Leaf Fox Craft

Fall is near and we can't wait to start decorating, crafting and buying pumpkins! This easy and cute leaf family craft is perfect for kids this year and only requires a few supplies!

I saw these craft leaves at Hobby Lobby, and I knew I had to make something with them! I decided on a cute and easy leaf fox craft. This is so easy, it requires cheap supplies and creates something adorable that the kids will love to make and display!

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Small Black Pom Poms
Craft Leaves


Add 2 craft eyes towards the top of a leaf
Add a black pom pom at the bottom point for a nose.

Repeat as desired.

I thought they ended up looking pretty cute! We made 36 of these for under $3. I LOVE economical crafts for the kids!

If you make this cute and easy leaf fox craft I want to see a picture of your creations! Hop over to facebook and share a photo with me.

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