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Time Out Jar

I first made these calm down jars in 2014. My kids were so small that we used plastic, just in case they were dropped or thrown during a tantrum back then. While the children have grown so much since then, I have made these with them a few times. I have updated the post and included a few new photos for you.

If you need an idea that brings a little more zen and fewer tantrums, let me introduce you to the time out jar. You can call these whatever you like; a meditation jar, a calm down jar, or a time in jar. The idea remains the same, this jar can help your kids take a minute to collect themselves after a meltdown, or offer them a quiet minute for themselves anytime they want it. Plus, the results are pretty and relaxing to watch.

Make these with a plastic container, like a treehut body scrub container, if you have little kids.
If your kids are older, and would be more likely to use this as a meditation tool, feel free to use a mason jar, or even better, recycle a used food jar, like a pasta sauce container.

This is an easy craft, that all ages can help with. It is cool enough to get tweens interest, and you can use your favorite colors and whatever glitter you like. We have even added chunky confetti to time out jars.


1 to 2 tablespoons of glitter glue

Chunky Confetti


A mason jar and lid

1 ¾ water

A craft stick

Pour the warm water in the container with the glitter glue.

Add a drop or two of food coloring to the glue and water.

I lined the lid of the container with glue and firmly sealed the jar.

And here you have a TIME OUT JAR.

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