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15+ Must Haves for Your Oscar Party

It is almost time for the Oscars! If you ask me any excuse to gather together and party in the middle of winter is an excellent reason, and the Oscar's are no exception! This year if you are going to watch them with friends, I have some super fun, Hollywood worthy suggestions for your party. You can click a link and buy from amazon, and I will earn a small advertising fee.

Must Have Items for Your Oscar Party

Paparazzi Cutouts
6" Oscar Trophies
Oscar Award Cookie Cutter
Walk of Fame Stars
Red Carpet Runner
Walk of Fame Star Straws
Hollywood Themed Backdrop and Photo Booth Props
Movie Night Confetti
Awards Night Inflatable Statue
Directors Night Napkins
Movie Camera Balloon Holder
Movie Clapperboards
Movie Reel Cupcake Stand
Hanging Foil Swirl Decorations
Scene Setter Wall Decorating Kit

Are you having an Oscar party at your house? Have you ever attended one? I have never attended one, but I think it would be a lot of fun to get the gang together for a Hollywood style night complete with fancy finger foods and our best party dresses!

If you are looking for some easy food to serve at your Oscar Party check these recipes out