Creating Ageless Skin with the Right Skincare and Wellness Routine

Let's face it: as you grow older, your skin won't be as supple as it used to be. If you add all the time you've been in the sun, all the activity you've done in dirty or dusty environments, and all the hours that you've allowed your skin to go dry, then you shouldn't be surprised if wrinkles are beginning to appear. 

If you notice wrinkles and fine lines becoming more prominent despite your efforts, it’s high time to evaluate your current skincare routine. Rather than accept what you think is inevitable, it is recommend switching to the use of top-notch skincare products to slow down skin ageing.

The healthy glow

Top-notch skincare products like SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF contain nourishing ingredients that impart a revitalising effect to keep the skin  free from signs of skin ageing. Certain nutrients extracted from plants such as apple tree leaves and Manchurian apricots slow down the ageing process due to their potent antioxidant content. Natural plant extracts combined with skincare essential vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E boost collagen and elastin production resulting in silky smooth skin that glows from within.

Protects against the sun 

Aside from being an excellent antioxidant, vitamin C boosts the skin's defence against harmful UV rays. With daily use, it promises to keep your skin softer, smoother, and more supple. 

Minimises blemishes 

When applied externally, vitamin C-based skincare formulas are known to help repair skin imperfections, such as age spots, wrinkles, skin lesions, cuts, and wounds. This anti-wrinkle formula is designed to be easily absorbed so that it can hydrate and reinvigorate your skin from the inside out. Other anti-ageing ingredients such as vitamin E, retinol, and ferulic acid are potent antioxidants that help diminish signs of skin fatigue brought about by exposure to harsh external elements. 

Eliminates free radicals 

Anti-ageing skincare products containing vitamin C are breakthrough products due to their high efficacy in neutralising free radical damage, perhaps more effectively than any other product available on the market. It features all three key ingredients at higher concentrations to deliver noticeable anti-ageing results faster. This skincare bestseller from SkinCeuticals also enhances your skin's protective qualities by infusing high doses of antioxidants that eliminate the free radicals that come with ageing. 

Hydrating the skin with the right ingredients

Anti-ageing ingredients like vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and phenols are added to enhance the absorption and efficacy vitamin C in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other skin ageing signs. With its ability to stimulate faster skin cell turnover, vitamin C-infused skincare products will bring you a brighter, more luminous complexion. Lastly, vitamin C is also known for its  healing properties that allow your skin to rejuvenate from previous damage, such as permanent scars that tend to stay on your skin for years at a time. 

Final thoughts

Vitamin C is the ultimate anti-ageing skincare ingredient for those looking to slow down the hands of time. Before including vitamin C-based skincare products into your routine, it is recommended to first seek your dermatologist's advice to determine whether you are allergic to their ingredients or not.


How To Uplevel Your Life


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Making yourself feel amazing is not dependent upon going out and treating yourself to an abundance of expensive items. It is about the little things. 

There are many ways, which are fun and easy, that upgrade your life and bring about big changes, without you needing to go and remortgage your house or break the bank. 

Plus, if you have heard about ‘the law of attraction, you will know that when you start making these changes and treating yourself kindly, and drawing positivity around you, you are sending a bold statement to the universe and stating that you are ready to step into this new and improved life. Here’s how this is possible.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

When you were young you will have learned social skills. Now is the time to use them. If you want to go about and make changes you need to have people in your corner cheering you on and celebrating each step you take. Whether that is finally taking the step and using a medical malpractice attorney for previous negligence. Or making a change to your career, hair, goals, finances, it really doesn’t matter what your goal is. You need to have people there acknowledging the changes and supporting you along your journey. 

Change Your Mindset

To uplevel your life, you need to have faith in your ability to move from where you are now and reach this destination goal. Consider how you speak to yourself. When you have an idea, if the voice of doubt is speaking up? Challenge how you are speaking to yourself and consider if this was your friend having the same conversation, how would you respond. The likelihood is you would be much kinder and more supportive to them! Therefore, there is no reason not to use the same kind and supportive mindset with yourself. Once you start changing how you think, you will see the changes and the ‘good’ will start. 

