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My New Favorite Wipes: Bloom Baby

If there is one thing in regards to parenting that I am practically an expert on, it is diapering! I have wiped a baby's bottom thousands of times now. Early in the morning, in the middle of the night, in weird places like the trunk of my car and just about in every situation one can imagine.

I thought I had used every brand of wipes under the sun, but recently I had the chance to try out Bloom Baby Wipes, which was a new to me brand.

We usually use a name brand Giant. I had no complaints because they stacked up well against the other options I always saw in stores.

Then Bloom baby enters the picture. I admit, I am usually skeptical of... well, everything. I am a creature of habit on some things. I buy what works best for my family on our budget. I don't bend to save money, I don't compromise at the pressure of advertising and media influence.

So, when a box of Bloom arrived for my family to test out. I thought, well... I can always use them for hands and faces.

See, creature of habit. I had decided before using them that they were not going to be the same as my standard option in wipes. But, I am fair. I had every intention of trying them. I also had no intention of changing the brand on my shopping list.

Upon opening the package, I thought the wipes looked thin. They were fragrance free. Immediately I noticed how much bigger these wipes are than my standard brand. I also nodded in approval at the generous size package. I usually get 56 wipes per pack... 80 wipes is quite a few more diaper changes and general wipe downs per pack.

When the time came to change Harp's booty, I grabbed the Bloom wipes. To my pleasant surprise, these wipes cleaned BETTER than what I use! I used fewer wipes. 

The true test of if a baby product can get my thumbs up is how it is on Harps skin. I have to be careful of what diapering, wiping and bathing products I use with her as she is prone to get a rash upon any change in routines. 

Bloom Baby Jumbo Wipes were gentle on Harp's skin. They cleaned all of the messes that come with kids like a dream with fewer wipes than the national brand that I formerly used. I was so happy with Bloom Baby Wipes after using one case of them that I made a trip into Sam's in a neighboring city to pick up another case. Now, that tells you this is a good product if I am willing to go out of town to buy it when I need it!

Any parent or caregiver will want to learn more about Bloom. They are safe for baby and made with 99% natural ingredients, they clean exceptionally well. We are definitely going to keep using Bloom, long after the diapering years.