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Summer Hair Care Favorites

Summer is the perfect time to try something new for your hair and I have been trying out all of the best in hair care products and can't wait to tell you about a few of my favorites!

5 years ago if you had asked my about my hair, the only word to describe it would have been FRIZZY. I had a big, frizzy mess of hair. I didn't know what to do with it, and I didn't even try. I just bought whatever was on sale and went with it. When I was a kid, I remember getting excited about apple or strawberry scented suave shampoo. If my mom bought it instead of V05, it was something to talk about.

These days, I have learned to look for better ingredients to get better results. Here are a few of my summer hair care favorites.

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Clarifying shampoo is a must have, and it goes with hydrating conditioner like a dream. Get the combo from Number 4 Hair and treat your locks to deep cleaning and deep conditioning! Prices start around $32 and you are going to love the bottles! 

My hair has a little curl to it, and a little wave. When I want to play up on that, I like to use Orange Marmalade by Ecoslay. For $10 a bottle you can get a curl definer that has a ton of holding power and a wonderful fragrance to it too. Refrigerate this for best results as the ingredients are natural!

Having dry shampoo on hand is a must have anytime of year. CoLab makes a variety of award winning dry shampoo products to suit all hair types and deliver amazing results.  The original is awesome for anytime of day, and you will love that there is no white residue with this dry shampoo! Check out the collection and locate a store near you on the CoLab website.

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