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Useful Items to Pack On Your First Day of Work

 Starting a new job can fill you up with a whole host of different emotions, especially if it’s a career you have been pursuing for a while. Packing your bag for your very first day might seem like a simple task, but this is the day you can’t afford to forget anything. When it comes to establishing your career, first impressions are everything and you want to set off on the right foot from the beginning. With this in mind, here are a handful of items you may need to consider when you’re packing your bag for your first day at a new job.

Industry Specific Equipment 

If you’re going into a job that requires specific equipment, you may need to consider this before your first day comes around. In most cases, your manager should be able to provide you with a lot of the equipment you need for your day to day job. Whether it’s a bulletproof vest for a law enforcement job, or a specific device for a technology-based job. Ask your employer if you need to bring anything specific with you on your first day, and be sure to source it in advance.

A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated whilst you work is extremely important, especially if your role is very physical. Regardless of whether you’re out and about or sat at a desk, having a refillable water bottle is a smart idea.

Lunch and Snacks

Maintaining your energy levels and blood sugar whilst at work is fundamental. It not only aids your concentration, but it can help to keep you in good health in the long run too. Pack a healthy lunch and plenty of snacks to graze on throughout the day. You may want to keep certain snacks in your locker or drawer at work so that you always have something to hand.

Pen and Paper

You never know when you might need a pen and paper, especially on your very first day at work. You may be training and making lots of notes on your new role. Coming prepared with a pen and paper shows that you are reliable and enthusiastic about your job.

Essential Beauty Products 

If you work in a fast paced environment or long shift patterns you may need to have some essential toiletries and beauty products with you. In a customer facing environment you should always ensure you look presentable with fresh breath. Having some tinted lip balm, deodorant and some floss at work will always be useful, especially if your days are long and unpredictable.

Obviously, different jobs will require different equipment when you’re first starting out. It’s completely natural to be nervous when your first day at work approaches, so this list may help you to feel at ease as you get prepared. From specialist clothing to essential identification, hopefully the ideas above will help you to pack everything you need for your very first day at a new job.

Image from Pexels - CC0 Licence