4 Healthy Habits That Can Change Your Life

 For most people, it doesn’t take much to change an unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one. A few tweaks here and there, and you can become fit and strong. Most of the time, it’s about ditching bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Here are some of the best habits you can have that will change your life for the better. 


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Drink Water Before You Eat 

Drinking more water is never a bad thing, and sipping water throughout the day is a good idea. However, drinking an extra glass of water before you eat is a great habit to get into as it makes you feel fuller. That means you won’t be tempted to keep eating – you’ll stop sooner than you might have done if you didn’t drink the water. Over time, this will make a big difference to your weight and the amount of food you eat (as a bonus, if you’re eating less, you’re saving money too). 


Get Healthy One Meal At A Time 

Start with just one meal a week and make that your really healthy one. Gradually, as you get more and more used to eating better and you learn how to do things like how to make a cucumber sandwich just the right way, for example, you can replace all of your unhealthy food with the good stuff and make every meal a healthy one. It might take a little while and a lot of practice, but once you get into the habit of making and eating food that is good for you, it will make you fitter and leaner and more able to be active and productive. 


Give Up The Poisons 

Bad habits are easy to form, and some are worse than others. Smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and taking drugs that haven’t been prescribed can all become dangerous habits that have a hugely detrimental effect on your body. It can even become fatal. So the best way that you can be healthier is to give up these habits, which are, after all, all about putting poison into your body. Breaking a habit is hard but replacing it with a new one makes things easier, as long as that new habit is not as harmful as the original.


If you smoke, try chewing gum instead. If you drink, why not swap your nightly glass of wine or bottle or beer for a tumbler of juice? If drugs are your worst habit, then you may need to ask for professional help to quit. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. 


Get Active At Lunch

No matter how long you are given for lunch, you should try to get into the habit of getting active during it. Eat, of course, and then use whatever time is left for exercise. That doesn’t (necessarily) mean going to the gym, it could be something as simple as a walk or jog around the block or walking up and down the stairs a set number of times. Just as long as you’re moving around, that is a great start. The fitter you get, the more you’ll be able to do in a short period of time.

How to Keep Restless Hands Busy

 You may have heard the phrase that the devil makes work for idle hands, and while Benjamin Franklin may have been correct at one stage, idle hands can lead to mischief. Whether you are recovering from an illness and you are taking time off work, or you are simply trying to fill the time with a new hobby, sometimes you just need to keep your restless hands busy. When was the last time you decided to do something new? When was the last time you decided to use your hands for something exciting?

Finding busy things to do may take up your time but this is the whole point. Whether you decide to buy material from Crochet Australia and learn how to crochet, or you decide to join a local group and take up knitting, keeping your restless hands busy is going to stop you from dipping your hands into things you shouldn’t be doing. If you are on your sobriety journey right now, then you know the feeling of restless hands, but each to go back to your substance. Instead of worrying about that, focus your energies on finding ways to keep your hands as busy as possible. We’ve got some suggestions for you below.

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  • Knitting and crochet. We’ve already touched on these ones, but they are such simple things to learn that it’s one of the best things that you can do if you’re feeling restless. Instead of your fingers picking up a joint or a needle, you can pick up another kind of needle – a crochet needle. You can find patterns or you can simply start with simple things like blankets and scuffs. You can eat outfits and jumpers for the winter and you could even cover the entire bed with a new knitted blanket if that’s what you choose to do. It’s simple once you get the hang of it just requires some focus and that’s the whole point. Watching YouTube videos on how to knit is important but you could also join groups and other activity play centers to learn how to do it. It will keep your hands busy and keep your mind busy at the same time

  • Join a new sport. Sports that make use of your hands such as tennis, baseball, and basketball are brilliant for those who feel restless. You could even join an amateur bowling team and learn how to bowl properly. Not only will you be in an environment that you’re not going to feel tempted to diverge from your sobriety journey, you’re going to be able to keep your hands feeling something that’s not what you’re actually craving. You also stay active, which is so important for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Start journaling. You don’t have to be a poet or a writer to be able to put pen to journal and write down how you feel. It can be some of the most honest, raw words you ever write, but it will keep your hands busy. Whether you are using a recovery journal or a creative story, poetry or songs, writing or keeping your mind busy and keeping your hands busy at the same time. The beauty here is that you also get to be creative and you have a choice of pens in different shapes and feels to make your hands feel good.