Have A Goa

Writing down a goal and having a clear and definable target in mind, will keep you engaged, motivated, and willing to keep persevering. This goal needs to be aligned with this ‘up-leveled’ version of yourself. Then at those moments of weakness or when obstacles arise, you will be able to go back and look at this goal and remember why you want to make these changes. 

Having A Morning Routine

You know what you want, it is now about making that possible. The best way to do that is to make a commitment to yourself and create habits that will support you on up levelling. By waking up each day,  setting your intentions and daily goals you will be able to keep your mind on track and keep motivated. 

Have Personal Boundaries

When it comes to making changes, it is important that you balance pushing this change and success with personal self-care. When you throw yourself into a new project you run the risk of burning yourself out. Have clear boundaries and guidelines on what you will do and set timings to ensure you keep a balance of health and progress. 

Computers And Tech For Kids – How To Raise A Child Who Can Code


Teaching kids how to code can be a challenge, especially for parents like us who do not have any technical background in computer science. But, thanks to new learning materials, apps, and software, we do not need to have extensive knowledge in the subject in order to guide our kids in their learning journey.

Nowadays, online learning tools and programs are becoming more and more accessible for everyone. On top of that, many parents are now starting to realize the importance of coding in today’s digital age.

With that said, we have created this guide to help you raise and guide your kids towards their learning journey to coding and programming.


Provide Access to Different Learning Tools

Gone are the days when kids have to learn coding by memorizing blocks of code just to print “Hello! World.” When you look at the modules or course syllabus for many coding programs these days, you would find that they no longer rely on the traditional method of teaching. Rather than read off of textbooks, beginners are now being introduced to the world of coding through programs and software like Scratch, Blockly, Swift, and so on.

That said, it would be a big help if you would help your kids gain access to the learning tools that they need. Doing this would not only make the learning process a lot easier but it would also give your kids an impression that you are supportive of their learning journey as well.


Make it Fun

Many parents often support their kids' interest in coding by enrolling them in different learning programs.

But before you enroll your kids in any coding for kids programs, you have to make sure that the learning program is good enough to sustain their interest in the long run. One of the many reasons why kids often quit halfway is because they start to get bored with the lesson and start to lose interest in coding.

So to avoid this, you have to make sure that the learning program is fun and enjoyable. Thankfully, several online coding programs are a lot more fun these days because they make use of games for educational purposes like Roblox, Minecraft, and many more.


Let them Explore on their Own

Given that coding is more of a trial and error process, it mainly teaches kids soft skills like perseverance and patience. But, other than that, coding also enables your kid to be more creative, curious, and independent.

Remember that coding is a complex subject and there are lots of areas to explore. For instance, they can learn different coding languages like Python, C, Java, Lua, Ruby, and many more.

Once your kids finally learn the fundamentals of coding and programming, you should start to introduce them to other areas that they might be interested in. Even if they are still undecided which coding language or subject areas they want to learn, it is still a great idea to keep their option open and let them know that there might be other topics that are more suitable for them.


Encourage them to Share Their Projects

The great thing about learning how to code these days is that there are tons of kids who are interested in coding as well. That said, the community around beginners and kid coders is vibrant and very encouraging.

So to boost your kids' confidence, you can encourage them to share their projects for other people to play or use. Doing so would not only boost their confidence, but it might also motivate other kids to learn to code as well. Other than that, other coders might also recommend a few tweaks that might make their project even better.

That said, sharing your kids' projects online is a win-win situation for everyone. It would boost your kids’ confidence, make them learn from other coders, and even motivate other kids to start learning how to code as well.

On that note, we, as parents, still have a big part to play in our kids’ learning journey to being a coder. Because no matter how interested they are in the subject, it is still up to us to keep their motivations up so that they can successfully learn.  


