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How Gamification has Changed Education for the Better


Taking elements from games can be a fantastic way to encourage learning. Kids love playing games, and we often see intense motivation when they do so. Daniel Bennet, an expert in gamification, talks about the benefits of including gamification in education and how it can help learning occur.

Gamification isn't just for kids. As an adult, you can play Canadian online casino real money games, fun modes, or various online games to encourage learning.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of applying elements that you would typically find in a game. These elements can include things like competing with others, keeping scores, or following specific rules. You can solve problems by using certain aspects that you would usually find in a game.

Because the two concepts are similar, people often confuse learning through playing games and gamification.

Gamification in Learning

It's a well-known fact that kids and adults alike learn better when there’s play involved. This is where gamification comes in. Gamification can drive students' engagement in their learning experience, with elements that they are familiar with from the games they play. Studies show that students are more motivated to learn when learning is gamified.

By incorporating elements of video or online games, you can improve learning motivation and allow the skills to be concreted, by using things such as levels, points systems, and bonuses.

Gaming Motivation

While most kids play games, they don't all do it for the same reasons. There are three types of gamers, with some playing for in-game rewards, others play to finish the game, and a third type enjoys the virtual team experience. When gamifying education, you want to cater to all types of players.

Using Technology

Technology is something that keeps changing and improving. It's already been implemented and used successfully in many classrooms. Tablets, touch tables, and interactive displays can help you to use gamification in education.

An example of how gamification helps in learning techniques is when an educator gives a lesson through an interactive display and then follows it up with a quiz to get a score. Providing a follow-up quiz like this allows learner interaction with the teaching and obtaining a score; the learner can be more motivated to learn.

How Can Gamification Benefit Learning?

There are plenty of examples of gamification successfully implemented in educational institutions. This points to various benefits of gamification in education. Some institutions use badges in a tier-based system, allowing them to gain rewards as they engage in learning. Some institutions have also stopped using grades and implemented what they call 'experience points.'  

Benefits of gamification in education:

Makes the learning experience interactive and fun

Can create a learning addiction

Allows insight to real-world applications

Provides feedback on learning in real-time

Enhancing the learning experience

Engaging with content more

Motivated through competition

Efficient and fun learning

Cooperation between learners and learning

Gamification allows a creative learning process to take place. With instant feedback and rewards. The most significant benefit, however, is that it increases engagement in the learning content.


There’s no doubt that the benefits of gamification in education are endless. Using this method and combining it with existing technology, you can get the most out of the learners you are teaching.

By allowing learners to get immediate feedback, rewards, and having fun and using their imagination and engaging in the content, they can become addicted to learning. Instead of learning only for tests and examinations, learning now becomes solidified, and they’ll remember the skills and content for the rest of their lives.

Fun With the Kids: The Rennaissance Teddy Bear concert Series

My family is always looking for something fun to do with the kids! Lucky for us, we live in Ohio! There are so many things to do in this state! From parks and museums; to the Lake {We have some major #LakeErieLove in this family!}; to the events that are ideal for families!

Next weekend on April 3rd we will be heading to the Renaissance in historic downtown Mansfield to see a really adorable performance with Roo and Harper! They are so excited about the Teddy Bear Concert: The Emperors New Clothes. Let me tell you a little more about this performance and why you are going to want to head into Mansfield for the event!

This show is a part of the Mechanics Bank Education Series. It is the perfect way to introduce your kids to theater and live performances. This performance will feature a woodwind trio playing popular and classical selections along with an interactive puppet retelling of the Emperor's New Clothes with actors Maddie Beer and Colton Penwell. My kids are incredibly excited! 

The show begins at 2:30 pm on Sunday, April 3rd. Of course, doors open an hour before the start of the show. If you are worried about price, don't be! This show is incredibly affordable! Tickets start at $10. 

Have you ever taken your kids to a play? How did it go? We have taken Rolf to a few when he was a toddler. He did really well with sitting and watching! Harper has not been to the theater yet, but I anticipate that she is going to love the Teddy Bear Concert! 

A Car Show With the Kids

My little boy likes Super Heroes, trains, dinosaurs, sports and of course CARS! Anything with wheels is a hit with Roo!

While we were strolling around at a little community event in Galion, Ohio my son was delighted to see a car show! He strolled among hot rods, classics and styles we had never heard of!

Holy Smokes! It is the Bat Mobile!

                                                     My guys went into a trance ...

                                        Even I had to admit this was quite a sight of a car.

                                     These are the kinds of cars that little boys dream of.

Imagine the delight of both of my kids when we found the Mystery Machine! We are just starting our interest in Scooby Doo so this was.... Ah-Mazing!

Then we ran into a really great Micro-Bus. My husband was wide eyed and tye dye dreaming for a few minutes over this one.

I loved that seeing this in our little town. It was like a mobile part of history that we got to show our kids. They are little, but someday I will show them these pictures and maybe trigger their memories of this day when they want to learn about the 60's!

Isn't it amazing how out of the blue you can find things like this in the smallest towns? While I am not a "car person" I love sharing in experiences that my kids are interested in and experiencing the magic and joy of it through their eyes.

When was the last time you took your kids to something like a car show? Did they enjoy the experience of seeing so many cool cars?