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Memorial Day Coloring Page

Memorial Day is near, so I have a super cute and easy coloring page to share with you for your little ones. Print off a few and color them to decorate your windows or fridge. These are perfect for adding a little Americana flair to your space, in an easy to decorate manner for the smallest hands.

Since the corona virus pandemic has been keeping us away from our friends and neighbors, we have been finding creative ways to connect and say hi to the people around us. We write greetings on the street in front of our friends homes, telling them we miss them. We have video chats and make time to gather online for games and school. We put teddy bears in our windows in March. 

Now that the weather is getting even warmer, more people are out for walks, so adding some colorful flags to the windows seemed like a great way to pass a few minutes of time, while giving the dog walkers and scavenger hunters in the area something to admire.

Print as many as you like. Feel free to pin this image to your coloring page board, and hopefully in the years to come we can share them at school and with our friends. 

Encourage your kids to decorate the flags in red, white and blue for Memorial Day, or in any pattern they like. I would love it if you take a pic of your finished project and share it on my facebook page.