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Capturing Moments with Portrait Innovations

This conversation has been sponsored, but the opinons and views expressed are my own. 

There is one thing my family has neglected since we became a family; portraits. While it was something we wanted to do, having time to do it was always an issue. Life moves pretty fast when you are in the thick of parenting. So fast, that one day I woke up to find those tiny babies were movers and shakers, climbing on the bus and heading off to school and becoming their own people.

That moment of realization, of recognition that these kids aren't going to be kids forever, that there is no time like the present to capture the magic of childhood made me take a step back and reconsider this making time for portraits situation.

We headed into Portrait Innovations and found that really, the process isn't as demanding as I had imagined it would be. It was actually quite fun and not like a task at all.

The kids might be growing, but they are ages 3 and 6. Mischief is the middle name at that age, but the people at Portrait Innovations were prepared for that, with Lego tables and kid friendly photographers, my kids were on their best behavior, having fun and saying cheese like a couple of professionals. The studio is very comfortable and inviting.

Overall, the process took about 90 minutes. We loved having choices in backgrounds, from holiday-themed to a rustic wood wall, there were so many options for a great family photo that the hardest part was selecting which ones we wanted.

The photographer was great. She was able to capture fantastic shots of my kids, as well as photos that were hilariously candid. She captured this moment which we all had a great laugh about!

We loved that the process was complete in under 2 hours and we went home with an assortment of lovely family photos that we will cherish for years to come. The photos captured our family as we are. We wanted to preserve a moment in time and that is exactly what we accomplished with our photo session at Portrait Innovations.

I loved how many options were available; from canvas prints to coffee mugs and photo greeting cards to assorted sizes, there is no better time to visit a local studio and capture a moment in time with your family.

Portrait Innovations is offering their best spring special ever. The Spring 24 Portrait Package is only $19.99 plus a Free $100 16x20 Canvas with coupon found by clicking this link

Included in the portrait package is 1-10x13 Wall Portrait, 2-8x10s, 4-5x7s, 4-3x5s, 8-2x3s, and 5-5x7 cards, plus a high-resolution CD with your favorite pose. And, you can save 20% on all additional purchases in the studio. Portrait Innovations never charges sitting fees so bring the whole family. Appointments are limited so schedule your appointment today!

If you feel lucky, why not try your luck at winning some cash after getting those portraits taken? Visit the landing page and then share your entry on social media and include the link to your friends and family to vote. The top 20 people that get the most votes will be judged by Portrait Innovations. There will be 5 winners, each receiving $1,000!

Meet My Family

My little boy isn't feeling well, and he can't seem to sleep without Mommy at his side, so I am sitting up in bed, listening to him sleep. He reaches over to make certain I am still here every few minutes.

I don't post much about my family, I realized that the other day. Well, let me introduce you to my family!

                                          My husband, Adam and my son Rolf

                                           This is my Prince of a Puppy

                                                       This is Fru, my bestie! What a face! He was caught mid yawn~

                                         Maurice- our darling kitty
                                                        My hubby loves to fish :)

                                              My little darling Rolf!

 Rolf is a wonderful child. He is kind, he loves to help Mommy around the house. He is sweet, he is generous and loves to share. Rolf is funny, he has a great sense of humor and  he is busy, busy, busy! My son is very bright and he is absolutely adorable. I consider myself lucky to be his mother.

It breaks my heart to see him sick. He has been coughing and sneezing, he has been grumpy and restless, and tonight he had a low fever. It seems as if this year has been rough on our immune systems. We spent the day indoors, napping and coloring. We read a few books, cuddled and in general tried to take it easy. After a busy weekend I needed a day to relax, and Rolf needed me, so I have pushed the guilt I feel when I don't accomplish much aside.

My husband, Adam, gives me a gift every day. The gift of time, to watch Rolf grow and the opportunity to stay at home with Rolf. Our family could certainly benefit from a second income, but the money is not worth all of the things I would miss.

Well folks, there you have it, my family and a little bit about us!

What remedies did you or do you use for your toddler when he or she has a cold? The pediatrician advised us not to use any OTC medicines, and to give him plenty of fluids, zinc and vitamin C, and to use a nasal aspirator and humidifier to keep Rolf comfy. I have been giving him vapor baths too. I like to use natural products and remedies when I can. I would love to hear what works to soothe your kids!