  • Take a painting class. If you love art, and you can appreciate the beauty in the breaststroke, why not take up a painting class and learn how to do it yourself? You can then buy the materials that you need to be able to create beautiful imagery. These are activities that can come and distract from physical restlessness. When you hold a brush or a sponge in your hand, you are in control of something rather than it being in control of you. If painting isn’t your thing, then how about learning to draw? There are plenty of animation videos on YouTube but you can learn to draw like an animator and you can put comics together. Perhaps you could combine this with journaling and draw about your experiences and add some comedy humor too.

  • Play cards. You can do this as a group or you can do this on your own, and if you feel like being alone and solitaire or matching can keep your hands busy. Even the simple act of shuffling cards can help you to feel calm and collected. If you need social interaction, there are plenty of cold games up there that can help.

Instant Pot Butter Garlic Glazed Carrots

 Carrots are such a good side dish to add to your meal plan because they are so affordable. This recipe makes them super easy to make. Plus this recipe is great for kids; it is lightly sweet, very buttery and has just the right amount of garlic to spice things up.

I know I am not the only one who has been feeling the strain of the economy. Groceries cost more, gas prices are high, and the cost of cooling the house all summer and running the sprinklers to keep the kids cool has caught up with us. I have been trying to shop smart and make the most of our budget at the grocery shops.

I have found that carrots are a great side dish to serve my family. It fills them up, and it is something different. We like carrots, but honestly, I don't know if I have ever really cooked with them, aside from making a pretty good carrot soup on occasion. Carrots are especially nice when they are marked down in the produce section. A few weeks back, I found a one pound bag of organic whole carrots for 49 cents. I sliced them into rounds and prepared them like this. Everyone liked them. So when I found mini carrots at Kroger, marked down to 79 cents, I grabbed 2 bags and worked them into our meals.

This recipe is good because it is so easy to make if you have a pressure cooker. It goes well with a variety of beef dishes, chicken, or fish and I even served it with leftover pasta last night. 

1 pound of baby carrots

3 tablespoons of butter

1 tablespoon of minced garlic

½ c light brown sugar

1 ½ to 2 cups of water

Add brown sugar, butter and minced garlic to the instant pot.

Add carrots, and cover with water.

Give everything a stir to make sure the carrots are covered with the water.

Place the lid on the instant pot.

Seal the instant pot.

Use the manual setting, and set the timer for 8 minutes.

When the timer dings, allow the instant pot to naturally release pressure for 3 minutes, then use the quick release valve.

Remove the lid and stir.

Serve the carrots immediately.

Store leftovers in an airtight container after they have cooled.

These are so tender, and have such a great flavor. I am sure you are going to love it.  Plus it is fuss free and you can probably get 2 meals worth out of a bag of carrots if you are cooking for 4 like I am. If you don't want to eat carrots 2 nights in a row, you can freeze the remaining carrots. You know how I feel about freezing veggies! Do it! I would recommend blanching them first though.

This carrot patch activity might be a good way to get the kids excited about carrots before serving this side.

This sheet pan shrimp, potatoes, carrots and asparagus recipe is also a great way to use up any leftover mini carrots you might have after serving this.

Alternative Burial Arrangements You May Want to Know About

 Alternative Burial Arrangements You May Want to Know About


Losing a loved one is quite a huge loss. So naturally, you’ll need time to grieve and mourn the deceased. However, before you can conduct a public viewing of your loved one, there are several things you have to do first. You’ll need to take care of documents, settle the bills, and then take care of funeral arrangements. It can all be overwhelming, so you might need to coordinate with a reputable funeral home to help you with everything you need.

It is important to honor your deceased relative with a proper burial. However, know that there are other ways aside from the traditional ground burial that you and your family can explore for your loved one. You can coordinate with an industry leader like those at www.carrollandcarrollfunerals.co.uk to determine the options available and the attendant costs. They have years of experience and are ready to assist clients in various capacities. 

Here are a few alternative options for burial arrangements.


One of the more popular alternative funeral options is cremation. The funeral home would subject the corpse to high heat, leaving only the deceased’s ashes. The ashes are then collected and placed inside an urn. Family members can bring the urn home or place it in a columbarium as the final resting place. 


