5 Minute Cardboard Craft

I might get a little silly about wanting to hoard cardboard, but I seriously see possibilities and an invitation to play when I see cardboard.

My son has toys on top of toys to play with, but I like it when I can inspire his imagination. It is interesting to see how he plays when presented new options.

We had an empty Similac box and I decided it would be a fun to see what I could do with it as a  5 minute project.

 I started with an empty box.  I carefully opened it up along the seam.

Then I put it back together, printed side in, brown side out. I tore of the flaps on one side so we had an opening. and I used a few strips of tape to secure the box.

I grabbed a handful of crayons and asked Roo what he wanted me to make.

He said "The Library!"

Now, don't you dare laugh at my art work!

I colored the building red and made simple windows with stick people and books.
He got the hint.

He stopped playing cars for a moment and kissed his sister. Then he realized I had in fact made the library.

 He dashed over and got the Mickey Mouse gang and took them to story time. This project took me less than 5 minutes. My son had a blast with his library and he played with it for 2 and a half days. It doubled as school and a garage for cars, then a cave for dinos.

How do you create fun activities with your kids with items you would otherwise throw away or hopefully recycle?


  1. I love this idea. Your kids are so adorable too.

  2. Great imaginative play! Thanka again for linking up to the Thoughful Spot Weekly Blog Hop!


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