If you’ve got a blender, it’s possible to make your own purees using vegetables such as carrots, peas and butternut squash. You can also easily mash up bananas and serve these as a sweet treat. You’ll find many recipes online for DIY baby foods using basic ingredients at your local shop. These foods are likely to be just as healthy and a lot cheaper to make than buying baby food brands.

Buy stuff in bulk

You can also save money on many baby supplies by buying them in bulk. This includes formula milk, wipes and diapers. Your local supermarket may only offer small packs of these items, so you may have to go online or visit a wholesaler to find the larger bulk packs. Be wary of buying too much of certain products – you don’t want to buy too many of one size diaper only for your infant to grow out of that size the next week.

Make use of coupons

You can get also get huge discounts on baby stuff by using coupons. There are many coupon sites where you can find free voucher codes. Alternatively, you could try signing up to baby brand mailing lists – these companies may send you discounts via email. Coupons often have an expiry date, so make sure you use them before it’s too late.

Convince a friend/family member to babysit

There will be times when you need someone to look after your little one. Rather than forking out money on a babysitter, consider asking a friend or family member. In most cases, friends or family members will be willing to look after your baby for free. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for someone to babysit on a regular basis whilst you are at work, you could consider using a mix of friends and family and occasionally hiring a babysitter to fill when this isn’t possible. Even if a friend or family member wants payment for this service, you shouldn’t have to charge as much as you would for a full-time babysitter.

10 Baby Items You Won't Need

When I found out I was pregnant with my son Roo I was ecstatic. One of the things I was interested in was the birth process! You can learn more about the hypnobirthing technique like I did. I did a lot of shopping for baby gear before my baby shower and I ended up with a ton of baby items I absolutely didn't need, and I used many of them once if ever. When I found out I was expecting again I had a good idea of what things I would not need. I am going to share a list of baby items you really don't need to help you save money when you are shopping for a baby shower or your own little bundle of joy.

A baby wipe warmer- I received a baby wipe warmer as a shower gift. I thought what a cool idea and couldn't wait to set it up I envisioned my son being blissful when a perfectly warm wipe touched his skin...Then he arrived and I found I was never changing a diaper in the same place. I became a master of changing diapers in any location. The pads in the warmer dried out super fast and it mostly sat around using electricity. Save your money on this item, it is really not needed.

Baby Blankets- I saw so many cute blankets that I couldn't resist buying about a dozen for Roo. Then I had a baby shower and received 9 handmade blankets and 10 adorable mass produced blankets. We had so many baby blankets that I ended up giving 5 away right off the bat. We had so many blankets in the end that my son only used a few of them once or twice. We didn't need to buy any blankets for Harper as we had so many and friends and family have offered her handmade blankets also. Save your money, don't buy any blankets until after your baby shower. Really you need no more than 6 blankets in my opinion.

Toys that are aimed at newborns- Let's face it, we can't resist buying some of this baby stuff because it is cute! Toys are no exception. With Roo he had so many toys at birth that it was crazy. People that aren't familiar with babies will buy them toys at birth (or so it seems) then act very disappointed when baby isn't playing with them right away. If you need to buy toys stick with teethers, rattles and similar items. You are better off to buy toys for future play. Think the 3-6 month age range.

Clothes from the previous season- I have a well meaning relative that works retail. She buys up all of the kids clothes she can for my family at prices as low as $1 per piece. This always makes me feel bad! She might bring 20 items to us from the previous season. My infant daughter cannot wear a 3-6 month tank top and short set when it is January. Before she could wear it she will have outgrown it and that is a waste of money from the well meaning loved one. If you are going to buy off season clothes, think how big will the child be when it is spring? And buy a bigger size than what the child is currently wearing.

Infant towels- these are cute, who can resist tiny little towels?! But really they are so thin and flimsy they are not super effective for drying a baby. You can use your bath towels on baby, it will be okay!

Tummy Time Mats- These are cute and look fun too, but you can save at least $30 by not getting one. Put one of the lovely baby blankets you have to use. Offer baby a few of those toys you couldn't resist or were given as a gift. A rattle, a large inflatable ball  or a child safe mirror will do the trick of engaging the child while he or she is getting tummy time.

Pacifier Wipes- You think you are going to use these. You have good intentions. Then you realize how busy you are, you forget about them. These are a novel idea but in my opinion, they are not worth the money. 

Diaper Genie- I am sorry the idea of a huge container of soiled diapers just grosses me out. Plus, this is just silly! Just throw the diapers away with your garbage and save your money. The refills on these are too expensive anyhow.

Baby Powder- this smells nice, don't get me wrong, but my pediatrician told me not to use it, it is like rubbing sandpaper on delicate skin and can cause breathing problems if inhaled. He said frequent changes and use of diaper ointment when needed are better options for baby.

Baby Shoes- my daughter is 6 weeks old. She has 8 pairs of shoes for the 0-3 month size. She has at least 3 pairs of each size of shoe until she is about 18 months old... don't get caught up in this style game! One pair, maybe 2 if you can't resist of each size is more than enough. Shoes are really unneeded considering baby cannot walk.

I hope this list helps you save money on items for baby. I would love to hear from you, what items did you have that you found to be completely unnecessary?

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