Cool Gifts for College Students

2020 has been such a random year; there have been disappointments from the way classes are set up, to the way we have to stay apart from our friends and family. Plus, making friends during a pandemic? Forget about it. This holiday season, we need to really make an effort to spread cheer! Especially for the college students in our lives who are adapting to new normals and making the best of so many situations. I have gathered up some of my favorite options for gifting to meet every budget. From cool craft kits, to luxury towel racks here are some of my favorite cool gifts for college students.

Samples have been provided for promotional considerations.

Themed Subscription Boxes from Bespoke Post are a perfect gift idea for college students. They have boxes for coffee lovers, whiskey enthusiasts, foodies and more. You will love how easy this gift is to give, and the recipient will love the variety. Join the club online for $55 a month, and find the perfect themed box for your college student 

Gift confidence and fuller hair for young ladies this year with a great thickening conditioner and treatment shampoo that is formulated for women with Zenagen. This is a high quality hair treatment for women. Prices start at about $30. Order online from Zenagen.

College students want to have the best hair care, but chances are, they can't afford too many salon days. Why not gift excellent hair care options with the Weightless Precious Oil collection from Roux. This line is only sold at Sally, and has a great shampoo, conditioner and hair masque in the collection. Get them all to gift great hair!

Keep the college coed in your life with silky locks without breaking the bank. Radha Beauty makes some of the best Argon Oil Shampoo and Condition to be found online, and best of all you can get both for under $24. The bottles are generously sized and totally budget friendly.

Shampoo and conditioner bars are my latest obsession and I think college students will love this luxury hair care option that reduces their plastic use. Hibar makes a great line of plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars that are long lasting, effective and they smell good too! Order for about $14 a bar.

College students love a good snack as much as anyone else. Send a popular subscription box for chocolate lovers to a special student to help them cope with study time. Charles Chocolates are delicious and just fancy enough to cure any indulgent cravings that may arise. Order online or find at retailers like Macy's.

Dorm rooms and shared living spaces are common for students, but as we all know those areas can get stinky in a jiffy. A few candles from Chandler Candle Company will help keep things smelling pleasant! These candles have a nice glass holder and retail for about $20 each. They offer a variety of fragrances so there is something for every nose.

Give the gift of a functional and stylish hat with Twenty 5 Degrees hats. Each purchase helps to clean up the oceans, which is a gift you can feel good about giving! Also, while visiting the site to purchase, sign up for the newsletter; they will plant a mangrove tree in your name. Get the trucker hats for $25.

Magic Mind and Body Energy Shake makes for a gift any student can appreciate. Give their mind and body and a boost to get thru the long hours of studying and early morning classes. Order it online where you get a months supply of energy shakes for $35.

A shared living space is something almost every student will experience. This freedom cabinet from Metal Art of Wisconsin is perfect for adding art and private storage space to their living space. These are gorgeous cabinets that are available in different sizes, styles and with personalization, locks and gas shocks. The photos don't do justice to the craftsmanship of these gorgeous cabinets. Order online starting around $205.

Living in a shared house doesn't mean your student should give up on luxury. A warm towel after a shower feels like a toasty hug and it feels super luxe! Add a heated towel rack to the bathroom for an instant mood boost and a touch of home, where ever your student is! These options from Amba are great and useful gifts for the holidays. Prices start at around $200 and can be ordered online or found at retailers like Lowe's or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Students will appreciate this super useful gift from OWC Digital. This handy device has five essential ports, up to 100W pass-through power, and just one cable, so students are ready to display, charge, connect, and import while on the move. Order it online for about $55.

If you have a gift idea for college students, I would love to hear about it!
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