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The Topiary Park of Columbus

Columbus Ohio is one of our go-to places for family fun. The city has so much to offer to families. From the Columbus Museum of Art to the awesome playgrounds for kids, there is always something to do in Columbus!

A few weeks ago we attended Brick Universe, to the delight of my Lego loving kids. After we had taken the time to play with all kinds of legos and browse the vendors, we decided to take in the Topiary Park of Columbus on Town Street. This is such a lovely little spot in the city. If you have never been, you are really missing out on something amazing.

Giving my kids exposure to art is important to me. Both kids love to sculpt with playdough and they both love to draw. Encouraging their love of the arts keeps them interested in creating! A little-known fact is that as a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I often wonder what might have been if only someone told me to keep sketching or had taken me to a fashion week kind of thing...

So, as we arrived at the Park, and found ample parking opportunities, we entered an almost empty park. An elderly man sat reading on a bench. At the other end of the park, a father-son duo conversed quietly. It was nice to be able to allow the kids a little freedom to stretch their legs and observe this living art in their own ways.

The park is one of a kind. It is a gorgeous, green and lush atmosphere with breathtaking flowers, a pristine pond, and these amazing topiaries. It is an interpretation of the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grand Jatte by Georges Seurat.

The experience is delightful. It offers one the chance to walk amongst the art, a rare occasion in this digital day we live in. The stroll was nothing short of magical for my kids. They have been several times and they never tire of a trip to The Topiary Park of Columbus.

I loved how serene the park was, despite the location in the city. If I were frequently in the downtown area, I could see myself slipping away to the Topiary Park for coffee and contemplation or a dreamy place to pass time with a good book in hand.

When in Bakersfield: You Gotta Eat Here

The first thing I noticed about Bakersfield, is how lovely it was! I guess I had associated the city with country music and expected something other than what awaited me. The drive in from Los Angeles was breath taking.

After a long day of travel, going literally from coast to coast, I was pretty weary. I kept a smile on my face and I made an effort to live in the moment. I wanted to fully enjoy my short time in this new to me place.

Upon arriving to my dinner destination at The Mark, all of my exhaustion fell away. I was greeted by a gracious staff. A Gin Refresher perked me up and prepped me for a completely decadent dinner.

Spinach Artichoke Dip and Fresh Baked Bread gave me a glimpse of what was in store for me. When my Shrimp Alexandria Arrived I was nearly salivating. Served with a superb baked potato and fresh green beans and carrots, this was hands down the best after travel meal I have ever had. 

Reluctantly I left the gorgeous restaurant behind, as I left, the magical voice from the live entertainment carried me away from the scene. It was a dreamy experience. When in Bakersfield, ya need to go here.

Another great little spot in Bakersfield is Mimi's Cafe. I enjoyed an evening nibble with a new friend there. We drank Mimosas {The Triple Berry is fantastic!} and shared the Baked Brie. It was ah-mazing. 
The menu offered tons of tantalizing dishes and looking back I should have ordered something awesome like a burger or something.

Mimi's offers several mimosas!

If you stay at The Hampton Inn, they have a nice {FREE} hot breakfast as well. This was like the best hotel breakfast I have had in a very long time!

They had waffles with whipped cream, cereal, fruit, yogurt, juice, cheese omelets, tons of yummy breads and turkey sausage. Yum. It was a great start to my day!

No compensation was offered to me to write this travel piece. These are my personal experiences!