One of the emerging alternative funeral options is resomation, which subjects the body to an alkali and water-based solution under high pressure, leaving water and bone ashes. The water is then discharged back into the ecosystem, which is akin to spreading the ashes. The bone ashes are placed inside an urn. It's considered an eco-friendly alternative process. 

Tree planting

One burial alternative is to plant a seed with the ashes. Then, you can take care of the tree as it grows, and it will be a reminder of the deceased life.

Memorial diamonds

Another way that you can memorialize your loved ones is by turning their ashes into a memorial diamond. The process subjects the deceased’s ashes to high pressure resulting in a diamond which you can turn into a keepsake or jewelry. Your loved ones wouldn’t be too far away when you think of them. 

Coral reef burial

Should the deceased be a nature-lover, one of the best ways to honor their memory is by using their ashes to make a coal reef. The deceased ashes are placed in a coral mold and deposited underwater for a coral reef burial. So, they’ll live forever under the sea with the fishes and other creatures they dearly love. 

Space burials

Perhaps one of the most extreme alternatives out there to memorializing your life is the concept of space burials. Space burials entail the launching of the deceased’s ashes into space. A rocket will take the ashes into space, and the remains will be released into the vast emptiness. It is also one of the most expensive, but there are companies ready to lend a hand should you decide to do this.


Losing a loved one is always painful. However, there are different burial alternatives you and your family can explore to honour their memory. 



The Best Ways to Find New Hobbies in Life


A hobby is an activity that someone does in their free time for pleasure. It can be a personal interest or a recreational activity. Hobbies are usually done on a regular basis, often in the person's leisure time, but they may also be done as part of a job or other occupation. Hobbies can have different levels of intensity and duration, from quick and simple hobbies like reading to more complicated hobbies such as building models. A person might collect stamps or coins as a hobby; others might enjoy quilting or playing chess. But how can you go about finding a new one?

What is a Hobby and How it Can Improve Your Quality of Life

The word "hobby" is defined as an activity that one engages in for pleasure, typically during one's leisure time. A hobby can be anything from collecting stamps to knitting, and it can be done by either an individual or a group of people.

In the past, people have used hobbies to pass time while they were away from work or school. Today, however, many people use their hobbies as a way to relieve stress and find peace in their lives. Hobbies are also used as a form of therapy for some individuals who struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Hobbies are an excellent way to find new interests that can improve your quality of life. It’s important to remember that not all hobbies are the same and you should find one that is right for you.

How to Find Hobbies and Pursue Your Passions

So, how do you find a new hobby? Well, there are a few ways to go about it. First off, you can start by thinking about what you’re passionate about. If you’re passionate about fashion and design, for example, then maybe you should try learning how to sew or sketching. If your passion is music or art then perhaps try learning an instrument or painting. You could also pursue cooking if your passion is food and spend time in the kitchen trying out different recipes.

Finding New Hobbies & How to Start Them

It is important to find a hobby that you enjoy doing. It will help you stay active and have something to do outside of work or school. For starters, find hobbies that are easy to start. This way, if you don't find it enjoyable, at least the time spent trying it out was not wasted. It could be that you just need to get your Proxy MTG cards and you can begin.

Then, find hobbies that can be done with others or alone. This way, if there is no one around to join in on your hobby with you, at least there is someone else who can enjoy the same thing as well! It’s also a good idea to find hobbies that are not expensive. This way, if you don't like it, you won't feel like you wasted a lot of money on it.

How to Find Hobbies That Fit Your Personality Type?

Hobbies come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that fits your personality type. There are many different personality types, but what if you’re an introvert? Introverts like to spend time alone or with close friends and family members. They enjoy activities like reading, painting, photography, or writing.

Introverted people will often avoid large social gatherings because they get easily overwhelmed by groups of people. Instead of going out with friends for drinks after work, introverted people might prefer to stay home and read a book on their couch in

How Finding New Hobbies Helps You Stay Active and Creative

Adults often find themselves in a rut and stuck in the same routine. They no longer feel the joy of creativity that they once felt as children. This is because they forget to take time out of their day for creative activities. New hobbies are a great way to stay active, creative, and engaged in life as an adult.

So, it’s a great idea to find new hobbies help you stay active and creative. It could be that taking classes or joining clubs that are related to your interests or passions is all you need to do. If you are looking for some creative activities for adults that you can do at home, it could be that you want to try sketching or drawing, cooking, or making crafts.