The Social Skills Every Child Should Learn


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As a parent, you undoubtedly want to do everything you can to make your child’s life as easy and fulfilling as possible. If that is the case, along with teaching them to read, write and do their arithmetic, you should also be teaching them social skills.

Social skills allow your children to have better relationships with their peers when they are young, and as they get older, they help your children to get along with teachers, employers, and just about anyone they need to get along with to succeed in life.

With that in mind, here are the most important social skills to teach your kids right now:


If you have young kids, you’ll know that they are awfully keen on talking, mostly about themselves and what they have done, and less keen on listening to their parents. This is fine when they are little and they are only talking with family members, but as soon as they have to be around their peers, it may not help them to make friends.

When they’re talking be sure to listen to what they have to say, but do not be afraid to point out when it’s someone else’s time to talk!


Teaching your kids to share is so important. Not only does it encourage them to play nicely with others, but it also teaches them the importance of being kind. the act of sharing with a friend or family member can also boost a child’s self-esteem, which is really important as they grow up too.


Co-operation is a really important life skill. It teaches kids that they need to get along with the people around them, whether they be classmates at their preschools, family members at home, or people in the wider community. It also sets them up for the world of work where collaboration is often vital.

You can teach your kids to co-operate by playing with games and toys that have scope for multiple participants to get involved, such as Lego. Assign each child a smaller task that is part of a bigger whole and encourager them to talk to each other throughout.

How to respect personal space

This is a big one. No one likes having their personal space invaded, and kids, or adults even, who do it regularly will often be given a wide berth.

How do you teach your kids about personal space? Put boundaries into place. Snake rules about keeping hands to yourself or knocking before entering a room, and enforce them. Some kids will need lots of gentle reminders, but they will get there in the end.


Teaching your child the prevailing manners of the place you are living in is so important. If you fail to do so, they may come across as being rude when really they just haven’t been taught what they are supposed to do. So, practice at home regularly.

Teach your children these key social skills and you will be helping them to get more smoothly through life whether it’s interviewing for a new job or being popular with their friends. So, what are you waiting for?

Top Tips For Being More Organised In 2022

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There is never any harm with being more organised - it will mean you fare better with anything you do in your daily life, know where things are and aren't late for appointments that you need to be at. Being more organised is a very common new year's resolution for many and if you have decided that this year it’s something you want to do then there’s no better time to start than the present. Here we have put together some top tips for being more organised in 2022.

Sort out your finances

Money can often be one thing that people find difficult to get in order and often find the process of sorting them out stressful. If this is you, then it’s important to take some time to tackle them head on. Try to work out what debts you have (if you have any) and make a resolution that in the future you will try to only pay for things that you can afford and avoid putting anything on finance. If you are purchasing a car for example, check out a dealer such as Edmunds for a bargain where you can buy both new and used cars depending on your budget. You should also try to overpay each month so your debt is paid off quicker. See if there are any areas of your life where you can cut back and pay your debts off.

Have a place for everything

If you find you are constantly losing things and don’t have enough space in your home for items, try to re-sort and have a de-clutter. Get rid of items that don’t add value to your life or are getting in the way. It can be a good idea to invest in a label maker to easily organise your items into drawers and boxes and keep them out of sight when not in use, but still easy to find. Ensure that everyone in your house knows where things are meant to go and that you have a simple system to sort this out. 

Keep to-do lists

To-do lists are a fail-safe method of keeping your life organised and sorted. Try to write things in order of priority, with your most urgent tasks at the top and the ones that aren’t so time-dependent at the bottom. If there are things that will take a long time, try and get those out of the way as soon as possible. It could be tempting to get your easy, quick tasks done first but if you do the opposite it means your day will get easier as it goes on and is a lot easier to manage your time effectively. 

These are just a few top tips to help you to be more organised in 2022. What are some top things you like to do to ensure you are kept as sorted as possible? Let us know in the comments below we would love to hear from you.